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pol. sci. test 1


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art of manipulation, coercion, negotiation
political education
how one is educated about political beliefs
cognative socialization
learning facts and data about political topics
affective socialization
learning opinions or values about political topics
4 questions dealt with by socialization experts
A) from whom
B) how permanent
C) what specific methods
D) at what age
agents of socialization
whom do they learn from
belief that one can make a difference
cognative dissonance
mental anxiety or stress, leads to selective perception or perpetual screening
imitation/association method
operant conditioning method
learn by the condition to do something (environment, reward and punishment)
small children
understand basic concepts, helps build patriotism
older (6 grade)
learns fundamental structure of govt., minorities are negative towards govt.
political culture
general set of political beliefs and opinions held in common by a group of people in a certain region
american political culture
A) freedom
B) democracy
C) capitalism
govt. owns and runs businesses
Daniel Elazar
wrote "American Federalism: A View From The States"
"American Federalism: A View From The States"
A) traditionalism
B) moralistic
C) individualistic
Found in the South

A) politics are dirty
B) govt. are elitist
C) purpose of govt. is to
protect the statue quo
Northern US/Rocky Mts.

A) govt. is a force for good
B) politics are honorable
C) politics should be
D) help everyone, esp. poor

A) govt should be run like a
business with no amateurs
B) strong belief in
C) gov. goal is to protect
the market
D) acceptance of corruption
positive participation
legal, accepted by the public (petition, voting, ect)
negative participation
illegal, popularly unaccepted forms (blackmail, terrorists, ect)
civil disobedience
neither positive or negative. violates a bad law intentionally to bring it to public attention (sit ins)
participation in useless and is ineffective
distrust or lack of faith in govt.
lack of concern
causes for negative attitudes
A) corruption in govt
B) difficulty of problems
faced by govt
C) negativism of press
D) govt is taking away basic
removal of an elected official from office
use of a petition to add an item to a ballot, bypasses the legislature
use of a petition to add an item to a ballot, already passed by legislature
public opinion
govt finds prudent to heed
Walter Lippman
wrote "Public Opinion"
"Public Opinion"
A) people do not have time
to be informed
B) are not well educated
C) do not have the knowledge
D) have no desire
E) don't share a consensus
F) no good way to measure
public opinions
G) public poles are too
H) public sets moral
boundries for elected

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