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BRC 19 Prepare an Applicant for MEPS


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Before sending an applicant to MEPS for enlistment what does the Recruiter have to do?
The Recruiter has to rescreen the applicant.
When the Recruiter rescreens the applicant, what is he/she checking for?
1. Moral Status: (Any new police/ drug involvment)

2. Physically: (For mediacal problems)
What information should a Recruiter give applicants before that person goes to the MEPS?
Brief the applicant on the physical examination. An unprepared applicant may refuse to process.
What is the minimum information that the Recruiter has to tell the appllcant about the physical exam?
Your brief should include, at a minimum, the following:

1) Type of clothing to wear.

2) Types of tests to be conducted (i.e., hearing, vision, color perception, blood pressure, blood sample, ect. urinalysis test will be given for drugs and alcohol )

3) Not to drink or eat something which would affect his/her blood pressure.

4) Advise female applicants that they will receive a pregnancy test and general exam.

5) Conduct at the MEPS. (Note: Immature actions on the part of the applicant could result in he or she receiving a "3" under the "S" as it relates to the Physical Profile, resulting in a permanent disqualification. Example: PULHES 111113
What information should be included in the brief for the applicant concerning MEPS processing?
1) The functions of the Marine Corps Liaison.

2) ENTNAC interview. (Security Interview)

3) MEPS administration.

4) Contract review with the Marine Corps Liaison.

5) Oath of enlistment.

6) Urinalysis for Drugs and Alcohol.
If an applicant is disqualfied at the MEPS...
...Recruiters have the responsibility for tactfully informing disqualified applicants of their ineligibility to enlist or reenlist. Reject applicants must be made to feel that the Marine Corps also regrets they cannot be accepted and their interest in the Marine Corps is greatly appreciated.
What are the two types of enlistments?
The two types of enlistments are active and reserve
Initial Enlistment is the first enlistment of a..
non-prior service applicant into any branch ot tne Armed Forces of the United States of America.
Immediate Reenlistment is a reenlistment within ___ hours.
24 Hours (This an immediate Reenlistment)
What is a coutiuous Reenlistment?
Continuous Reenlistment is the reenlistment of an applicant who has been discharged in more than 24 hours but less than 3 calendar Months.
A Broken Reenlistment is...
Broken Reenlistment is the reenlistment of an applicant who has been discharged after more than 3 calendar Months.
The authorized length for enlistment / reenlistment
a. 2, 3, 4, 5 years for an initial enlistment,

b. 2, 3, 4, years for reenlistment.
The definition of the phrase "Military Service Obligation" is?
a. Active duty followed by a remainder of time in the Ready Reserves. (Note: The period of active duty plus time spent in the "Ready Reserve" must equal 8 years.
b. The President of the United States of America may activate those members in the "Ready Reserve". Congress on the other hand, may activate those members in the "Standby Reserve".

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