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A normal child can walk up stairs one foot at a time, but when told to copy a circle, he just scribbles on paper. On the playground, he often moves away from his mother, but then comes right back to her. With respect to verbal skills, this child is most
use about 10 words
A mother brings her 3-year-old son to the pediatrician for a well-child checkup. The physician observes that the child relates well to his mother and is able to speak in complete sentences. In speaking to the mother, the physician determines that the chi
Normal (language), needs evaluation (motor), normal (social skills)
A 49-year-old sexually active woman tells her physician that she is experiences hot flashes and has not menstruated in four months. She asks the physician when she can discontinue use of birth control. The physician's most correct response is:
1 year after the last menstrual period
Of the following people, which one is likely to use the most Medicare services and funds during his or her lifetime?
white female nonsmoker
A 26-year-old woman believes that she is pregnant with Michael Jackson's child. She has never met the singer and two pregnancy tests are negative. There is no evidence of a thought disorder. This woman is most likely to have:
delusional disorder
Doctor A is aware that Doctor B has made a serious mistake in treating a very ill hospitalized patient. Dr. B refuses to admit that he has made a mistake. Most appropriately, Doctor A should:
report Dcotor B's action to Dr. B's superior at the hospital
An infant's ability to roll over from back to belly and belly to back usually begins at what age?
5-6 months
Of the following agents, which is the most appropriate heterocyclic antidepressant for a 45-year-old air traffic controller who must stay alert on the job?
A 70-year-old woman reports that she has difficulty sleeping through the night because of persistent muscular contractions in her legs. Which of the following sleep disorders best matches this picture?
nocturnal myoclonus
A patient reports that despite the fact that he goes to sleep at 11:00 p.m. and wakes up at 7:00 a.m., he does not fell fully awake until about noon each day. His wife states that he appears to be sleeping soundly at night. The patient denies substance a
sleep drunkenness
Normal infants begin visually following faces and objects with their eyes (tracking) at what age?
0-3 months
A 35-year-old man comes to the physician's office dressed all in bright yellow. He reports that he felt like he had a "knife in his ear" and says that he feels so hot that he "must be dying." Physical examination reveals mild otitis e
histrionic personality disorder
A 24-year-old patient is experiences intense hunger as well as tiredness and headache. This patient is most likely to be withdrawing from which of the following agents?
A 55-year-old man, who has been taking medications for depression and insomnia, is brought to the ER with signs of severe respiratory depression. The agent most likely to be responsible for these symptoms is:
During an ophthalmologic examination, a 40-year-old schizophrenic female patient is found to have retinal pigmentation. This patient is most likely to be taking which one of the following antipsychotic agents?
In a laboratory study, it is shown that the uterus rises in the pelvic cavity during sexual activity. In which stage of the sexual response cycle does this phenomenon first occur?
A study was carried out to determine whether exposure to liquid crystal display computer screens in the first timester of pregnancy results in miscarriage. To do this, 50 women who had miscarriages and 100 women who carried to term were questioned the da
In a cohort study, the ratio of the incidence rate of miscarriage among women who use liquid crystal display computer screens to the incidence rate of miscarriage among women who do not use LCD computer screens is the:
relative risk
In a study, the incidence rate of tuberculosis in people who have someone with TB living in their home is 5 per 1000. The incidence rate of TB in people who have no one with TB living in their home of 0.5 per 1000. What is the risk for getting TB attribu
In a study, the incidence rate of tuberculosis in people who have someone with TB living in their home is 5 per 1000. The incidence rate of TB in people who have no one with TB living in their home of 0.5 per 1000. How many times higher is the risk of ge
A 50-year-old female high school teacher reports that she has been "feeling very low" for the past 3 months. She often misses work because she feels tired and hopeless and has trouble sleeping. When the physician interviews her she says, "
major depressive disorder
"Many people feel the way you do when they first need hospitalization" is an example of the interview technique known as:
After a patient has described his symptoms and the time of day that they intensify, the interviewer says, "You say that you felt the pain more in the evening?" This question is an example of the interview technique known as:
The most appropriate diagnostic technique to evaluate hearing loss in a 3-month-old infant is:
evoked potentials
Following the loss of her job as a cashier, a 23-year-old patient reports, in a dispassionate way, the she has no sensation in her right arm. Physical examination fails to reveal evidence of a physiological problem. This patient is showing evidence of:
conversion disorder
Each time a 35-year-old man receives physical therapy for a shoulder injury, his pain lessens. This makes him return for more physical therapy sessions. This patient's behavior is an example of which of the following?
negative reinforcement
A 29-year-old woman comes to the physican with symptoms of anxiety, which have been present for over 2 years and have no obvious precipitating event. The patient has never previously taken an antianxiety agent. Of the following psychoactive agents, the b
buspirone (BuSpar)
In telling a physican about her younger sister's death in a car accident, a 33-year-old woman tries to speak but keeps breaking into tears. The best thing for the physician to say at this point is:
"Please take your time."
A 6-year-old child with an intelligence quotient of 50 is most likely to be able to do which of the following?
identify colors

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