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HHK Medical Law


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Non-consensual offensive touch is also known as?
What is Civil Law?
Civil Law=Individual wrongdoing ie.stoop
Plaintiff v. Defendant
Burden of Proof is easier on plaintiff A preponderance of evidence Liable is only a Civil Term
$ = money Compensating the victim
Define Torts.
individual wrong doings
Individual wrong doings are called?
Torts can be broken into 3 Categories. These Categories are?
Strict Liability
Give Examples of Intentional Torts.
Assault – placing someone in fear of immediate bodily harm.

Battery- non-consensual offensive touch.
What is assault?
placing someone in fear of immediate bodily harm.
What is battery?
non-consensual offensive touch
Placing someone in fear of immediate bodily harm is called?
Bill of Rights
The first 10 ammendments are called
Name the 4 Sources of Law.
1.U.S. Constitution-
2.Statutes- (statewide)
3.Case Law- are there similar cases that have already been decided
4.Administrative Law- Rules and regulations of government agencies
A local town law is called a(n)
Give an example of Administrative Law
WorkerÂ’s Compensation
What is administrative Law?
Rules and regulations of government agencies
If there are cases already decided it is called?
The first 10 ammendments are called?
The bill of rights.
Give an example of an amendment
The right to freedom of speech
The right to bear arms
The right to freedom of religion
What is the highest law of the land?
The United States Constitution.
What are statutes?
written laws made by our legislators
Discuss the Structure of NJ State Courts.
New Jersey Supreme Court
Apellate Division
Superior Court
Name the two female justices on the U.S. Supreme Court and who appointed them and in what year.
Justice Sandra Day o'Connor
Ronald Reagan in 1981

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Bill Clinton in 1993
Discuss the Stucture of Federal Court
United States Supreme Court
Circuit Court of Appeals
United States District Court
What is the highest court in our country?
The United States Supreme Court
How many justices are there in the U.S. Supreme Court?
9 (Nine)
What is the Supreme Court concerned with?
Individual rights.

They take cases important to society.
All of law can be broken down into these 2 categories.
Procedural Law

Substantive Law
What is procedural law?
Procedural Law- The rules that must be followed to get a case through the court system
Substanitive law can be broken down into the following two categories.
Criminal Law

Civil Law
What is substantive Law?
Substantive Law- The right and responsibilities of individuals

I.e. Stopping at a stop sign as a
licensed driver.
Remember: As society changes laws change
Remember: As society changes laws change
local law of a town
- looks at court cases tat have been decided to help in new decisions.
Some cases fall under more than one source of law. Dr. Z in his C-section patient.
He broke the statute of maimingÂ…She won the case of cosmetic surgeryÂ…and the Dr. lost his license under Administrative law in that state to practice medicine.
The United States District Court is also known as...?
Trial Court

1 judge
Jury (sometimes)
Superior Court is also known as a
Trial Court

1 judge
jury (sometimes)

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