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Veterinary Science: Anesthesia quiz 2


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Negative effects of opioids
inc salivation, in response to noise, V/D leads to constipation, dec. resp
Preanesthetic Period
time to get info about patient to determine which drugs to use, complications, or whether ir not to wait on procedure
Opioid Drugs
Morphin, Demerol, Oxymorphone, Butorphanol,Buprenorphine, Etorphine, Codine, Fentanyl, Apomorphine
Sympathetic NS effects on Bronchi
(epineph effects) dilate bronchi
Torbugesic or Torbutrol, cough suppressant/ painkiller, few side effects, lasts 1-2 hrs.
1/2 strength of morphine, ok in cats, no vomit, analgesic 45 mins
standard, analgesia lasts 4-5 hrs, cause vomit, mania in cats
Parasympathetic NS effects on Bronchi
(ace effects) constricts bronchi
Sympathetic NS effects on eyes
(epineph effects) dilate pupils (eye exam use)
lack of pain sensation
lasts 6-12 hrs, IM, SQ, sublingual, inexpensive
Sympathetic NS effects on salivary glands
(epineph effects) dec. saliva production (can make it very thick in cats)
Reverse for Domitor
antisedan (IM)
Sympathetic NS effects on GI
(epineph effects) dec. peristalsis (bad in lg animal- bloat in cow)
Acepromazine Routes
Reverse for Atropine
Physostigmine (also revers for glycopyrrolate)
Parasympathetic Nervous System
system has to do with quiet, normal everyday life functions (boring)
Parasympathetic NS effects on GI
(ace effects) inc. peristalsis
Cholinergic refers to
Acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) for the parasympathetic NS
Parasympathetic NS effects on Eyes
(ace effects) constricts pupils
Opioid "agonists"
morphine, fentanyl, oxymorphone
General Anesthesia
state fo controlled and reversable unconsciousness (depressed reflex responses)
less vomit than rompun, more sedation than rompun, can get extreme low HR, dec.RR, diuresis
$, few side effects, pain relief for 4-5 hours, 5-10 X stronger
Opioids used as
preanesth., tranquillizers, painkillers
Other Atropine uses
organophosphate poisonings from flea meds or wormers (diarrhea meds)
Negative Rompun Effects
*in. risk for anesthe. complications* cardiovascular prob., dec. resp, emetic in cats, bloat, personality, sleepiness, in blood sugar, liver disease
lack of memory
Preanesthetic Drugs
drugs given prior to general anesthetic induction (tranquil., emetic, prevent seizures, dec effects of gen.anes.,etc.)
Sympathetic NS effects on tear glands
(epineph effects) dec. tear production
Sympathetic Nervous System
has to do with "fight or flight" response (excitement) - reguated by neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline)
Surgical Anesthesia
general anesthesia deep enough to provode muscle relaxation to make surgery painless and w/out struggle
Parasympathetic NS effects on Tear Glands
(ace effects) inc. tear production
Positve effects of opiods
derived from opium poppy, very potent painkillers, synthetics (opiates), bizzare behavior for cats
Positive Acepromazine effects
(phenothiazine drug) sedation, antiemetic, antiarrythmic, antihistamine, no resp. effects
Parasympathetic NS effects on salivary glands
(ace effects) inc. saliva production
Reverse for Rompun
(Xylazine) Yobine/ yohimbine - IV
block/ reverses the effects of acetylcholine
Consent Form
get owners signature so they know there is a risk to anesthetic procedures (helps against lawsuits)
same as Atropine (lasts 2x as long) more expensive (works better on rabbits than atropine)
Tranquilizers and Sedatives
agents that act on CNS to relax or calm patient (cause ataxia or prolapse of 3rd eyelid)
Anti-Cholinergic Drugs
Atropine and Glycopyrolate
induction agents for anesthesia if used w/ a tranq
comes with tiletamine to make telazol
Vagus Nerve
cranial nerve X, innervates many organs, influenced by the parsympathetis and sympathetic NS
Positive Rompun Effects
sedation, analgesia for minor procedures, reduces amount of analgesia used bc 50-80%, analgesia for minor procedures
Negative Acepromazine effects
peripheral vasodialtion, dec. seizure threshold, personality changes (caution in neonates, geriatrics, liver disease and boxers)
Sympathetic NS effect on heart
(epineph effects) inc. HR
Reverse for Valium and Zolezepam
Flumazenil (IV)
Reverse for opioids
Parasympathetic NS effects on heart
(ace effects) dec. HR
doesnt mix w/ anything but ketamine (schedule II controlled sub)
Local Anesthesia
a really local analgesia (loss of pain sensation) ex: epidural
Symptoms of Atropine Overdose
excitement, dry mm, thirst, dilated pupils, tachycardia
valium, zolezepam (anti anxiety, anti-convulsant, appetite stimulant in cats)

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