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PHAR 729 - Midterm I Information


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What is...?
Physician's Desk Reference - compilation of manufacturer's package inserts
Facts and Comparisons

Written by...?
Non-manufacturer authors who compare and contrast drugs within the same class of drugs using the package inserts as references

Written by...?
American Hospital Formulary Service

Non-manufacturer authors who write drug monographs and includes current recommendations and guidelines from national and professional organizations and federeal agencies regarding disease state tx guidelines.
Fahrenheit to Celcius
C = (F-32)(5/9)
Celcius to Fahrenheit
F = 32 + (9/5)C
Creatinine Clearance - CrCl

CrCl = [(140-age)*(IBW)]/(72*SCr)

Females = (Male CrCl)*0.85
Ideal Body Weight - IBW
Males: 50kg + 2.3kg(Ht(in)>5ft)

Females: 45.5kg + 2.3kg(Ht(in)>5ft)
Body Surface Area - BSA (m^2)
BSA = sqrt[(cm*kg)/3600]
Functions of a Drug Information Specialist

Pharmacists Must Know How to:
1. Retrieve Medical Information
2. Evaluate Medical Information
3. Communicate the information to various audiences
Functions of a Pharmacist as an Information Source
- answer info requests
- writing patient specific consultations
- communicating information that wasn't requested, but is necessary
- developing criteria/guidelines for drug use
Information Sources Utilized by pharmacists
- own or other's exp
- own knowledge base
- various resources -- books, journals, online
- utilizing in-depth search
Systematic Approach to Answer Drug Questions
1. Secure demographics of requestor
2. Obtain background information
3. Determine and categorize ultimate question
4. Develop strategy and conduct search
5. Perform evaluation, analysis, and synthesis
6. Formulate and provide response
7. Conduct follow-up and documentation (important for liability)
Clinical Drug Trials
Best information from primary resources (journals)
Clinical Trial: Intervention Types
Highest rated trials!

Randomized controlled trial:
- Parallel
- Crossover
- Before and After (time series)
Clinical Trials: Observational Type
Not as strong as intervention type, but still valuable

- Cohort (strongest in class)
- Case Control
- Cross Sectional
- Case series, Case report

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