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quick, sharp reply. Even when it was advisable for her to keep her mouth shut, she was always ready with a retort.
modest; shy. Given Susan's retiring personality, no one expected her to take up public speaking; surprisingly enough, she became a star of the school debate team.
following; attendants. The queen's retinue followed hr down the aisle.
reserved; uncommunicative; inclined to silence. Fearing his competitors might get advance word about his plans from talkative staff members, Hughes preferred reticent employees to loquacious ones.
holding; having a good memory. The pupil did not need to spend much time in study as he had a retentive mind.
repayment in kind (usually for bad treatment). Because everyone knew the Princeton band had stolen Brown's mascot, the whole Princeton student body expected some sort of retaliation from Brown.
keep; employ. Fighting to retain his seat in Congress, Senator Foghorn retained a new manager to head his reelection campaign.
revive. The lifeguard tried to resuscitate the drowned chid by applying articial respiration.
rise again; flow to and fro. It was starling to see the spirit of nationalism resurge as the Soviet Union disintegrated into a loose federation of ethnic and national groups.
taking up again; recommencement. During the summer beak, Don had not realized how much he missed university life; at the resumption of classes, however, he felt marked excitement and pleasure.
moderation or self-control; controlling force; restriction. Show some restraint, young lady! three desserts is quite enough!
restlessly impatient; obstinately resisting control. Waiting impatiently in line to see Santa Claus, even the best-behaved children gwo restive and start to fidget.
reparation; indemnification. He offered to make restitution for the window broken by his son.
state of reacting readily to appeals, orders. The audience cheered and applauded, delighting the performers by its responsiveness.
dazzling; florious; brilliant. While all the adults were commenting how glorious the emperor looked in his resplendent new clothes, one little boy was heard to say, "but he's naked"
interval of relief; time for rest; delay in punishment. For David, the two weeks vacationing in New Zealand were a delightful respite from the pressures of his job.
breathing; exhalation. The doctor found that the patient's years of smoking had adversely affected both his lung capacity and his rate of respiration.
echoing; resounding; deep and full in sound. The deep, resonant voice of the actor James Earl Jones makes him particularly effective when he appears on stage.
decide; settle; solve. HOlmes resolved to travel to Bohemia to resolve the dispute between Irene Adler and the King
determination. Nothing could shake his resolution to succeed despite all difficulties
lastic; having the power of springing back. Highly resilient, steel makes excellent bedsprings
patient submissiveness; statement that one is quitting a job. If Bob Cratchit had not accepted Scrooge's bullying with timid resignation, he might have gotten up the nerve to hand in his resignation
remainder; balance. In his will, he requested that after payment of debts, taxes, and funeral expenses, the residue be given to his wife.
self-control; formal but distant manner. Although some girls were attracted by Mark's reserve, Judy was put off by it, for she felt his aloofness indicated a lack of openness.
indignation; bitterness; displeasure. Not wanting to appear a sore loser, Bill tried to hide his resentment of Barry's success.
cancel. Because of the public outcrygaainst the new taxes, the senator proposed a bill to rescind the unpopular financial measure.
repay; revenge. The wtretch requited his benefactors by betraying them.
necessary requirement. Many collges state that a udent must offer three years of a language as a requisite for admission.
mass for the dead; dirge. They played Mozart's Requiem at the funeral
supposed. He is the reputed father of the child
distaste; act of driving back. Hating bloodshed, she viewed war with repulsion. Even defensive battles distressed her, for the repulsion of enemy forces is never accomplished bloodlessly.
loathing, hatred. She looked at the snake with repugnace
disoqn; disavow. On separating from Tony, Tina announced that sh would repudiate all debts incurred by her soon-to-be ex husband.
censure; rebuke, yell, shout. Though Aunt Bea at times would reprove Opie for inattention in church, she believed he wats at heart a God-fearing lad
severe disapproval. The students showed their reprobation of his act by refusing to talk with him.
express disapproval or disappointment. He never could do anything wrong without imagining how the look on his mother's face would reproach him afterwards.
musical repetition; repeat performance; recurrent action. We enjoyed the soprano's solo in Act 1 so much that we were delighted by its reprise in the finale.
retaliation. I am confident that we are ready for any reprisals the enmy may undertake.
reprove severly; rebuke. Every time Ermengarde made a mistake in class, she was afraid that Miss Minchin would reprimand her and tell her father how badly she was doing in school.
temporary stay. During the twenty-four-hour reprieve, the lawyers sought to make the stay of execution permanent.
restrain; crush; oppress. Anne's parents tried to curb her impetuousity without repressing her boundless high spirits.

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