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Intro to Radiology


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who was william conrad roentgen?
the founder of the x-ray
who investigated gastric opaques (shows organs)?
Hemmeter, Monnel, Gub, or Beclare?
what does JRCERT stand for?
joint review comittee for education in radiology technologists
what is the sims position?
simi obligue
what are the views done on the chest? and at what magnification
PA & left lateral, 72"
what are the veiws of the humerus?
AP, lateral, internal oblique
what is the normal highest systolic blood pressure?
100 to 140
what is the atomic name for tungsten?
what is the atomic name for silver?
roentgen expirimented with the "_____" vacuum tube
who discovered that uranium was radioactive?
Monnel, Thompson, Bequerel, or Pupin?
what does ARRT stand for?
american registry of radiology technologists
when a patient has something you might catch it is what kind of isolation?
what are the veiws of the shoulder?
AP, lateral
what is the normal lowest diastolic blood pressure?
60 to 90
what is the atomic name for iron?
what is the atomic name for barium?
roentgen died in ____, he was __ years old, 28 years after his discovry
1923, 78
what year did Bucky develope a antiscatter diaphram?
1914, 1912, 1920, 1910
what does ASRT stand for?
american society of radiologic technologists
what are the top of the lungs called?
what are the views of the clavical?
AP, tilt
what is the atomic name for carbon?
what is the atomic name for lead?
when atoms receive radiation they produce radiation(create a new beam), this is called what?
secondary radiation
who developed the intensifying screen? Edison, Monnel, Pupin, or Gub?
what does TSRT stand for?
texas society of radiologic technologists
who improved the flouroscope?
Daniel, Edison, Hemmeter, or Beclare?
what year was CT introduced?
1962, 1964, 1970, 1978
what does SETSRT stand for?
south east texas society of radiologic tech.s
what positions are the hands done in?
PA and oblique
what is the normal pulse range?
70 to 80
what is the atomic name for oxygen?
what is the atomic name of copper?
what is a photon?
quanta - one ray
who used x-rays to diagnose bone cancer?
Bequerel, Thompson, Monnel, or Pupin
what does TDH stand for?
texas department of health
when you might give the patient something (poor immune sys.) it is what kind of isolation?
the radius is on the same side of the hand as the what?
less than 60 in pulse is called what?
what is the atomic name for aluminum?
who was the first to use x-rays therapeutically and use lead foil as a protective device?
Gub, Monnel, Hemmeter, or Thompson?
what year was MRI introduced?
1951, 1964, 1970, 1978
what does MRT stand for?
medical radilogic tech.
what is the leading cause of injuries to health care workers?
back injuries
what veiws are the wrists done in?
PA, oblique, lateral
what is the atomic number?
number of protons
who coined the term "radiology"?
Bequerel, Daniel, Gub, or Beclare?
what year was ultrasound introduced into medicine?
1951, 1964, 1970, 1978
what is caudal?
what is an IVP?
films of the kidney
what magnification is everything else done in? (besides chest)
normal respiration is what for adults?
10 to 20
what is the atomic name for iodin?
what is the atomic name for molybdenum?
who was the first to report epilation (hair loss)?
Beclare, Daniel, Edison, or Bequerel?
what does AMA stand for?
physicians professional organization
what is the fowlers position?
head up at 45 degrees
what is an angiogram?
pictures of vessels
what are the veiws of the forearms?
AP, lateral
normal respiration for a child is what?
20 to 30
who reported the first induced radiation injury?
Bequerel, hemmeter, Thompson, or Daniel
what does ACR stand for?
american college of radiology
what is the trendelenburg position?
head down
competence, compliance, charting, communication, confidentiality, courtesy, carefulness are the what?
7 "c's"
what are the veiws of the elbow?
AP, lateral
normal respiration for a baby is what?
30 to 60
what is the atomic mass?
number of protons and neutrons
what is the diagnostic range?
25-120 kv (thousand)
what year did Kodak develope film with a cellulose nitrate base?
1912, 1914, 1920, 1933
when radiation hits the outer shell of an atom and it bounces off (it's the same beam), it is called what?
scatterd radiation
more than 120 in pulse is called what?

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