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American Pageant Chap 9


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Wife of second president John Adams. She attempted to get rights for the "Ladies".
Abigail Adams
A radical veteran of the Revolution. He led a rebellion and felt he was fighting against a tyranny. The rebellion was about debtors demanding cheap paper money, lighter taxes, and suspension of mortgage foreclosures. He was sentenced to death but was lat
Daniel Shays
An advocate of super-powerful central government he was a leader of the Federalist. A New Yorker who saved the Annapolis convention from complete failure by calling for a meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation. He was one of the authors of the F
Alexander Hamilton
Nicknamed "the Father of the Constitution he was one of the authors of the Federalist Papers.
James Madison
An English law in colonial times that said only the eldest son of the parents could inherit a landed estate. This left the wealthy but landless younger sons to seek their fortune elsewhere. Primogeniture
Yielding by the states of their sovereignty to a completely new federal government. This would give the states freedom to control their local affairs.
The principle of government under which separate branches are employed to limit actions by the other branches and are induced to share power with them.This principle has prevented any one branch from taking over the government and making all the decision
Checks & Balances
Supreme power especially over a political body. To be in control.
Fear that the nation would be ruled by a mob. An example was Shay’s rebellion where fear of this cuased the government to crack down hard on the rioters.
The people of a country have to give their agreement to sovereignty of the governemtn, otherwise they have the right to overthrow the government. This theory was coined by John Locke
consent of the governed

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