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American Pageant Ch. 25


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New Immigration
New immigrants came mainly from the eastern and southern european countries of Italy, Poland, Greece, and Russia. In 1900, were 66% of the total inflow of immigrants. Different from other immigrants.
Dominantly protestant, except for the Irish. many of the old immigrants had wanted to separate themselves totally from the Catholic Church. By Russian immigrants were mainly Jewish, and many of the Polish were Roman Catholic. By 1880, development of 150 Religious dominations, including Salvation Army, and the Church of Christ Scientist.
Social Gospel
Preached by Walter Rauschenbusch and Washington Gladden, insisting that the churches tackle the burning social issues of the day. Social gospelers declared that socialism would be logical outcome of Christianity. Prepared the path for reform movement.
Jane Addams
Middle-class woman deeply dedicated to uplifting the urban masses. First gen. of college-ed. women. Sought other outlets for her talents than the norm for women of her age. Bought the Hull Mansion in Chicago. Urban American saint to many. Condemned war and poverty. Won nobel peace prize in 1931.
Hull House
Most prominent American settlement house. Established by Jane Addams in 1889. Offered instruction in English, counseling, and cultural activities for neighborhood residents.
Women's roles
In the cities, many women found working class jobs. In the 1890s , more than a 1 mill. women joined the work force. Majority of these were single women. Employment for wives and mothers was considered taboo.
settlement houses
These houses became centers of women's activism and of social reform. One examples of these, and the most prominent, was the Hull House. Many offered instruction in English, counseling, child-care for working mothers and cultural activities.
a.k.a Antiforeignism. Nativists viewed the eastern and southern Europeans as culturally and religiously strange groups. They worried that the anglo-saxons would be outnumbered because of the new immigrants high birth rate.
Charles Darwin
English naturalist who wrote "On the Origin of Species", published in 1859. Sensational theory that humans had slowly evolved from lower forms of life. "The Survival of the Fittest." Cast doubt on interpretation of the Bible.
Booker T. Washington
Ex-slave, and foremost champion of black education. Head of the black normal and industrial school in Tuskegee, Al. Avoided issue of social equality.
Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois
Born in Mass. Mixed African, French, Dutch, and Indian. First black to earn a Ph. D. at Harvard. Demanded complete equality (social & economic). Helped found NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Morrill Act of 1862
Passed after South seceded. Provided a generous grant of the public lands to the states for support of education. Many became universities. Extended by the Hatch Act of 1887, providing fed. funds for est. of agricultral exp. stations with the colleges.
Yellow Journalism
Joseph Pulitzer, leader in techniques of sensationalism, "New York World." "Yellow Kid" color comics gave the name to his sensational stories.
Economic freedom encouraged sexual freedom. This "new morality" caused a rise in divorce rates, practice of birth control, and increased discussion of sexual topics.
Comstock Law
Anthony Comstock made a lifelong war on the "immoral" through his self appointed defense of sexual purity. Boasted that he had confiscated 202,679 obscene pictures and photos. 4,185 boxes of "pills and powders".
National American Woman Suffrage Association. This suffrage movement limited its membership to the white women, afraid that black would compromise their efforts to get the vote.
Led by Frances E Willard and Organized in 1874. The Woman's Christian Temperance Association. Women wanted their husbands to not be allowed alcohol, since it was the reason for much of their abuse. This was the way for them to do it--to make it illegal. Attacked saloons.
18th Ammendment
Granted blacks the right to vote, but disappointedly for women, not to them yet.
Labor Unions

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