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Ottoman Empire II


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He was the prince of Moldavia from 1457 and 1504. When the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II launched an attack on Moldavia, he defeated the invaders at the Battle of Vaslui in 1475, a victory which temporarily halted the Turkish advance into the Balkans.
Stefan the Great
He was a statesman and soldier of the Hugarian kingdom. He lost the two-day Second Battle of Kosovo after forming an alliance with the Serbs in 1442. He was probably Transylvanian by birth. While still a youth, the younger John Hunyadi entered the servic
John (Janos) Hunyadi
He was Holy Roman Emperor from 1410 to 1437.
The third and last German Emperor and fourth Bohemian king of the Luxembourg dynasty, He was the second son of the Emperor Charles IV, and was born in Nuremberg.
Through his marriage to Mary, queen
He was king of Hungary and later Poland from 1342 to 1382. Two successful wars (1357–58, 1378–81) against Venice, however, gained him Dalmatia and Ragusa. The rulers of Serbia, Walachia, Moldavia, and Bulgaria became his vassals. In Poland, where his
Louis I the Great of Hungary
He was born in Transoxania, near Kesh, in an area now better known as Shahr-e Sabz, 'the green city,' situated some 50 miles south of Samarkand in modern Uzbekistan.

In 1402, he invaded Anatolia and defeated Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in the Bat
Timur, a.k.a. Tamburlaine
He was prince of the Ak Koyunlu dynasty (1423 - January 6, 1478), or White Sheep Turkmen, he ruled in parts of western Persia, Iraq and Turkey between 1453 and 1478. He attacked the Ottomans after forming an alliane with the Venetians. He was defeated by
He was the first Ottoman sultan who ruled from 1281 to 1324. He was born in Sogut. Who was he?
Osman I
He reigned from 1324-62. He completed his father's siege on Bursa by taking it in 1326. He interviened in Byzantine affairs by aiding the Cantacuzenus family's power struggle against the Palaeologus family until, in 1354, the Ottomans were a peamanent pr
He ruled the Ottomans from 1362-89. His forces took Adrianople and renamed it Edirne after making it their 2nd capitol. He started the devsirme (yeni ceri) system. Who was he
Murat I
He reigned from 1389 to 1401. His use of Christian crack troops against Muslim enemies makes him stand out as a genius.
Bayezit I
He reigned from 1413-21. The kapi kulari favored his brothers at his expense. He directed the Ottoman Empire back to the gazi tradition by putting Christian advisor out and limiting the power of the kapi kulari. He concentrated on annexing the Balkin sta
Mehmet I
He was a reluctant sultan weary of power. He continued his father's (Mehmet I) policy of cementing Ottoman power but renewed Beyezit I's system of slave soldiers. He armed the new corps with gunpowder weapons. His concept was one of palance. A strong sla
Murat II
He was the sultan who conquered constantinople in 1453. Who was he?
Mehmet II
He ruled from 1481 to 1512. A reluctant warrior who preferred peace, his two main campains were agains Moldavia and the Mamluks. He took the Black Sea region to the mouth of the Danube. He gave the empire peace, improved and regularized the tax system, a
Bayezit II
He reigned for 1512-20. He was an accomplished strategist. He eliminated the Savnavid threat and the Syrian Mamluks. He took the Egyptian Mamuluks shortly afterwards. Though he died young (40), he left the empire in a more powerful and secure position th
Salim I

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