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Physics Mod II


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how much pressure it takes to get a certain volume

ease of filling the lungs
lung compliance
lung compliance
lungs have have a tendency to recoil ______, chest wall has a tendancy to move _______. (opposing forces)
inward, outward
breath delivery to patient is what kind of pressure?
positive pressure
exhalation of a breath from a patient is what kind of pressure?
doesn't matter if the change in driving pressure is in the form of positive pressure (mechanical ventalation or??? what else
negative pressure (normal breathing)
if lungs are stiff compliance will? (increase/decrease)?
elastance is the opposite or reciprocal of?
how much volume you can get at a given pressure
when the force (pressure) exceeds the elastic properties, the result is?
rupture or break
lungs with a high compliance have a (high or low) elastance?

think underwear
lungs with a low compliance have a (high or low ) elastance?

think underwear
airway resistance
rate of flow through the airway is a function of the pressure gradient and the resistance to flow. narrowed airway,mucous plug,excessive secretions,etc)
Raw or airway resistance
low flow rates and low pressure gradients
laminar flow
increase airway resistance. High pressure gradient and high flow
turbulent flow
PEEP stands for?
positive end expitory pressure
Raw stands for ?
airway resistance
PIP stands for ?
peak inspiratory pressure
volume/plateau pressure-peep=
Compliance static
title volume=
resting volume
in the Raw formula pressure over flow, what makes up the pressure??
PIP-plateau pressure

aka V/P
compliance dynamic

aka P/Flow
Airway resistance calculation; Raw calculation
compliance dynamic
Poiseuille's Law
as the pressure increase, the flow _______? increases or decreases
Poiseuille's Law
as the length of the tube decreases, the flow ______? increases or decreases
Poiseuille's Law
as the radius of the tube increases, the flow______? increases of decreases
Poiseuille's Law
as the viscosity decreases, the flow______?
increases or decreases
law that deals with relationship beteween flow, radius, length of tube,viscosity and pressure
Poiseuille's Law
the size of the ______is directly related to gas flow and inversly related to the work of breathing?
PaO2 stands for ?
arterial oxygen partial pressure
FIO2 stands for?
fractional concentration of inspired O2
oxygen form transport. 2 ways by blood. What are they?
1 dissolves oxygen in the blood plasma.2 Chemically bound to the hemoglobin
this shows the % of hemoglobin that is chemmically bound to oxygen at each oxygen pressure
oxygen dissociation curve
oxygen dissociation curve
80-100 mmHg normal
60-80 mmHg mild
40-60 mmHg moderate
< 40 severe
oxygen dissociation curve
80-100 mmHg normal
60-80 mmHg mild
40-60 mmHg moderate
< 40 severe
PO2 of ___mmgh means HB is approximatly 90% saturated
3 things that affect level of 2,3-DPG?
hypoxia,anemia and pH cnages
a metabolic intermediary that is formed by the RBCs durning anaerobic glycolysis
______ enhances the release of O2 because it increases body temp
2 types of analyzers used to verify FIO2 that are electrochemical?(electrochemical,produce flow of electrons)
rate at which electrons flow thru a circuit per unit of time is called?
rate at which electrons flow thru a circuit per unit of time is called current and is expressed as?
voltage=driving pressure
rate of flow=
driving pressure pushing electrons thru a conduting metal (element) or cirucuit is called?
flow of electrons between two areas of different electrical potential (or charge)
at regular intervals the current reversed it's direction
AC or alternating current
most equipment requires ___to operate? AC or DC
electrons flowing thru the circit (toward the positive pole of a circuit)
DC or direct current
electricity seeks lowest level or lowesnt potential. It seek s the path of least resistance to it's flow.
3 prong plug was created to ensure that.....
leakage occurance is harmlessly diverted

ohms law
volts/resistance (ohms)=
constant resistance,increase voltage,____current amp

increase or decrease
increase or decrease

____resistance,constant voltage,decreased current
increase or decrease

decrease resistance,___voltage,constant current amp
transmits 2 wavelengths of light through arterialized capillary beds
pulse oximeter
transmits 4 wavelengths of light and can detect the amt of methemoglobin, carboxy Hb,deoxy Hb and oxy Hb
functional saturation it only looks at Hb in Capable of binding with O2.
pulse oximeter
compares the amt of Hb that is capable of being saturated
pulse oximeter
fractional saturation. It compares the amt of Hb that is saturated with the total Hb present
SaO2 stands for??
Hb saturation
SpO2 stands for?
Spot Oxygen saturation
patient below __% needs blood gas done, pulse ox won't work and reading wond be accurate
distending pressure of a liquid sphere is directly proportional to the surface tension
laplaces law
distending pressure of a liquid shere is indirectly proportional to radius
laplaces law

which law
laplaces law
an effective small vol. nebulizer should deliver ___% of its toal dose of medication as an aerosol
compares the amt of Hb that is saturated with the total amount of Hb present
present of surfactant in the alveoli ____compliance.
increases or decreases
the distal regions of the lungs when gas flow stops
brownian movement
illustrates relatonship between % Hb sat and PO2
O2 Dissocciation curve
____can tie up large amounts of Hb
carbon minoxide
occurs when aerosol particles settle out of suspension because of gravity
gravitational sedimentation
4 types of aerosol generators
jet nebs,ultrasonic nebs, metered dos inhaler with spacer,dry powder inhaler
difference between two points in a tube
driving pressure
barometic pressure difference between the mouth pressure and the alveolar pressure
transairway pressure
difference between the alveolar pressure and the pleural presure
transpulmonary pressure
recipricol of elastance
change in pressure divided by the change in volume=elastance
hookes law

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