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Acute stress disorder
lasts only for a month, due to only one specific event

Inattentive to doing tasks

hyperactivity - impulsivity symptoms


move limbs in a ritualistic sequence
fear of being alone or away from home & security
you lack speech, your monotone or mute
you have no feelings or pleasures
anti social
lying, con artists, feel no guilt
long lasting and intense dread
anxious fearful disorderes
dependent, avoidant, obseessive compulsive 

no attachment no eye contact no smile/cry hate being held

rock themselves  

afraid of rejection and criticism
lose motivation for taking care of yourself
Axis I
clinical syndromes
Axis II
personality disorders, retardation
Axis III
mental conditionsmedical
Axis IV
Psychosocial/Enviromental problems
Axis V

Global assesment function scale



0=inadequate info 

biological cause of anxiety disorder

we're evolutionary predispositioned for anxiety disorders

too little gaba = higher arousal

too much norepinephrine = panic attacks

too littled seratonin = OCD 

biological cause of schizophrenia
ventricles in the brain are enlarged esp int he thalamus and prefrontal cortex
biological causes of mood disorders

twins have high correlation in depression

little seratonin

high cortisol 

bipolar disorder (manic depressive)

mania! elated, emotional, high vs. depression (opposite rxns)

might have delusions, make bad decisions in mania 

body dysmorphic

preoccupied/exagerrate your bodily appearance




intensly afraid of abandonment

will never leave relationships 

catatonic schizophrenia

negative symptoms

disordered movement 

conduct disorders

agression to people and animal, weapons, destruction of property, theft, cons, violation of rules


conversion disorder

freud's hysteria

no feelings--> glove anethesia

blind/deaf buyt no cause for it

usually preceeded by a stressor 


reference (common events apply to you)

granduer (youre more powerful than in reality)

persecution (feel others are out to get you)

thought broadcasting (others can hear thoughts = mumbling)

thought blocking/withdrawal (someone i


helpless, dont wanna be alone

submissive, clingy, indecisive 

diathesis - stress approach to mood disorders
some people are predisposed to get stressed out
diathesis stress approach for schizophrenia
about predispositions over thresholds
diathesis-stress model

predispositional stress: early learning, genetics make us predispositioned to develop a disorder in the face of stressors


disorganized shizophrenic

hallucinations, abolition,

both neg & pos symptoms 

dissociative amnesia
same as d. fugue, but you don't leave home and get a new idenity
dissociative disorders

your present awareness is separated from your previous thoughts

sudden, usually temporary

split conciousness 

dissociative fugue

lost memory and you create a new identity and leave home


usually due to stress and trauma 

dissociative identiy disorder DID
person has multiple identities independent of each other
dramatic erratic disorders
narcisstic, borderline, antisocial
milder form of depression
GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)

free floating anxiety

always anxious, trouble sleeping, always worrying about something bad that will happen 


false preceptions (auditory, smell, sight, touch) to any external stimuli


hearing voices and seeing things 



humanist approach  
disorders due to our actualizing tendency towards growth was blocked. we can't express our feelings or our parents were unsupportive
humanist cause of mood disorders
person has a lack of purpose or meaning in living (FRANK)
humanistic cause of anxiety disorder  
anxiety between your actual and ideal self

you're preoccupied with a fear of havig this disease.

you report hella symptoms and you convince yourself you already have it!!  

illogical thought/language

neologism : making words taht dont exist

loose association: illogically connected thoughts

clang: double meaning of words sounds

word salad: chaotic thought that's extreme 

learned helplessness

depression from your idea that you can't control life/stressors anymore



major depressive disorder
extremes that can last up to 6 weeks, loss of interest in activities, exagerrated pessimism

exagerrating your importance  and achievements


negative attributional style


stable internal: depression is permanent

stable external: you always blame the enviro

unstable internal: you have ctrl

unstable external: your surprised!  



negative cognitive set


a distorted pattern of thinking about yourself , a situation, your future

you focus only on bad things 

negative symptoms of shizophrenia

alogia, avolition, anhedonia


deficient in behavior

take away good 

neo-freudian cause of anxiety disorder

ego ideal; want unconditional approval!

inadequate self-concept 

"never good enough" 

neurobiological biopsychosocial model
disorder due to anatomy of our body,brain,genetics
norm violation
violation of cultural norm that defines abnormal behavior
obsessive compulsive

preoccupied with being orderly, neat


unwanted, upsetting thought causes ritualisic, repetitive behavior to avoid an unwanted outcome
odd eccentric disorders
pain disorder
complaining about a localized and severe specific pain w/o any physcial cause of it
panic disorder
panic w/o any cause or threat
unjustified suspictions and distrust of others
paranoid schizophrenic

later in life,

positive symptoms

grandeur and persecution 

personal distress  
impairs functio/health. is maladaptive & causes you harm. defines abnorm behavior
pervasive developmental disorder

your not responsive to the outside world. you're in your own little world



positive symptoms of schizophrenia
delusions, hallucinations, illogical thinking/speech, agitation

women depressed after child's birth

obsessive of harming baby or herself 

psychodynamic cause of anxiety disorder  
symbols cause anxiety; conflict between the ID and punishment. fear that the superego won't ctrl the ID
psychodynamic cause of mood disorders  
we had insecure attachments w parents
psychodynamic theryapy approach

goal to give patients insight into the source of their problem

to bring into conciousness

break through their defense mechanisms 

psychological biopsychosocial model
disorder due to psychological processes
flashbackswhile your in an activity that come without any warning; vivid memories
residual schizophrenia 
taking medicine to lessen it
ruminative style
worsens depression vs. distracting style to be less depressed
wintertime sadness..
odd beliefs. STRANGE
separation anxiety disorder

youre really distressed and scared of being lost or losing others


speak inflat expressions; no emotion

split mind

ex. giggle while you're sad 

sociaicultura/learning approach
cultural factors contribute to abnormal behaviors. going against what's labeled correct
social cognitive approach  
disorder due to past learning and distressed learning
social cognitive cause of a somoatoform disorder
we get attention, priviledges when we fake things.. so we need reinforcement to boost our self confidence
social cognitive cause of anxiety disorder  

through classical and operant conditioning, observation

cognitive: exageration of dangers, unrealistic expectations and you underestimate your capacity for dealing with it 

social cognitive cause of mood disorders

stressors' response determines how likely we become depressed


learned helplessness, negative cog set, negative attributional style, ruminative style



social cognitive explanation of dissociative disorders

since people act differently in diff situations, these are only EXTREMES of it

 memory loss = reward (escape from the bad)

negative reinforcement 

social phobia
anxious of others criticism or being humiliated
under 30 vague complaints; very dramatic, no cause. impairs your daily life
somatoform disorder
you have physical symptoms of a disorder but find no real cause
specific phobia
only afraid of one thing
statistical infrequency  
untypical behavior that defines abnormal behavior    
stress disorder
nonsevere stress causes VERY strong response; extreme rxns
strong diathess vs. weak diathesis

little stressors make you depressed vs.

strong stressors make you depressed

undifferentiated schizophrenia
cant put it into any catergory YOUR A RETARD!

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