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Developmental psychology


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consequences that increase the probability that a behavior will occur in the future.
mezo system
enter locking connections
Cross-sequential studies
different age groups at several points and times.
micro system
you, family, work, school, etc..
Erie Bronfenbrenner
bioethilogical approach microsystem, mezosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, croosystem
memory loss, most common in women
Jean Piaget
psychologist, theory of cognitive development
longitudinal study
the study of same people repeatedly at different ages
lewis turman
studied gifted individuals
Critical period
a specific time during development when a particular event has its greatest impact consequence. created by konrad lorenz
Cross-secional studies
people of different ages are compared at the same time.
combinations of factors
cultural influences of patterns...find values,laws,political system,economic
social developement
ways in which individuals interact w/each other. How relationships grow,change,& remain the same
B.F Skinner
was a behaviorist,known as operant condition. Consequence on if you continue the behavior.
An event that occurs in a simiar way for most people in a given group
Enduring characteristics that differentiate 1 person from another.
Group of people born around the same time in the same place.
Body is readying itself.
Inherited biological instincts & urges. Present at birth,all it wants is pleasure. Instinct drives-sex & agression.In the unconscious mind drive the pleasure principle
Sigmund Freud
(Analyst) Author of phycho analitic theory. Very important belief of the unconsious. Dreams trigger freudian slip (slip of tongue)
Cognitive developement
Changing intellectual capacity
Developement is gradual w/achievement at 1 level building on achievements at a previous level.
Non-normative life events
A typical events that occur in a particular person's life at a time when they dont happen to most people. Ex.prg. 9 yr old
Normative age graded
Biological & enviromental influences similar for individuals in a particular age groups reguardless or when & where they are raised. Ex. menopause,puberty
Normative history graded influences
biologica and environment influences associated with a particlar historical moment
Erikson psycho analyst
writes psychosocial theory. searching for our identity. 1)oral, 2)anal, 3) phallic
created sensitive period
Environment (nurture)
environment influences shape the self
Physical development
studying the bodies make- up
(nature) genetic material recieved by biological parents
Human development
scientific study of the ways people change and stay the same from conception to death.
Konrad Lorenz
imprinted- behavior of baby birds that insures they will stay close to their mother for food and protection
develop in distinct stages. thinking in concrete level to abstract level.
Albert Bandura
*Social learning theory. -the most important aspects of our behavior is what we learned.
know what has to be done and you believe you can do it.
consequences that decrease the probability that a behavior will not occur in the future.
Exo system
influences that in compass societal ex)places of worship
executive of the personality. would sy it is wrong to steal
erogenous zone
area of the body capable of producing plesure.
unresolved conflict caused by over endulgence or frustration
Overly endulged
gulible, passive, need a lot of attention
oral agressive personality, argumentative senicle
phallic stage
sexual interest that causes the child to be attracted to the opposite sex.

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