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Psychology Final Exam 2


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_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by coming up with logical reasons for illogical behavior.
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by finding a "safer" target for aggression.
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by a) the anxiety producing thought it repressed b) the opposite feeling is developed consciously.
Reaction Formation
What does DSM IV stand for?
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
_____ is a mild type of disorder.
_____ is a severe type of disorder. (Classified as insane, crazy, psychotic)
This type of anxiety disorder is free floating.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
This type of anxiety disorder is associated with an irrational, specific fear.
This type of anxiety disorder is associated with persistant, irrational thoughts and irresistable action tendency.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
This is a Somatoform Disorder associated with a person being preoccupied and concerned by their health. They are convinced something is wrong with them when nothing is, like disease, sickness or cancer.
This is a somatoform disorder when the patient has body symptoms with no bodily involvement. They convert anxiety to a specific part of their body. For example, an adult pushes a young child and the child breaks his arm. The adult goes to sleep and is co
Conversion Disorder
This type of disorder deals with shutting things off, the patient isolates thoughts.
Dissociative Disorders
This is a Dissociative Disorder when a victim can't remember any thing. Their is no physical trauma, but they forget troublesome things from the past.
This is a Dissociative Disorder when a victim will forget things and also take flight. For example, a person will forget things and run way. When they regain their memory, they won't recognize where they are. (Forget and Flight)
This is a Dissociative Disorder when the victim has two or more personalities in one individual. These personalties are unaware of each other.
Dissociation Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality)
This type of disorder depends soley on whether the individual is feeling good or bad.
Mood Disorders
This is a mood disorder where the patient can have good days, but when they have bad days they are very, very bad. This is a common disorder.
Major Depression
This is a mood disorder that is identified by having a very large mood range. A patient will go from being extremely happy (manic stage) to immediately being very depressed.
Bipolar Disorder
This is a type of disorder where the patient is identified as insane. Their thought process is not right, their is a shattering of the patient's personality. They have delusions of false being and hallucinations.
This is a type of psychosurgery where doctors would drill a hole into the patients skull in hopes of curing a disorder. They thought the devil could escape through this hole.
This is a type of psychosurgery when the doctor would cut the patients brain to change their certain behavior. This was used until about the 1950's and in rare cases, it actually worked. It was dangerous because the results were irreversable and often th
Prefontal Lobotomy
This was a biomedical therapy used still today. It started with the use of insulin to cause shock in patients. In more modern days, electricity currents are run through the brain and the procedure is more controlled and restraints are used.
Electroconvulsive Shock (ECT)
This type of therapy is the most successful. There are positive outcomes and it has decreased the number of patients living in mental institutes.
Drug Therapy
These are the safest types of drugs available, they are not addictive and no tolerance is built after a long term of use.

(I don't know if I agree with that definition, though...)
This is an old type of drugs. A problem is the drug acts differently with different patients. It might cure on patient but make no difference in another.
Tricyclic Antidepressants
This is the newest type of drug. They are successful because they keep serotonin in the synapses. It combats depression effectively. Some example of this drug are prozac, zoloft, and paxil.
This is an anti-psychotic drug that is used to treat schizophrenia. They tend to have positive affects by reducing delusions and helping the patient stay in contact with reality.
Major Tranquilizer
This is the affect of long term anti-psychotic drug use. It involves involuntary spasms, tics, and lip smacking.
Tardive Dyskinesia
This is a type of therapy that can be used by psychologists, socal workers, psychiatrists, and counselors. It's very successful when treating anxiety disorders.
This is a type of psychotherapy when the doctor treats the mind, they try to to get the unconscious by using free association, ink blots, and dreams.
This is a type of psychotherapy when the doctor believes the patient knows what is causing the problem. The doctor lets the patient work their own way through their difficulties. This is a popular form of therapy and often successful.
Humanistic Therapy (client centered)
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by forcing anxiety producing thoughts into the unconscious aka "motivated forgetting".
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by seeing the source/blame of the anxiety producing behavior on someone or something else.
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by retreating to an earlier, safer stage.
_______ defends conscious mind against anxiety by defending the conscious mind against anxiety by saying the anxiety producing situation isn't so.
This has beoen around a very long time, since ancient Egypt. A small amount of this is good for us. Biologically, this and fear are almost exactly alike. This by itself is NOT a good predictor of adjustment or maladjustment.
These are mechanisms that defend against anxiety. Protects the ego or conscious mind.
Ego Defense Mechanisms
This type of therapy provider are Md.s who work wth psychologial disorders.
This type of therapy provider are registered and highly trained Ph.Ds.
This type of therapy provider are MSW's who provide psychotherapy.
Clinical Social Worker
This type of therapy provider are LPC or LCPC. They have their masters liscnced to them by the state.
This type of psychotherapy deals with Freud and the unconscious mind.
This type of psychotherapy is client dentered. Looks at the conscious and the intentional thoughts.
Humanistic Therapy
This type of psychotherapy has no medicines. There is a problem with learning, doing it wrong or not taught the right way.
Behavior Therapy
This is a gradual extinction process.
Systematic Desensitization
This is an eliminating a response by pairing it up with something bad.
Aversion Therapy
This is a therapy when they match a disorder to a certain treatment, it doesn't have a certain technique.
Electric Approach

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