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What directive establishes the policy and procedures for the Navy's Physical Readiness Program?
a. NAVAIR 6110.4H
b. OPNAV 6111.1G
c. OPNAV 6110.1H
d. NAVAIR 6111.1H
c. OPNAV 6110.1H
What is the principal goal of the Physical Readiness Program?
a. to create a culture of fitness to enhance ability to complete tasks.
b. To set a standard
c. To keep individuals self aware of the shape their in.
d. To know the fitness
a. to create a culture of fitness to enhance ability to complete tasks.
What is included in the Physical fitness Assessment(PFA)?
The Body composition Assessment(BCA) and Physical Readiness Test (PRT).
What is the body Composition Assesment (BCA)?
The maximum weight for height screening and body fat percentage estimation based on circuference measurements.
What disposition is made of personnel who cannot participate in the Physical Readiness Program due to a valid medical condition?
They are placed in a rehabilitative program, designed by a Command Fitness Leader (CFL) in conjunction with appropriate medical personnel.
How must all commands report the results of two Physical Fitness Assessments (PFAs) per person per calendar year?
Via the Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) website (
What is the minimum length for physical conditioning sessions?
at least 60 minutes
What is the minimum number of physical readiness activities each week devoted to moderate and moderately high intensity physical conditioning?
How are Assistant Command Fitness Leaders(ACFLs) appointed?
In writing
What must be issued each time an enlisted member fails to meet body composition assessment and/or PRT standards?
A NAVPERS 1070/613,
Administrative Remarks with the original forwarded to COMNAVPERSCOM for inclusion in the permanent personnel record.
What is the retention period for the command file copy of a NAVPERS 1070/613, Adminisstrative Remarks issued to an enlisted member who failed PCA
Four Years
What is issued each time an officer fails to meet BCA/PRT standards?
A written counseling letter
How long does the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) retain written documentation (notes and/or worksheets) of official command PFA cycles?
Four years
What is the maximum length for a command-approved medical waiver?
Six months
When are pregnant service women NOT required to meet PRT and BCA standards?
From the time the pregnancy is confirmed until six months following delivery
When must the (ORM) Operational Risk Managment analysis be completed prior to PRT?
At least 24 hours prior
How Many CPR monitors are required for a PRT?
At least one CPR-certified monitor for every 25 members participating in the PRT, with a minimum of two monitors for every test.
What is the suggested INITIAL MAXIMUM for the required PT per week?
Four sessions, 60 minutes duration.
What is the weekly frequency for physical activity for OPTIMAL IMPROVEMENT?
Five times per week.
What is the age-adjusted maximum allowable Navy body fat percentage for males 40 and 40+ years old?
What is the age-adjusted maximum allowable Navy body fat percentage for males 17 to 39 years old?
What is the age-adjusted maximum allowable Navy body fat percentage for females 40 and 40+ years old?
What is the age-adjusted maximum allowable Navy body fat percentage for females 17 to 39 years old?
What is the clothing requirement for BCA weight measurment on a balance beam or digital scale?
Must be in PT-type clothing(shorts, T-shirt) or uniform of the day, without shoes.(No deduction for clothing is allowed)
What is the maximum number of official PFAs that a member may participate in per calendar year?
When must PFAs be completed?
At least four but not more than eight months from the preceding PRT.
When are BCAs normally taken?
Within 10 days of, but absolutely not less than 24 hours, prior to participation in PRT
When must members be provided with written notice of the date for conducting PFA components?
At least 10 weeks in advance.
How is the failure of the BCA as part of a PFA considered?
As a PFA failure
How is the failure of the PRT as part of a PFA considered?
As a PFA failure.
How is failing of both the BCA and PRT of the same PFA considered?
It is counted as one PFA failure
How are members considered when a medical waiver is granted for BCA and all PRT events during a PFA?
They are not deemed to acquire a PFA failure or pass.
Who do CFLs report members who are injured or become ill during PFT or PT?
To the Command Safety Officer.
When are commanding officers authorized to initiate administrative Separation (ADSEP) processing for members who aren't making reasonable progress toward meeting PFA standards?
When the ISIC concurs.
Per OPNAV 6110.1H when are officers ineligible for promotion?
When they have failed the most recent official PFA.
Per OPNAV 6110.1H when may enlisted members have their advancement or frocking deferred?
When they have failed the most recent official PFA
When may an enlisted member, who had their advancement or frocking deferred because of PFA failure, regain their eligibility
By participating in a monthly FEP Mock PFA.
When may an enlisted member regain advancement exam eligibilty, because they have failed their third PFA in a 4-year period
Upon passing two consecutive PFAs prior to the next advancement exam date
How are PFA codes used in fitness reports or evaluations?
By three letters with a slash (/) between the first and second letter.
What is indicated in a Fitness Report PFA Code by the single letter to the left of the slash (/)?
In all cases, it indicates performance on the most recent PRT(exercise portion of PFA) occurring during the report period.
What is indicated in a Fitness Report PFA Code by the two letters to the right of the slash (/)?
The most recent BCA of PFA.
What PFA Code is used in a fitness report to indicate pregnancy or unusual cases where the members weight or circumference is distorted by a temporary medical condition?
What is indicated by a PFA Code in a fitness report of XX
Rare case where it isn't possible to weigh or measure the member.
Where are the results from the most recent PFA performed during the reporting period recorded in the Fitness Report and Evaluation
In Block 20 using the appropriate PFA codes
What grade is assigned in "Military Bearing" (on a Fitness Report and Evaluation)for members failing their third or more PFA in the most recent 4 -year period?
A grade no greater than 1.0
What additional marks are assigned (in a Fitness Report and Evaluation) for an enlisted member upon failing their third or more PFA in the most recent 4-year period?
Marks of "Significant Problems" and "Retention Not Recommended" respectively
Is an overall score of "Outstanding" or "Excellent" required for assigning a 5.0 in "Military Bearing" in a Fitness Report and Evaluation
NO (Reporting seniors use their own discretion when grading members who pass all PFAs)
Does the fact that a member achieves 18 or more years of service provide a sanctuary from separation due to PFA failures?
When may an enlisted member extend their enlistment if they have failed to meet PFA standards three or more times in the most recent 4 year period?
The CO may grant a 6 month extension provided the CO has assurance that the member has the potential to pass their next PFA.
Where is an example found of the Administrative Counseling/Warning found for the NAVPERS 1070/613 entry for an enlisted member?
Where is an example found of the notification of PFA failure for an officer?
OPNAV 6110.1H Appendix B Enclosure 8

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