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Where can detailed information concerning the security of classified information be found?
Dept. of the Navy Information Security Program Regulation(ISP)
SECNAVINST 5510.36 Series
What regulation covers the disclosure of information that may be appropiately limited to official use, even though such material is unmarked?
Navy Regulations, Art. 1252
Where is the format of the standard letter precisely defined?
The Navy Correspondence Manual
SECNAVINST 5216.5 Series
Who normally controls the sterilization of correspondence for the activity?
The Admin. Dept.
What is an endorsement?
A brief form of naval letter used to approved, disapproved, forward, or comment on the contents of a letter that is transmitted through one or more addressees before it reaches its destination.
What form is used for preparing naval messages, where the computer program is not available?
DOD Message Form 173 (DD173)
How are naval messages prepared?
In accordance with the Naval Telecommunications Users Manual (NTP-3)
What constitutes the SSIC found in the text of a message?
An appropiate five-number group, preceded by the letter N, taken from the latest edition of SECNAVINST 5210.11
What are the six digits used for a date-time group?
The first two digits represent the day of the month and the last four digits represent the time of day
What is provided by the directives issuance system?
A uniform method of issuing directives by all the activities in the Navy
What may be used for cross-reference filing when a letter arrives without an extra carbon copy?
An Optional Form (OF) 21
When should endorsements be cross-referenced?
When they contain subjects not covered by the basic correspondence.
What is coding?
The simple process of writing the file numbers or symbols on the papers to be filed.
What is a tickler file?
A system for alerting people sufficiently before the actual due date so that reports may be promptly submitted.

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