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Who monitors the MWD program?
CNO (OP-09N)
What detection rate is required for all drug detector teams?
90% of each required substance
What detection rate is required for all explosive detector teams?
95% of required substances
Who exercises direct supervision over the unit MWD program and is directly responsible to the security officer for managing and operating the MWD team?
The kennel Master
At a command having one to four dog teams, who may act as the kennel master if he or she is qualified per OPNAVISNT 5585.2?
Chief Master at Arms/Security Chief
What is the pay grade requirement for a prospective MWD handler candidate?
Paygrades E4-E6/Civilian Employee GS4-GS7
When may MWD handlers receive their initial training through OJT?
Only when a waiver is approved by the MWD Executive Agent, Kirtland AFB, NM.
Who determines the duty cycles, duty hours, and methods of using MWD teams?
The kennel Master in coordination with the Security Officer
What is the duty cycle of the MWD team in order to allow kennel masters, handlers to rate MWD performance?
Must include one day of certification trials for every four days use.
When may MWD teams be worked seven days a week and extend the workday beyond an eight hour period?
When appropiate break periods are provided.
What is the minimum use for DDDs per week for drug interdiction sweeps?
20 hours
Where are all LEPS and deterrence patrols recorded?
In block 15 of the MWD Quarterly Report (OPNAV 5585/7)
Why should a detector dogs NOT be exercised to the extent that they begin to pant when first taken out of the kennel?
Because painting will adversely affect their detection capabilities.
What type of positive control is maintained on all MWDs?
They are worked on leash except when release to search or attack.
Where is all MWD off-leash training conducted?
In an enclosed training area
How often must the kennel facility and each MWD be checked by security patrols?
At least hourly
What action must be taken for MWD handlers on temporary duty who wish to kennel an MWD overnight?
Must make arrangements with the host kennel master beforehand.
Stray animals facilities must NOT be located within what distance of MWD kennels?
100 yards
What type of vehicle will NOT normally be used to transport dogs?
Vans and pickup trucks
What type of vehicles must NEVER be used to transport MWDs?
Private vehicles or on front passenger seats?
What is the required marking for a MWD vehicle?
30 by 30 inch magnetic sign on both sides which reads "Caution Military Working Dogs"
What is the form number for the Detector Dogs Training and Utilization Record?
OPNAV Form 5585/3
What is the form number for MWD Utilization Record Supplemental?
OPNAV Form 5585/2
What is the form number for the Canine Validity Test Data Evaluation Sheet?
OPNAV Form 5585/6
What form is used as the MWD Service Record?
DD Form 1834
Who makes all entries on the front side of the MWD Service Record?
The DOD Dog Center (and they will not be altered).
Who maintains the reverse side of the MWD Service record?
The kennel Master or senior handler.
Form used to record daily and monthly performance in both training and actual use for each of the MWD's required patrol tasks and is maintained by the respective MWD handler?
OPNAV form 5585/1
MWD Training and Utilization Record
This form provides a method of documenting detector dog performance during training and actual search situations?
OPNAV 5585/3
Detector Dog Training and Utilization Record
Form provides a method to record each positive response and document the results of field and lab tests for all substances consficated as a result of the MWD response?
OPNAV 5585/2
Military Working Dog Utilization Record (Supplemental)
Who is authorized to make entries on an MWD's medical record?
Veterinary personnel only
When may incapacitated MWDs be euthanized?
On the authority of the accountable installation commander under the circurmstances listed in OPNAVINST 5585.2 series
Where should persons offering dogs for sale or donation to the government be directed?
Contact DOD Dog Center, Lackland Air Force Base, TX 78236
What are the requirements for a dog to become MWD?
Must be predominately german sheperd, between one and three years of age, at least 60 pounds and 23 inches in height at the shoulders.
What is the requirement for all MWD user commands to request drug training aids if they are located within the US, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico?
They must be registered with the DEA prior to requesting the aids.
What are the only four required drug odors that may be used for drug training aids for MWDs?
Schedule I, Heroin Code 9200
Marijuana Code 7360
Hashish Code 7370
Schedule II, Cocaine Code 9041
What type of container is the minimum requirement for storing drug training aids?
GSA-approved security container. Safes must be of two or four drawer variety with certain storage procedures required to minimize odor contamination
What is the storage procedure when storing drug training aids in two-drawer safes?
The marijuana and hashish should be stored in the top with the heroin and cocaine in the bottom drawer.
What is the storage procedure when storing drug training aids in a four-drawer safes?
Should be stored from top to bottom as follows:
Who must maintain a daily issue/return log to record daily transactions involving the drug training aids?
The primary drug custodian.
How are persons authorized to use the drug training aids?
They must be designated in Writing by the CO
What cleaning action is required when the daily use of all training aids is over?
All Except Marijuana must be wiped lightly with alcohol and placed back into their ammo cans
When must all drug training aids be inventoried?
Semi-Annually/Upon change of custodians
Who should conduct the inventory of all drug training aids.
A "disinterested party" i.e. XO or JAG officers/must be senior in grade to the primary custodian
What type of report is made by the person conducting an inventory of drug training aids?
A letter is sent to the CO stating the date and time.
What action should be taken during a drug training aid inventory when an aid is lost or suspected of being tampered with?
That suspicion is reported immediately to the nearest NIS component for investigation.
How do you document any movement of drug training aids between a custodian and an NIS component?
Registered mail, military transportation or hand delivery.
When an MWD be kenneled at a handler's quaters.
Only during an emergency or pending kennel construction, and then ONLY with the approval of the MWD program manager.
How often must kennel runs be throughly cleaned?
At least three times a day and more often when necessary
When feasible, what is the ideal physical location of an MWD kennel?
In an areas where natural barriers, such as hills, trees, and large shrubs separate built-up areas and the kennel facility
What is the fencing requirements for a kennel facility?
Must be eight feet high with a single seven to nine gauge strand of barbed wire at the top vice a top guard and with no ground clearance at the bottom.
What is the size requirement for a MWD training area?
Approximately 75 feet by 150 feet.
What is the basic kennel safety rule?
In and around the kennel area, personnel will refrain from running or engaging in any type of "horseplay"
What action should be taken in the event that a loose dog appears in any MWD area?
The first person to notice the animal must give the alarm "LOOSE DOG", and everyone in the area, except the MWD's handler, must immediately apply muzzle on his/her own MWD, kneel and hold the MWD close to his/her chest with the MWD's head beneath his/her arm. (The loose MWD's handler will then retrieve the MWD and properly secure it)
As a rule, what is the safe distance for handlers to maintain between their MWDs?
At least 15 feet
Why should a handler, when accompanied by his/her MWD, NEVER sit or lie down?
Because that is an extremely awkward position to control the MWD should it suddenly lunge.
How does a handler pass articles to another person, when accompanied by his/her MWD?
The handler places the articles on the ground and takes his or her MWD from the immediate area so that another person can safely retrieve the articles.
Why should a handler not normally tie his or her MWD to any object with the leash?
Because MWD is capable of chewing through the leash, breaking it, and gaining freedom.
What is the basic rule to observe in breaking up a dogfight?
Remember breaking up a fight is a two-man project never attempt to this alone.
Why should you never attempt to jerk away from the MWD if a handler is being bitten?
Because this action may cause a serious wound.
What device should be used during an emergency to stake-out an MWD?
Use only the leather collar and a kennel chain. Dont use the choke chain and leash.
What leash is used during training?
The 60 inch leather leash, known as a safety leash.
What device is used for tying the MWD to a stake or some other stationary object.
The six foot kennel chain
How should a handler comb the MWD?
Always comb lightly with the grain, NEVER against the grain.
When should the feeding pan be washed and sanitized?
Immediately after each feeding
What is the composition of the MWD water bucket?
Made of either steel or heavy gauge galvanized iron and has at least a 3 1/2 gallon capacity.
What is the maximum size of each MWD kennel, including circulation space?
75 square feet per dog
What is the primary method of transmitting bacteria for the disease commonly known as LEPTO (leptospirosis).
Through infected urine and rodents.
How often will a veterinarian usually vaccinate the MWD with a D-H-L vaccine which protects against distemper, hepatitis, and leptospiriosis).
Usually once a year
How should ticks be disposed of after removing from an MWD?
Flush them down the nearest drain or immense them in alcohol.
What are the signs of a dog infected with hookworms?
Membranes of the mouth and eyes may be pale; stools may be loose, contain blood and the dog may lose weight.
What should be the limitations to combing the MWD in the winter?
Should be limited to avoid removal of the warm undercoat.
What is the first step in grooming the MWD?
Give him a brisk rubdown with the fingertips moving against the grain.
What is the normal pulse rate for a MWD, depending upon the breed and size of the dog?
From 70 to 100 beats per minute
Where should you take the pulse on a MWD?
On the left side of the dog, just back of the elbow joint or on the femoral artery, which is located on the inner side of either hind leg.
What is the normal temperature range of a dog's body?
101-102 degrees farenheit
When giving liquid medication to a dog, why should you NOT elevate the dog's head to any angle above the horizontal line?
Because if the head is raised any higher, the dog has difficulty in swallowing
Why should a dog bitten by a poisonous snake be kept as quiet as possible?
In order to slow the movement of snake venom through the bloodstream when panic or exertion occurs.
What action should be taken when a dog bitten by a poisonous snake is not going to have medical help immediately available?
An ice pack should be placed over the bite area until help arrives.
What is a good sign of overheating in a dog.
A temperature of 105 degrees or above
What action should be taken if a veterinarian isn't immediately available and you are certain that your dog has eaten a poisonous snake?
Promptly make the dog vomit by placing one or two tablespoon full of salt on the back of the tongue. Keep the dog quiet and warm until the vet assistance is available.
What is the minimum amount of time that must pass for a dog to be fed after training or working?
At least two hours.
What amount of MSD is normally required for each MWD daily, depending on the dog's weight.
1 to 1 1/2 pounds of MSD
Why should patrol MWD teams be used judiciously in confrontation situations?
Because their presence could escalate a situation
How often must a CO review each folder containing the PC history for each PAT/DRUG or DDD team?
At least four times a year
What condition may the handler allow the MWD while patrolling?
The dog may be off the leash on the rear seat of the vehicle
When are mobile patrols most effective?
When the team uses the ride-awhile-walk-awhile method
What is the best way for the MWD to use its scenting ability when checking or searching a building?
Always approach buildings from the downwind side
What is used to feed a MWD?
MSD Maximum Stress Diet
When should PAT/DRUG or DDD team demonstration be performed for the base CO?
Upon receipt of a team
Upon change of CO
Upon change of handler
Upon change of dogs
What action should a Patrol MWD team take if children are involved in minor incidents in dependent and bachelor quarters (BEQ/BOQ) and they fail to halt when challenged?
The handler should follow them to their quarters instead of releasing the MWD
What is essential if the MWD is used to track a suspect in response to an alarm system activation in a building?
Other persons should not contaminate the area with scents and tracks that can confuse the MWD
What is a prelude before releasing an MWD to search a building?
A handler must give a verbal warning to inform anyone that may be in the building that he/she is about to release an MWD.
What action should be taken when handlers challenge an unknown person, approach a suspect?
They must always inform the person or persons that the MWD is an MWD and will attack without command if the handler is attacked.
How does the MWD compare to similar restrictions on using firearms?
The handler must not release an MWD or allow it to bite until all other, less forceful means have failed.
Who has DOD designated as the Military Working Dog Executie Agent (MWDEA)?
US Air Force Security Police Agency Headquarters.
How will a MWD team normally be alerted to a request for assistance in counterdrug operations from a civilian agency?
From their Echelon Two Commando POC
What is the governing directive for using MWD to support law enforcement agencies in counterdrug missions?
DOD Directive 5525.10
Who are the minimum personnel who should have prior knowledge of a search by a MWD team?
CO, XO, and Chief MAA/SO
May photography be permitted during actual MWD team searches?
What action should be taken when conducting a search and personnel must get dressed prior to leaving the area?
They should be observed while they dress to prevent the secreting of small parcels or contraband on their person.
What action should be taken by a recorder if a "response" occurs during a search?
Indicates the area with tape or gum label
How should the MWD be positioned while escorting fund custodians to and from the vehicle in order to observe hostile acts?
In the guard position
How should the MWD be positioned if the MWD team must transport a suspect?
The handler positions the MWD in the back seat area and the suspect in the front seat on the passenger side.
What must be of primary concern when a CO is considering arming of MWD handlers?
Not only the protection of the handler and MWD, but to possible serious injury to others should the handler not be able to control the dog
What is the most important factor to be used by a handler to assits his/her MWD in effectively pinpointing the source of an odor outdoors?
Air Circulation Conditions
How do temperature and humidity affect the search?
If the temperature is high and the humidity low, the scent will move higher and faster on the prevailing wind currents. If the temperature is low and the humidity high, as in the case of rainy or stormy weather, the scent will travel lower and for a longer period of time on the prevailing wind currents.
What action should be taken by the handler before starting any search?
Always look over the area to be searched first.
What is the search pattern for a regular individual dormitory room?
Clear each room starting from your left and moving clockwise around the room until you return to your starting point.
What amount of time should be allowed before starting a search in an area after the ventilation has been secured and all windows closed?
A minimum of 15 min. for the odors to settle
What is the correct approach for an aircraft search?
Approach the aircraft approximately 15 to 20 feet from the downwind side.
How should luggage or baggage be searched?
Suitcases or cartons should be placed in a straight line or several straight lines with approx. one foot between each. Suitcases should be lying on their sides in order to allow the MWD to work all the seams
What is the proficiency training requirement for patrol/detector MWDs?
At least 2 hours per day
10 hours per week
What part of the dog give it the capability to detect small changes in air flow and wind direction.
Specialized hairs
CRS (continous reward schedule)
Immediately when the dog makes a correct or near correct response
EXT (extintion reward schedule)
No reward is ever given when the dog makes no response or an incorrect response
FR (fixed ratio reward schedule)
Where a reward is given to the dog after it makes two or more correct responses
What type of reward schedule is used once a dog has learned to perform on a high fixed ratio reward schedule?
Variable Ratio Reward Schedule (VR)
When is the variable interval reward schedule (VI) used?
Once the dog has learned to perform any task for a specified period of time.
What is the name for the type of training where a dog learns NOT to make a wrong response to avoid a vocal or physical correction?
Avoidance training
Why is physical and vocal correction paired within .5 seconds in avoidance training?
To teach the MWD not to make a specific response
What method is used to teach MWDs to respond to almost every command?
The technique of escape training which is simply the conditioning of the animal by the use of pressure.
All basic obedience commands start and end with the dog in what position?
Heel Position
What are the four obedience formations?
Circle Formation
Square Formation
Line Formation
Squad Formation
What are the three categories of aggresiveness?
Moderately aggresive
What is the purpose of stand-off training?
To enable the handler to gain complete control over the dog after it has been commanded to attack.
What is the quartering?
A method used by the patrol dog team to systematically clear a search area.
When will a dog be considered unreliable when performing critical tasks?
When he fails to meet the minimum standards for these tasks for three consecutive days
What amount of blank .38 caliber ammunition must be on hand for MWD gunfire training?
A minimum of 50 rounds, per dog, per year
How often must each DDD team and patrol MWD team undergo validity certification to meet the legal requirements permitting their operational use?
When first assigned to duty and 4 times a year thereafter
What recertification action is required when a dog team's proficiency training has been interrupted for 30 consecutive days or more for any reason?
Full certification must occur
What is the rule for food deprivation if a drug detector dog fails recertification?
With veterinary approval only it may occur for a minimum of 24 hours but not to exceed 48 hours
What is the basic principle for drug detection training?
For the dog to be taught to associate a pleasant event with the substance it is required to find
Who determines the final response the dog will be trained to make when it finds the desired substance?
The DOD Dog Training Center School staff
What is always examined first in the sequence of a vehicle examination?
The exterior of the vehicle
What is the rule for conducting explosives training if an electrical storm is in the area?
Must not be done, when the storm is within three miles of the training area
What action should be taken if an electrical storm occurs and time doesnt allow safe return of explosives to the storage area?
Position the explosives in an open, unoccupied area at least 300 ft from occupied buildings or personnel.
Who should be notified prior to conducting any explosives training?
The Fire Dept
When should explosives be replaced after they have been handled extensively?
Every 180 days

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