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Which of the following landlocked countries is entirely contained within another country?
In the children's book series, where is Paddington Bear originally from?
What best-selling author was born Howard Allen O'Brien?
Anne Rice
In the US, the Sony Walkman personal cassette player was originally marketed in 1979 under what name?
According to the United Nations, in what year was the world's population half of its present size?
What plant is named after the first US Ambassador to Mexico, who brought it to the US?
Which of these network news anchors began his career at age 9, hosting a children's radio show?
Peter Jennings
Who was the only winner of the Nobel Peace Prize to decline the prize?
Le Duc Tho
People who have a marked physical reaction to beautiful art are said to suffer from what syndrome?
Stendhal’s Syndrome
Who is credited with inventing the first mass-produced helicopter?
Igor Sikorsky
What letter must appear at the beginning of the registration number of all non-military aircraft in the US?
In the TV series "The Brady Bunch", what is Carol Brady's maiden name?
How many days make up a non-leap year in the Islamic calendar?
What club did astronaut Alan Shepard use to make his famous golf shot on the moon?
Six iron
Who is the only Nobel Laureate to win an Academy Award?
George Bernard Shaw
Famous pediatrician and author Dr. Benjamin Spock won an Olympic gold medal in what sport?
In the 1964 movie "My Fair Lady", who dubbed the singing voice for the character Eliza Doolittle?
Marni Nixon
What is the number of the US Congress currently in session?
How many US flags have been planted on the moon?
What is the surname of the septuplets born in Iowa in 1997?
Which of the following is the most recent member of the United Nations?
What Russian Prime Minister was deposed by the Bolsheviks in October 1917?
Aleksandr Kerensky
Which of the following actresses was in the original 1968 cast of the Broadway musical "Hair"?
Diane Keaton
The popular saying "love is blind" appears in which Shakespeare play?
The Merchant of Venice
In 1998, which of these former child actresses coauthored a paper on magnetism in a physics journal?
Danica McKellar
What is the name of the Robert Frost poem the author read at John F. Kennedy's inauguration?
The Gift Outright
Murdered in 1985, zoologist Dian Fossey was buried with more than a dozen of her gorillas in what country?
In 1986, what artist painted a section of the Berlin Wall?
Keith Haring
What culture's mythology holds that all life was created during a period known as "dreamtime"?
The killer in the 1978 film "Halloween" wears a painted white mask of what famous character?
Captain Kirk
In the movie "E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial," E.T. watches a love scene from what film?
The Quiet Man
Published in 1999, the book "Wild Fruits" is a compilation of previously lost writings by what author?
Henry David Thoreau
Pierre Omidyar initially started the auction website eBay to help his wife collect what?
Pez dispensers
In 1934, who became the first living athlete to appear on the Wheaties box?
Lou Gehrig
The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following countries?
The Fort McHenry flag that inspired "The Star-Spangled Banner" had how many stars?
In 1934, what well-known novelist was the Democratic nominee in the California Governor's race?
Upton Sinclair
What military commander's father headed the Lindbergh baby kidnapping investigation for the New Jersey State Police?
Norman Schwarzkopf
As a young boy, singer Phil Collins appeared in which of the following films?
A Hard Day’s Night
The legendary King Midas was based on a real king who ruled over what ancient peoples?
Which of the following authors played the lead role in the original movie based on his own novel?
Richard Wright
Which of the following foods is flavored with the oil of bergamot?
Earl Grey tea
What 19th century novel was originally published under the pseudonym "Currer Bell"?
Jane Eyre
Who was the first woman to be elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation?
Wilma Mankiller
What was the first American TV series to film an entire episode in the former Soviet Union?
Head of theClass
What was the first major motion picture to feature a rock and roll song on its soundtrack?
Blackboard Jungle
Before serving as Governor of Texas, Sam Houston was governor of what other US state?
In 218BC, Hannibal crossed the Alps with the intent of capturing what city?
Which US state's name is believed to be based on a mythical paradise in a 1510 Spanish novel?
The Voyager space probes contain salutations to extraterrestrials from which US leader?
Jimmy Carter
How many different people have been members of the famous comedy trio, "The Three Stooges"?
The Earth's circumference at the equator is approximately how many miles?
In 1909, who became the first president to be depicted on a circulating US monetary coin?
Abraham Lincoln
When three celestial bodies form a straight line, what is it called?
In 1832, what American city played host to the first national Democratic convention?
Java man was the first discovered example of what species?
Homo erectus
What military leader said, "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever"?
Napoleon Bonaparte
What was the first artificially produced element?
Who wrote Spiro Agnew's 1970 speech in which he called the press "nattering nabobs of negativism"?
William Safire
First published in 1771, the Messier Catalog includes listings of which of the following:
Star clusters
What businessman is credited with inventing the charcoal briquette?
Henry Ford
According to his autobiography, what inspired young Harry Crosby's friends to call him "Bing"?
Comic strip
After being ordained by the Catholic Church, what composer became known as "The Red Priest"?
Antonio Vivaldi
Jimmie H. Davis, Louisiana's former "Singing Governor", wrote which of these classic songs?
You Are My Sunshine
Striped shirt, white pants and top hat with a red flower signify what character created by mime Marcel Marceau?
Deciphered in 1952, Linear B is an early form of what language?
In the 18th century Gainsborough painting "The Blue Boy", what is the boy holding in his hand?
What is Bart Simpson's middle name?
In 1919, what artist created "L.H.O.O.Q." by adding a mustache and goatee to a print of the "Mona Lisa"?
Marcel Duchamp
The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans in what direction?
Which of these jazz musicians did not play on Miles Davis' groundbreaking 1959 album, "Kind of Blue"?
Dexter Gordon
Who did Margaret Thatcher replace as the Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1979?
James Callaghan
In Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf", what musical instruments traditionally portray the wolf?
French Horns
What planet features a phenomenon called the Great Red Spot?
In which of the following Central American countries would you find the Mosquito Coast?
Who was the first woman to receive her party's nomination and run for President of the United States?
Victoria Woodhull
The Lilith Fair musical tour was named for what character from ancient text?
Adam’s first wife
Russia and Turkey both have shorelines on which of the following seas?
Black Sea
What is the most abundant chemical element in the universe?
Which of the following philosophers said "Cogito, ergo sum"?
Rene Descartes
Which of these scientists did research on galaxies that helped prove the universe in expanding?
Edwin Hubble
What is the title of the piece of music traditionally played to salute the Vice President of the United States?
Hail, Columbia
The 18th, 19th, and 20th US presidents all hailed from what state?
In a standard deck of playing cards, which two suits carry the "one eyed jacks"?
Which of these Alfred Hitchcock movies was originally filmed in 3-D?
Dial M For Murder
What was Elvis Presley's military rank upon his discharge from the Army?
Buck Sergeant
What country encompasses all of Asia Minor?
What color best describes the sand of the Kalahari Desert?
What group is the subject of Jacob Rii's 1890 book of photographs "How the Other Half Lives"?
Tenement dwellers
Where was the first foreign visit made by a sitting US President?
Panama Canal
Most of the asteroids in our solar system orbit in a belt between which two planets?
Mars and Jupiter
One of Shelley Winters two Oscars is on display at a museum in what city?
In 1859, the first US commercial oil well was drilled in what location?
According to Greek legend, what creature killed Orion?
Which US President was the target of the first documented assassination attempt while in office?
Andrew Jackson
The Scoville scale is used to measure the intensity of what?
Heat of chili peppers
What state has the largest number of active volcanoes in the United States?
During WWII, what Native American language was used as a secret code by the US Army and Marines?
In what African country would you find the town of Tombouctou, also known as Timbuktu?
After a crocodile egg has been laid, what factor makes the embryo male or female?
Incubation temperature
Before Bobby Riggs famous loss to Billie Jean King, who did he defeat in a "Battle of the Sexes" match?
Margaret Smith Court
Who was the third person to walk on the moon?
Pete Conrad
In early Rome, the words for marine "mussels" and the body's "muscles" both came from the word for what animal?
In 1738, Daniel Bernouilli developed a scientific principle that explains how which of the following works?
Pitched curve ball
What island in San Francisco bay was known as the Ellis island of the West in the early 1900's?
Angel Island
The hero of James Fennimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales is known by all but which of these names?
From 1958 to 1961, the United Arab Republic was a union of what two countries?
Syria and Egypt
Iceland gained full independence from what country in 1944?
Which of these European cities was formerly called Christiania?
The zipper was originally invented to fasten what article of clothing?
What is the name of Jupiter's largest moon?
According to the US Constitution, a presidential candidate must have lived in the US for a minimum of how many years?
Canonized by Pope Paul VI, who became the first US-born saint?
Elizabeth Ann Seton
Which was not an event in the ancient Olympics?
What natural phenomenon produces a feature called "aa"?
Volcanic eruption
What is the Ebola virus named after?
In the 1952 novel "Charlotte's Web", what is the final message that Charlotte spins in her web?
NASA's Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to do what?
Journey beyond Pluto
The highest known mountain in our solar system is on what planet?
The compact disc was originally designed to have enough playing time to hold what classical music piece?
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9
Which of these artists is famous for photographing herself in film-inspired settings?
Cindy Sherman
Who was the first Roman Emperor to become a Christian?
Constantine the Great
Multi-Grammy award winner Jimmy Sturr is known by what nickneme?
Polka King
Appointed on July 31, 2000, who is the current Poet Laureate of the United States?
Stanley Kunitz
The theme song of which of these TV shows did not become a top 10 hit on Billboard's pop singles chart?
Mission: Impossible
In 1999, a Dallas Zoo researcher found that ocelots are drawn to the scent of which of the following:
Calvin Klein Obsession
The tympanum, the sensory organ used for hearing, is located where on a cricket?
How many provinces make up Canada?
Best-selling author David Cornwell writes under what pseudonym?
John le Carré
Which of the following countries does the Rhine river not run through?
What bird is the official state bird of 7 different US states?
What is the only current U.S. State flag to have different designs on the front and back?
What was the first piloted aircraft to exceed the speed of sound?
Bell X-1
Under whose reign was the original Domesday Book compiled?
William the Conqueror
By definition, which of these is the white of an egg?
By definition, what does a sesquipedalian person commonly use?
Long words
What children's author wrote mathmatical works under his given name, Charles Lutwidge Dodson?
Lewis Carroll
Almost all clouds are formed in what layer of the Earth's atmosphere?
Who was the only person to receive two Oscars for the same role in the same film?
Harold Russell
In Roy Lichtenstein's 1961 painting "Look Mickey", Mickey Mouse is fishing with what cartoon character?
Donald Duck
Authentic marabou feathers come from what type of bird?
Buddhism originated in a region found in which present-day country?
In what classic 20th century novel is there a character named Homer Simpson?
The Day of the Locust
Which of the following planets has no moons?
Which of these major American cities has the same name as a Native American tribe?
A phrase from what book inspired physicist Murray Gell-Mann to name his newfound subparticles "quarks"?
Finnegans Wake
What is the name of the indentation right above your lip and below your nose?
When the city of Brasilia was founded in 1960, it replaced what city as the capital of Brazil?
Rio De Janeiro
In 1894 Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived which of the following?
Olympic games
Who is the only actor to win an Academy Award for playing a character that lost an Academy Award?
Maggie Smith
Which of these actors won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a feature film that he directed?
Laurence Olivier
Lenny Bruce, Leonard Bernstein and Leonid Brezhnev are mentioned in a 1987 song by what band?
What do sumo wrestlers throw into the ring at the beginning of every wrestling match?
Approximately how many islands make up the country of the Phillippines?
What type of structure was the Pharos of Alexandria?
After a two-year legal battle, a Detroit museum was recently awarded ownership of what famous object?
Howdy Doody
What writer collaborated with photographer Walker Evans on the 1941 book "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"?
James Agee
What Wild West figure spent the last years of his life as a sportswriter for a New York newspaper?
Bat Masterson
In the book by Robert Louis Stevenson, what are the first names of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
Henry and Edward
What 1953 novel marked the first appearance of Ian Fleming's agent James Bond?
Casino Royale
In 1985, what country changed its time zone to be 15 minutes ahead of India?
According to Greek mythology, the tears of Eos are responsible for forming what?
Morning dewdrops
What rock band first recorded the sports arena song "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)?
In 1999, which of these men was aboard the first hot-air balloon to circumnavigate the globe nonstop?
Bertrand Piccard ???
Who wrote the first jazz composition to win a Pulitzer Prize for music?
Wynton Marsalis
In 1990, what Vincent van Gogh painting sold for $82.5 million, the most ever paid for a painting at auction?
Portrait of Dr. Gachet
What movie is based on the 1968 science fiction novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"?
Blade Runner
In which state would you find the northernmost border in the contiguous United States?
Author Dashiell Hammett based detective Nora Charles on what famous writer?
Lillian Hellman
What two political leaders engaged in a famous war of words known as the "kitchen debate"?
Nixon and Khrushchev
What U.S. President said, "My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over", in a speech upon assuming office?
Gerald Ford
The Broadway play "Copenhagen" is based on a historic meeting between Niels Bohr and what other physicist?
Werner Heisenberg
A loofah is the fibrous interior of which of the following?
Tropical gourd
On which of these outdoor instruments would you find a gnomon?
Which of the following designers created extravagant sets and costumes for the Folies Bergere?
What does "Pepperidge" in the name of the Pepperidge Farm cookie company refer to?
Type of tree
What influential Federal Court of Appeals judge was known as the "tenth man" of the U.S. Supreme Court?
Learned Hand
What architect designed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
I.M. Pei
The noted 19th century English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote many of his works while working as what?
The ancient measurement called a cubit was determined by what length?
Elbow to tip of middle finger
The company name "Nintendo" is derived from a Japanese phrase meaning what?
Leave it to heaven
African-American surgeon Dr. Charles R. Drew is the pioneer of what medical advancement?
Blood banks
Gertrude Stein wrote "There is no there there," in reference to what California city?
In the 1942 movie "Bambi," what is the name of Bambi's girlfriend?
What rock star wrote the 1989 opera "Holy Blood and Crescent Moon"?
Stewart Copeland
In 1913, what movie was the first full-length feature film to be shot in Hollywood?
The Squaw Man
In the annual I-San Festival in Thailand, men stage fights between which of these?
In 1985, artist Andy Warhol appeared on an episode of what TV series?
The Love Boat
Paul McCartney's original lyrics for the 1965 Beatles song "Yesterday" began with what words?
Scrambled eggs
The name for the Asian practice of arranging objects, "feng shui" is Chinese for what?
Wind water
In 1986, who became the first rap act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?
Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated at Waterloo by Wellington's army and what other force?
Prussian army
Which of these generals ranked last in his class at West Point?
George Armstrong Custer
In 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first U.S. woman licensed to do what?
Fly a plane
In 1972, the U.S. gave what animals to China in exchange for the pandas Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing?
Musk oxen
What classical music composition is part of a larger work titled "The Trial Between Harmony and Invention"?
The Four Seasons
In the 1958 book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" what word is printed on Holly Golightly's calling card?
Noted medical school professor Dr. Joseph Bell was the inspiration for what fictional character?
Sherlock Holmes
What was the main occupation of Jules Leotard, who popularized the one-piece body garment in the 1850s?
Trapeze artist
What make of car was modified to become the Batmobile used in the original "Batman" TV series?
Lincoln Futura
Sidereal time is measured by tracking what?
Position of stars
In the film, "The Truman Show", Jim Carrey's character is trying to escape from what fictional home town?
Who was the first African-American mayor of Chicago?
Harold Washington
Which of the following came from the Greek word meaning "longhaired"?
In 1999, what American pop singer released an album with a 90 word title?
Fiona Apple
What cartoonist has a species of lice named after him?
Gary Larson
The 19th-century route which the US government forced the Cherokee Nation members to travel became known as what?
Trail of Tears
Krav Maga is a martial art that was developed in what country?
Which of the following dances was once believed to be a cure for spider bites?
Mathias Rust served 432 days in prison for landing his single engine plane on May 28, 1987 at what site?
Red Square
Which of the following celebrities is not a twin?
Kevin Costner
When asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, what explorer said, Because it's there"?
George Mallory
What river is the home of the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric project in history?
What government agency is primarily responsible for tracking down counterfeiters?
Secret Service
On the scale developed by UFO expert J. Allen Hynek, what *is* a close encounter of the third kind?
Extraterrestrial sighting
According to folklore, the Flying Dutchman is what kind of ghost?
What band is named for a method of teaching music using body movement?
In the classic 1954 film "THEM!", what creatures terrorize towns in the US Southwest?
Giant ants
In 1790, who conducted the first census in the United States?
US Marshals
What civil rights activist popularized the phrase "black power" in a 1966 speech?
Stokely Carmichael
What singer is known for "The Click Song" which featured the vocal clicks of her native language?
Miriam Makeba
Which of these characters is still alive at the end of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet"?
In 1997, the national organization "Students Against Drunk Driving" changed the last two words of its name to what?
Destructive Decisions
Who is the only author to win the Pulitzer Prize in both the fiction and nonfiction categories?
Norman Mailer
In 1984, who won the first-ever women's Olympic marathon?
Joan Benoit
What gorilla was the first to be taught sign language by Dr. Francine "Penny" Patterson in 1972?
What color is the painting that is the central focus of the Tony Award-winning play "Art"?
A person with horripilation has what covering his skin?
Goose bumps
What African-American public figure was once a musical performer who went by the name Calypso Gene?"
Louis Farrakhan
What explorer named the Pacific Ocean the "Pacific Ocean"?
In the Archibald William's 19th century painting "The Spirit of '76", what is the man with a bandaged head doing?
Playing a fife
In addition to writing the James Bond series, Ian Fleming wrote which children's book?
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
In 2000, 90-year-old "Granny D" finished walking across the US and was later arrested twice, for what cause?
Campaign finance reform
What female singer has had the most #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?
Mariah Carey
Immediately after Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, who declared himself "in charge of the White House"?
Alexander Haig
Which US President was born with the name Leslie King, Jr.?
Gerald Ford
The word "reptile" comes from a Latin word for what?
To creep
Where was "Lord of the Dance" star Michael Flatley born and raised?
On Christopher Columbus' 1492 journey to America, which ship did not safely return to Spain?
Santa Maria
Where would you most likely find the safety feature known as "Botts dots"?
According to legend, who is the biological father of King Arthur?
Uther Pendragon
The creator of what comic book series paid $3 million for Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball of the 1998 season?
Which of these animals uses the backs of its eyeballs to help push food down its throat?
The Kyoto Protocol, signed by over 100 countries in 1997, addresses what problem?
Global warming
Which of the following women reigned as Queen of France and then Queen of England?
Eleanor of Aquitaine
The largest area of tropical rain forest in the world is located in what country?
Whose mural, for the RCA Building in New York City was destroyed because it portrayed the Russian leader Viladimir Lenin?
Diego Rivera
The Vespa motor scooter takes its name from the Italian word for what animal?
What poisonous element, used to make felt hats, most likely led to the phrase "mad as a hatter"?
In the title of Philip Glass's 1976 opera, what 20th century icon is "on the Beach"?

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