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CONSTANT bubbling in the water seal chamber of a closed chest drainage system indicates
an air leak which needs immediate intervention
A collection of air in the pleural space r/t an open chest wound or rupture of a vesicle on the lung surface
Common types of pneumothorax are
open, closed, and tension.
INTERMITTENT bubbling in the water seal chamber of a closed chest drainage system indicates
yellow sclera is an early sign of
common bile duct obstruction causes
circumoral pallor is a sign of
black tarry stools are a sign of
bleed high in the GI tract
fundus palpable at umbilicus when
1 hour postpartum
10 days postpartum, where will the fundus be palpable
population with highest incidence of esophageal cancer
black males
narcotic w/d s/sx
rhinorrhea, dilated pupils, abd cramps
sedative w/d s/sx
increased motor activity and tachycardia
alcohol w/d s/sx
n/v, sweating, tremors
ect - electroconvulsive tx is used primarily in what disease
acute depression
common adverse effect of ect
short term memory loss x 3 months
what is Colles' fracture
fx of distal radius usu r/t fall on outstretched hand
what's siadh
syndrome of inappropriate ADH (overproduction) -> fluid retention
s/sx of hypocalcemia
parasthesias, muscle spasms, perif numbness
3 p's of dm
polyuria, polyphagia, polydipsia
s/sx of meningitis
nuchal rigidity, fever, headache
what's kernig's sign and what does it indicate?
tests for meningitis: Elicitation of resistance & hamstring pain when you extend the knee while the hip and knee are both flexed 90 degrees.
what's cullen's sign & it's indication?
periumbilical skin is bluish r/t intraperitoneal hemorrhage
what are koplik's spots & their indication?
red areas c grey/blue centers on buccal mucosa = measles
what's chvostek's sign & it's implication?
tap facial nerve below temple. twitching = hypocalcemia
implication of high serum k+
life threatening arrhythmia
what's fantasy play & who does it?
imaginary playmates by preschoolers (3 - 5). like magic
toddler's (1-3) biggest fear of hospitalization
separation from parents
s/sx of peritonitis
sharp abd pain and abd rigidity
what causes secretion of prolactin
delivery of placenta
what's the 4th stage of labor
recovery (post placental delivery)
what does PTT stand for, which drug does it eval
partial thromboplastin time; heparin
where is the urinary bladder palpable at?
either unpalpable, or 1 - 2" above symphysis pubis
what are c-section babies at risk for
respiratory distress
what's cushing's syndrome
metabolic disorder r/t chronic, excessive production of adrenocortical hormones or by prolonged high-dose glucocorticoid tx.
s/sx of cushing's syndrome
hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dusky complexion with purple striae, muscle wasting, weakness, and sudden development of fat around the face, neck, and trunk.
common side effect of cushing's syndrome
what is polyneuritis?
characteristic of guillian barre: perif nerves denenerate, causing muscle weakness c sensory loss & atrophy, & decreased or absent deep tendon reflexes.
most serious complx of polyneuritis
respiratory failure
what's considered a full term baby
38 - 42 weeks
s/sx of hemorrhage
tachycard & hypotension
clay colored stools indicates/
biliary obstruction
frank (bright red) blood in stools indicate/s
lower GI bleed
what is trousseau's sign & it's indication?
hypocalcemia; carpopedal spasm when bp cuff is higher than sbp
what's reye's syndrome
Acute encephalopathy & fatty infiltration of the internal organs following acute viral infx, or children given aspirin during flu or chickenpox
bacteria's that cause meningitis
Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, or Escherichia coli.
what's a catecholamine
compounds with a sympathomimetic action. Some are produced by the body and function as key neurologic chemicals. Others are synthesized as drugs for use in the treatment of such disorders as asthma, shock, and heart failure.
what are the actions of narcotics (6)
reduce pain perception. induce mental changes. promote deep sleep. depress respirations. constrict pupils. decrese GI motility.
what is ulcerative colitis
colon is ulcerated chronically and recurrently. abd cramping. rectal bleeding. diarrhea c blood, pus, mucus.
what is tb
An acute or chronic infection from exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis or another strain of mycobacteria characterized by pulmonary infiltrates and formation of granulomas with caseation, fibrosis, and cavitation.
what's racemic epinephrine
adrenergic for croup to reduce inflam/edema of peri trach tissue
Of or relating to blockade of the impulses of parasympathetic or other cholinergic nerve fibers
normal wbc count
4 - 10k microliters
what is cardiac output
cardiac output
The volume of blood ejected by the heart per minute (normally ranging from 4 to 8 L). Cardiac output equals the stroke volume (the difference between end-diastolic volume and end-systolic volume) multiplied by the heart rate.
what does tachycardia indicate
decreased cardiac output
when is contact isolation used
gi infx, diarrhea, wound infections, draining abscesses
abbreviation for both eyes
abbreviation for both ears
respiratory acidosis
Caused by reduced alveolar ventilation; is marked by increased partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide, excess carbonic acid, and increased plasma hydrogen-ion concentration. Hypoventilation inhibits the excretion of carbon dioxide, which consequently produces excessive carbonic acid and thus lowers blood pH.
respiratory alkalosis
Caused by both respiratory and nonrespiratory factors, this condition is marked by decreased partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide, decreased hydrogen-ion concentration, and increased blood pH. Extreme anxiety can precipitate hyperventilation associated with respiratory alkalosis.
metabolic acidosis
A condition resulting from excessive accumulation of acid or depletion of bicarbonate
bandage technique for joints
figure 8
f to c
c = (f - 32)/ 1.8
sq guage
25 -27

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