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What is included in the PNS?
Somatic NS-sends/receives messages and voluntary movement. Autonomic NS-digest,hr, breathing, homeo.
How is the ANS broken down into?
Sympathetic NS-fight or flight
Parasympathetic NS-energy conserving-relaxed
How does biofeedback work?
It helps increase the parasympathetic NS or decrease the sympathetic arousal.
What does the CNS consist of?
Spinal Cord and Brain (1)Cerebrum=Cerebral Cortex and Subcortical Brain, (2)Cerebellum and (3) Brainstem
Where do afferent neurons go?
To the brain
Where do efferent neurons go?
Away from the brain
Name the parts of the spinal cord
C-1 to C-7 Cervical
T-1 to T-12 Thoracic
L1 to L4 Lumbar
S1 Sacral
Damage to C1 to C5 causes a person to be
a quadraplegic
Damage at C6 to C7 causes
a paraplegic
What happens if an injury is at T1 or down?
A man is paralyzed from the waist down, how does this affect him sexually?
He can attain an erection, but may or may not be able to ejaculate.
What fxs does the left hemisphere have?
97% rational, analytical, logical and abstract.
What fxs does the right hemisphere have?
Perceptual, visual spatial, artistic, muscial, inituition and possibly emotion.
What is Gerstmann' symdrome?
Lesions of the dom. parietal lobe =results in agraphia, acalculia, rt/left disorient and finger agnosia.
What does the subcortical consist of?
Thalamus, hypothal, pituitary and limbic system (hypothal, amygdala, septum, parts of thal, parts of frontal and temp lobe.

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