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mpcs science final


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violent storms generally form along a
cold front
(true/false)sedimentary rock can be formed from changes in igneous rock, but igneous rock cannot be formed from changes in sedimentary
most opiticals telescopes used by professional astronemers are housed in ????
any object that orbits eart is a ????
using old materials to make nwe materials
expleain why inexhaustible and renewable resources are used less than non renewable resources.
You can only use renewables at certain places and times while nonrenewable you can use it everywhere
detrial rocks are named according to
the size and shape of the sediments
materials of low mass are fused together to form a substabce of higher mass during _____________
magma that cools below earth's surface forms _____________ rock
intrusive igneous
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) wind
energy source produced from atomic reactions
dense, dark, colored igneous rocks
large enough amount of a mineral that can be mined at a profit
(true/false) in a network concept map of the race for space, sputnick would be listed under the US space program
false (former soviet union program)
(true/false) nonfoliated rocks have very narrow layering
magma that reached the earths surface and flows from volcanoes
as a part of _________________ john glenn became the first american to orbit earth
project mercurt
amount or moisture in air compared to amount need for saturation at a given temp
relative humidity
igenous rocks formed on or near earths surface
reflecting and _________________ telescopes are two types or optical telescopes
model that illustrates the processes that create and change rocks
rock cycle
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) uranium
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) gneiss
a goal of _________________ was to have two spacecraft that glide back to earth after it leaves orbit
project gemini
energy from the sun
when air holds all the water vapor it possibly can, we says its _____________
stable molecules that contain carbon and are formed below sea level under low temperature and high pressures are called _____________
methane hydrates
a large number of windmills generating electricy
wind farm
when water droplets form around dust particles and become heave enough to fall out of the clouds, we have _____________
a rock is _____________
a mixture of minerals, organic matter, volcanis glass, or other materials
compare and contrast refracting and reflecting telescopes
they are both opticial telescopes except reflecting telescope uses concave mirrors while refracting telescopes uses convex
list four forms of precipitation
rain, snow, sleet, hail
what is the relationship between high relatice humidity and a feeling of discomfort in the summer?
you feel hot and sticky in the summer because of the humidty
line connecting points of equal temperature
boundary formed etween two colliding air masses
what kind of data are used to make weather maps and forecast? how are these data colected?
the data used are temperature, wind speed, cloud type, air pressure,and humidty. they use a thermometer, weather ballon, or barometers to gather the data.
a violent, whirling wind that moves in a narrow path over land is _____________
a tornado
most abundunt fossil fuel in the world
forms in gaseous state under similar conditions as oil
natural gas
the space shuttle discoery (artificial or natural satellite)
thick, puffy clouds are called _____________ clouds
the removal of coal that is not close to earths surface through a horizontal opening in the side of a hill or mountain is called _____________
drift mining
the highest clouds are known as _____________
_____________ is a chemical process that removes unwanted elements from the metal being processed
sputnick (artificial or natural satellite)
describe the difference between solid propellant and liquid propellant porckets.
solid can be restared after being shut down while liquid propellant cannot.
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) obsidian
temp. at which air is saturated and condesation beings
dew point
oil, natural fas, coal
fossil fuels
the hubble telescope is an example of a ______________________ telescope
how are thunderstorms and tornadoes related
tornadoes form from the rotating comuns of air formed during thunderstorms
line connecting points of equal atmostpheric pressure
optical telescopes that use concave mirrors to focus light from objects are _________________
reflection telescopes
if you were shown one photograph of pumice and one of grantite, how could you distinguish between the two rocks?
pumice is lighter than granite
violent, whirling assoicaited with thunderstorms
resources used faster than earth can replace them
type of mine that uses a horizontal opening in a hill or mountain
drift mining
severe stoem froms over tropical ocenas
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) wood
the voyagers were _________________ that traveld beyond our solar system
space probes
the moon orbiting earth is an example of an _________________ satelite
lightning results from _____________
the buildup of positive and negative electrical charges in clouds
coal, oil, and natural gas that formed from decaying plants and other organisms over millions of years are called
fossil fuels
high, white feathery clouds associated with fair weather are _____________ clouds
sedimentary rocks are usually classified as _____________
detrial, chemical, or organic
explain some disadvantages of using nuclear energy
it uses uranium 235 which is non rennewable and it lets our a radioactive chemicals
rocks formed by changes in heat and presure of hot, watery fluids
scientist use _________________ to study radio waves traveling through space
radio telescopes
rocks formed from molten material
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) granite
a mixture of minerals, organic matter, volcanic glass, or other materials
lava that cools quickly forms _____________ rock
extrusive igneous
process by which large sediments are glued together by dissolved minerals to form rock
metamorphic rocks can be formed from all of the following except _____________ (the formation of minerals from solutions; the presence of hot watery liquids; temperature; pressure)
the formation of minerals from solutions
the space probe _________________ was launched in october 1997 to study saturn
what is the difference between isobars and isotherms.
isotherm means connecting places of eual temperature while isobar means connecting places of equal pressure
_____________ is an example of inexhaustible energy
wind energy
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) water
a _____________________ telescope uses concave mirrors to focus llight
what is cementation?
process by which large sediments are glued together by dissolved minerals to form rock
a gas formed along with oil
natrual gas
the _________________ is a reusuable spacecraft that glides back to earth after it leaves orbit
space shuttle
name some materials you can recycle.
soda cans, plastic bottles, drink bottles
low, layered gray clouds that produce drizzle are _____________ clouds
stratus cloud that forms near the ground
rocks formed from sediments
high pressure aid usually means good weather because
the airs sinking motion makes it difficult for air to rise and clouds to form
energy from hot magma
waste rock that must be removed before a mineral can be used is called _____________
quartz is a mineral; granite is a _____________
the rock cycle indicates that each type of rock can (provide materials to make other rocks; form other types or rocks; be changed by natural processes; all of the above)
all of the above
person who studies weather
the process involved in the rock cycle include all the following except (condensation; weathering; erosion; compaction)
large body or air with the same properties as the surface over which it develops
air mass
the moon (artificial or natural satellite)
millions of frops of water suspended in the sky
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) limestone
_______________ telescopes allow us to study the visible light readiated by starts
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) hot magma
marine organisms that decay to make oil and natural gas
(true/false)metamorphic rocks can form from igneous but not from sedimentary
_____________ humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor that air is holding compared to the amount that it can hold at a specific temperature
soft brown coal made from peat
_____________ is composed of crushed stone and gravel and sand and has many uses in the building industry
a _____________ forecasts the weather using data collected from many sources
light colored igneous rocks with a lower density than balsaltic rocks
the crystals that form in slowly cooling magma are generally _____________
in an outline of the american space programs, john glenn orbitiing earth would be listed under which space project.
project mercury
an air mass that forms off the southeast coast of the Us is _____________
warm, moist
the _________________ is arrangement of electromagnetic waves according to wavelengths
electromagetic spectrum
where does the rock cycle begin?
there is no beginning
as a part of _________________________ neil armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon
project apollo
foliated rocks are distinguished by _____________
great masses of air molecules pushing doen from above
air pressure
space stations are ______________
how are orbital space stations useful?
it allows ud to take more pictures of different objects. it makes space travel more effecient so we dont have to use as much fuel
igneous rocks formed below earths surface
detrial rocks are
made of fragments of other rocks
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) rock salt
why does dew form on grass in the early morning?
It forms at night, when air reaches dew point, so the water condenses and collects on the ground.
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) sandstone
____________________ was the first stage in the space program designed to send americans to the moon
project mercury
metamorphic rocks that dont have layers
a cosmonaut spent 438 days living and working in the _________________ mir
space station
(true/false) in an events chain concept map of the race to the moon, project gemini would follow project mercury.
bits of weatherd rock, minerals , grains, plants, and animals, that have been eroded
what was the final stage of the space program to reach the moon ????
project apollo
weather information collected by meteorologist at specific locations
station model
air holding all the moisture it can at a particular temperature
relative humidity
can you study visible light using a radio telescope? explain.
no because the radio telescope transforms visible light into radio waves
(type the name of energy type that is created from each of the following) sun
the path of a satellite around earth is called its ????
electricity produces by waterpower
hydroelecricity power
layerd metamorphic rocks
energy from burning wood, alcohol, or garbade
a classification of metamorphic rocks would include wheter that are
foliated or nonfoliated
shoud the goevernment of the united stated continue to finance the space shuttle program? why or why not?
no the govt. should not continue because they could use the money on more important things.
sedimentary rocks are
formed from already existing rocks that are weathered and eroded
the changes that take place in the rock cycle _____________
never create nor destory matter
an _____________ is a large body of air that has the same properties as earths surface over which it develops.
air mass
if air containing moisture is cooled, the temp. at which the air is saturated and condestaion forms is known as the _____________
dew point
_____________ are compounds containing hydrogen and carbon atoms
an __________________ satellite is one that is built and launched by humans
present state of the atmosphere
process by which sediments are pressed together to form rock
thick, black liquid
andesetic rocks ave mineral composition between those of _____________ and basaltic rocks
one place where _____________ systems form is along fronts
low pressure
skylab (artificial or natural satellite)
earth (artificial or natural satellite)
pumice, obsidian, and scoria are kinds of
volcanic glass
raindrops that pass through a layer of freezing air near the ground become_____________
_________________ are motors that dont require air to burn furl
biomass energy is derived from burning organic material such as wood, garbade, and _____________
a line that connects points of equal temperature is an _____________
includes rain, sleet, snow, and hail
(igneous, metarmorphic, sedimentary) slate

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