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Integumentary System


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The secretion of sebum is influenced by the ___ system.
Soft and hard Keratin form the __ ___.
Hair shaft
The arteries in the skin divide into a network of branches called ___ ___
Rete Cutaneum
What are the accessory structures?
Nails, Glands, Hair
Second Degree involves the __ to varying degrees and ___ form
Dermis, Blisters
____ of the glands leads to the secretion of excess sebum and the formation of __ __ __.
Hyperactivity, blackheads, acne, boils
___ Lubricates the surface of the skin to keep it from drying, and keeps hair soft and prevents it from drying
The Epidermis recieves its nourishment from ____ located in Dermal layer.
The ___ ___ form a network of small branches in the upper layer of the ___
lymphatic vessels, dermis
____ sweat glands are located all over the body and the ducts open onto the skin's suface through ___
Eccrine, pores
The dermis is located ___ to the epidermis and is composed of __ ___ ___ tissue
posterior, loose fibrous connective
First Degree burn involves only the ___
_____ is the process by which older cells move upward, become flat, and die, transforming into __ __
Keratinization, Keratin scales
Sebum has limited ___ and ___ properties.
antifungal, antibacterial
The wall of the hair follicle is compose of what three sheaths.
Connective tissue, external root, internal root
How are Apocrine glands activated?
Stress, exercise, emotional stress
What are the two types of skin characterized by the thickness.
Thick, Thin
_____ glands are a tubular gland with a coiled base and a ___ for the transport of sweat to the skin's surface.
Sudoriferous, duct
The cutaneous senses are ___, ___, ___, and ___
pressure, pain, warmth, cold
The choice of suture is __-___ due to slow healing time
The purpose of hair includes keeping ___ and ___ out of eyes, catches dust and debries in the ___,preventing the escape of ___ from the head, and ___ the head during cold weather.
dust, debris, nose, heat, insulates
The subcutaneous tissue layer consists of ___ ___ ___ tissue and ___ tissue
loose areolar connective, adipose
____ glands are located in the auditory canal and secrete ___
Ceruminous, cerumen
Third Degree Burn involves the ___, ___, and the upper portion of the ___
Epidermis, Dermis, Subq
What cells are mobile phagocytic cells that phagocytize bacteria that enter through breaks in the skin and attack ____ cells
Langerhan cells, cancerous
Heat is lost from the body through three methods
Radiation, conduction, and convection.
Nails are composed of hard ___. The visible potion of the nail is called the ___.
Keratin, body
The subq layer does not tolerate suturing well due to ___ ___ ____
weak tensile strenght
_____ cells are dendritic cells that are formed in the bone ____ and are located throughout the ____
Langerhan, marrow, epidermis
The thickness of the dermis ___ and is less ___
decreases, elastic
Skin heals slowly, and thus, slowly regains ___ ___
Tensile Strength
What are the two types of sweat glands
eccrine and apocrine
Rete Cutaneum travel into the ___, further divide, and terminate in the ___ layers of the dermis.
Dermis, superior
____ sweat glands are located in the axillary and genital regions and are larger than the ___ glands.
Apocrine, eccrine
The purpose of the ____ layer is to connect the dermis to the body's structures, provide ___ from the cold, protect and cushion internal organs and store ___..
Subq, insulation, fat
Healing that is delayed closure, initail healing by second intention and then primary closure.
Third Intention
____ is the muation that causes nonproduction of ____
Albinism, melanin
____ decreases in number causing wounds to heal slower
Hair follicles are invaginations of the ____, and the follicles lie in the ___ layer.
epidermis, Subq
The coiled base is located just below the ___ in the ___ layer.
dermis, subq
The Skin consists of what two layers?
Epidermis, Dermis
The ___ in the subq layer ___, leading to sagging and wrinkling of the skin
fat. decreases
Age spots appear due to the oxidation of __, in the _____ cells of the apoccrine and eccrine sweat glands
fats, secretory
The portion beneath the body is called the nail ___ and the white crescent is called ___.
matrix, lunula
What are the three categories of cutaneous receptors
Thermoreceptors, nociceptors, mechanoreceptors
What is the Largest Organ of the body?
The melanocytes are located in the stratum _____, which secrete ___ that are responsible for skin color, and freckles
Germanitive, melanin
The dermis is divided into what two sections?
Reticular and papillary
healing occurs by granulation and wound is left open to heal from bottom up and wound closes by ___
Second Intention, contraction
Fourth Degree involves the __, ___, and bone. Reffered to as ___ burn
muscles, tendons, char
The needle of choice is ____ cutting and ___ cutting since tissue is tough
conventional, reverse
wound heals from side to side with no infection present
First intention
___ protects the skin from the UV __ of the sun
Melanin, rays
The nerves of the skin travel from the deep layer of the ___ to the upper layers to from a ___ ___
dermis, mesh network
____ glands secrete sebum. The largest sebaceous glands are the ___ glands
Sebaceous, Meibomian

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