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cp history final 2006


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Robert Fulton
invented steamboat
fugitive slave act
crime to help a runaway slave
members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
eli whitney
invented cotton gin
seneca falls convention
1st national women's rights convention; site where the declaration of sentiments was written
corrupt bargain
when henry clay was lost in the election of 1824, he backed john quincy adams bc he thought andrew jackson was unqualified for president. when adams won the election, he named clay secratary of state
AJ's opposition to B.U.S
he said it was a dangerous monopoly that benefited rich investors at the expense of the poor, the honest, and the industrious. he said that such a privileged group should not be allowed to control the nations money.
early labor unions
groups that fought for the interest of laborers (strikes)
american temperance union
tried to persuade others to limit alocohol consumption; they argued that excessive drinking led to many other social problems such as criminal behavior, family violence, and poverty; many people of this group were women
tariff act of 1816
placed a 25% duty on most imported factory goods; proposed by clay as a protective tariff for the american manufacturers
ideas of andrew jackson
rotation of office (periodic replacement of officeholders); indian removal act (providing relocation of Indian tribes living east of the mississippi river to indian territory in present-day oklahoma); pet banks (state banks that he selected bc they were loyal to the democratic party); shutting down the national bank of the us; spoil system (fired enemys and hired friends)
tariff of "abominations"
a tariff passed by congress in 1828 that doubled the rates set in 1816 for certain imports
panic of 1837
jackson killed the bank and used his pet banks; they all issued their own banknotes, often in amounts far exceeding what they could back up with gold or silver; inflation occured; specie circular (july 1836-instructed the treasury to accept only specie as payment for public land so land sales plunged); great britain had it's own financial problems at home so british investors alos pulled their money out of the us
dorothea dix
extremely effective female reformer; religious teacher; argued that mentally ill people need rehabilitation (treatment to restore them to a useful and productive place in soceity)
issues of the election of 1844
western expansion and texas annexation
southern argument for slavery
they said slavery was the only way to ensure adequate supply of field-workers for southern cash crops; they said it helped slaves by providing care in sickness and old age as well as clothing food and shelter
european immigrants settled here
irish - crowded city slums; german - east coast or small towns and rural areas in illinois missouri ohio pensylvania texas wisconsin and other places
cumberland road
became known as the National Road; began being constructed in 1811; by 1818 it reached from cumberland maryland across the mountains into the western territories as far as present-day wheeling, west virginia and later extended to vandalia, illinois
reasons whey polk was elected president
he wanted to annex texas; 54 40 or fight
loyalty to a particular part of the country
nat turner
led a violent slave uprising in southampton county, virginia; believed that God had chosen him to free the slaves; him an a small band of followers killed turner's owner and about 60 other whites in the area; during the 2 month period of searching for turner, the white state militia and local whites killed 100 slaves; he was hanged
election of 1828
john quincy adams vs. andrew jackson; jackson got support from farmers workers and frontier settlers and became known as the democratic party
worcester v. georgia
supreme court ruling that limited sate power over the cherokee nation and said that the fed. gov't should protect the cherokee from state gov'ts that were trying to take their land; ignored by president andrew jackson and the state of georgia
direct result of the tx rev.
tx petitioned the us congress for annexation in 1837
immediate cause of the mx war
polk wanted the rio grande as mx's northern border (north of nueces river by 100 miles which mx saw as the dividing line btwn mx and tx; he sent gen. zachary taylor to disputed territory; mx troops crossed rio grande and attacked a us patrol officer; polk declared war
cotton gin
invented by eli whitney in 1793 to seperate short-staple cotton from bolls
gadsden purchase
us purchase of land from mx that included the shouthern arts of present day arizona and new mx
manifest destiny
belief of many americans in the mid 1800s that God intended the US to expand westwar
anaconda plan
union plan during the vicil war for a naval blockade; compared to an anaconda snake
in pennsylvania; site where conf. troops led by lee began to assemble and organize a raiding party; battle of gettysburg; pickett's charge; gettysburg address
compulsory draft into military service
pop. sov.
practice of allowing voters in a territory to decide whether to permit slavery there
uncle tom's cabin
by harriet beecher stowe; talked about how bad slavery is; reactions: northerners loved it southerners hated it
clara barton
nurse in the union army; ministered to the wounded on the battlefield
underground railroad
network of abolitionists who helped slaves escape to the north and canada; started by harriet tubman
kansas-nebraska act
law that created the territories of kansas and nebraska and allowed pop. sov.
people against slavery

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