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Mount Olive 8th grade Social Studies Semester Exam Study Guide


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Which slave had never been taught to read or write but spoke with wit and wisdom?
Sojourner Truth
Who wrote "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?"
Washington Irving
What was Stephen A. Douglas' position on slavery?
Popular sovereighnty
Who was the largest group of whites in the South?
Who was the first white abolitionist to call for the "immediate and complete emancipation" of slaves?
William Lloyd Garrison
What Supreme Court case divided the nation?
Dred Scott Decision
Who was the first African American woman to receive a bachelor's degree?
Mary Jane Patterson
Which national leader tried to resolve sectional disputes through compromise?
Henry Clay
What was the main topic of the Lincoln-Douglas debates?
Which part of cities did most factory workers live in?
What was the network of escape routes for enslaved people known as?
Underground Railroad
What was the first state to grant women the right to vote?
What shortage would cause devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War?
What did enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act lead to?
more anger in the North.
What is a strike?
Workers staged these to put pressure on employers.
Why did slaves need an extended family?
Their families could be sold.
Thirty years after the first census, what was the population of the U.S.?
10 million people
What was the first territory/state to shed blooody in a civil war over slavery?
What does "technology" mean?
Application of Scientific discoveries to practical use
The second largest group of immigrants to arrive in America between 1820 and 1860 were from where?
Who were transcendentalists?
Margaret Fuller, Ralph Waldo Emerson
What organizations did workers form with other workers of the same skills?
trade unions
How did Southerners justify secession?
States rights
How did pioneers usually migrate west (with whom)?
With family
Where was the first women's rights convention ehld?
Seneca Falls, NY
What group of Southerners measured their wealth partly be the number of slaves they owned?
Plantation owners
Which senator from Kentucky tried to save the Union by proposing a last-minute compromise?
John Crittenden
Which man invented the sewing maching?
Elias Howe
What crop transformed the stagnant economy of the South into a prosperous, robust economy?
What man's mill launched the factory system?
Francis Cabot Lowell
The revolution that changed the way people worked was called the?
Industrial Revolution
How far west did the National Road go?
Vandalia, Illinois
What four men were presidential candidates in 1860?
Bell, Breckenridge, Douglas, Lincoln
What was the Fugitive Slave Act?
Said runaway slaves must be caught & returned or $1,000. fine or prison
Women fighting to end slavery recognized with own bondage and formed what movement?
Feminists movement
Most enslaved people on plantations worked as?
field hands.
What book did Harriet Beecher Stowe write?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
What agreement provided for disarmament along the Canadian border?
Rush-Bagot Treaty
Which presidential candidate's name did not appear on most ballots in the South?
By 1860 a network of what united the Midwest and the East?
Railroad tracks
What was the "king" crop of the South?
What was the first college for African Americans?
Ashmum Institute
What large group of Southerners owned small farms of about 50 to 200 acres?
What codes made it a crime to teach slaves to read or write?
Slave code
What did Henry Clay's compromise become known as?
Missiori Compromise
Who won the election in 1860?
Where did the Industrial Revolution first appear?
Great Britain
In What region in America did the Industrial Revolution first happen?
New England
What wave of religious fervor stirred the nation in the early 1800's?
Second Great Awakening
What caused people from Ireland to immigrate to the U.S.?

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