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Civil War and Reconstruction 9th Grade


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Who was credited with writing the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
This document was written to clearly define and describe to King George III his ills against the colonies and the colonists?
The Declaration of Independence
The ability to publish a newspaper that criticizes the government is a Core Democratic Value that is protected by which of the following below:
Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
This body is responsible to deciding whether or not a law is Constitutional?
Supreme Court
Who is responsible for electing the president?
Electoral College
Period after the Civil War where the north helped the south back into the Union?
economy based on manufacturing/factories/and production of finished goods?
Industrial Economy
Movement to end Slavery?
secret network established to help slaves to freedom in the north and on to Canada?
Underground Railroad
secret society established after the Civil war to keep African Americans from gaining equal rights?
an individual who takes a risk in business to make a profit

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