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It was designed and built to calculate artillery firing tables for the U.S. Army's Ballistics Research Laboratory and was used to calculate problems for H-bomb development., 1st electronic digital computer
supply side economics
believed economy was weak because taxes were too high
put students to work improving low income housing, teaching children to read, and cleaning up the environment
bob geldof
to help starving people in ethiopia this irish rocker organized musicians in england to present "band-aid" concerts in 1984
hillary rodham clinton
an unprecedented role for a first lady ,developed a plan that guaranteed health benefits for all americans
brady bill
imposed a waiting period before people could buy hand guns, also required a criminal record check
young, urban professionals who wore ostentatious gear such Rolex watches or BMW cars. They came to symbolize the increased pursuit of wealth and materialism of Americans in the 1980s.
use of violence by nongovernmental groups against civilians to achieve a political goal
global warming
an increase in average world temperature
Bush v. Gore
a United States Supreme Court case heard on December 11, 2000. In a per curiam opinion, by a vote of 7-2, the Court held that the Florida Supreme Court's scheme for recounting ballots was unconstitutional, and by a vote of 5-4, the Court held that no alternative scheme could be established within the time limits established by Florida Legislature.[1]. The per curiam opinion was argued on the basis of Equal Protection.[2]
George W. Bush
operation desert storm
the code name given to the first U.S.-led war against Iraq in the Persian Gulf on January 17, 1991.
Saddam Husein
1990; decided to assert Iraqi power by invading oil rich kuwait
world trade center
Once an icon for the global economy in New York, became a target for terrorism in 1993 and 2001; al Queda was solely responsible for the 9-11 attacks
rust belt
region had more unemployed people than any other , and its cities were often congested and polluted
stonewall riot
marked beginning of a gay activist movement
mothers against drunk driving, founded to look for effective solutions to underage drinking and drunk driving
ronald reagan
believed the key to restoring the economy and overcoming porblems in society was to get Americans to believe in themselves again
integrated circuit
a complete electronic circuit on a single chip of silicon
recruited muslims and channeled money and arms to the Afghan resistance
Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States (1946-)
william f. buckley
founded a new conservative magazine called National Review. This magazine helped to revive conservative ideas in the U.S.
geraldine ferraro
In 1984 she was the first woman to appear on a major-party presidential ticket. She was a congresswoman running for Vice President with Walter Modale
robert bork
appointed by Reagan in 1987 to be on the seat of the Supreme Court. There were many Anti-Robert Bork groups. People for the American Way made commercials to get people to call Supreme Court and deny him as judge of the Supreme Court
Watson & Crick
deciphered the structure of DNA
walter mondale
He was the vice president of Carter and when he won the democratic nomination he was defeated by a landslide by Reagan. He was the first presidential candidate to have a woman vice president, Geraldine Ferraro.
dayton accords
peace agreement Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia
managing of biologicals systems to improve human life
apple produced a new model featuring a simplified operating system using on-screen graphic symbols called icons
is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. Promotes smooth and free trade
do their jobs via computer with out having to go to the office
billy graham
Famous evangelical who used the new medium of television, the first televangelist
human genome project
recording the DNA sequence of the human species
family medical leave act
gave workers up to 12 weeks per yr of unpaid family leave for the or adoption of a child or for the illness of a a family memeber
A trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico that encourages free trade between these North American countries.
larry king live
some guy
mikhail gorbachev
became leader of the soviet union and agreed to resume arms control talks: believed that the soviet union had to reform its economic system or it would collapse
strategic defense
the effort to develop missiles and others devices that could shoot down nuclear missiles
james watt
secretary of the Interior, increased the amount of public land corporations could use for oil drilling, mining, and logging
believed inflation was caused by too much money in circulation
barry goldwater
republican who ran against President Johnson
john hinckley
He tried to assasinate Reagan in 1981
moral majority
using television and mail campaigns, built up a network of ministers to register new votes who backed conservatives candidates and issues
combined on a single chip several integrated circuits containing both memory and computing functions
evangelical ministers to reach a large nationwide audience
boris yeltsin
President of the Russian Republic in 1991. Helped end the USSR and force Gorbachev to resign.
believe that the governemtn should regulate economy
weakens the immune system, lowering resistance to illnesses such as pneumonia and several types of cancer,deadly epidemic in 1981
Chlorofluorocarbons from air conditioners and refrigerators that destroy the ozone layer
first 24 hour all news station in the nation, Cable News Network
welfare reform act
limited people to no more than two consecutive years on welfare and required them to work to recieve welfare benefits
personal computer, IBM introduced its own compact machine
STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty. A treaty between the US and Russia with the goal of reducing "strategic arms," or weapons of mass destruction.
contract with america
program proposed 10 major changes, including lower taxes,welfare reform, tougher anticrime laws and term limits for members of Congress and a balanced buidget amendment
osama bin laden
Arab terrorist who established al-Qaeda (born in 1957)
strategic defense initiative, called for the development of weapons that could intercept and destroy incoming missiles
middle east
George H.W. Bush
41st president
attempt to create a pacific trade community to rival european union
budget deficit
amount by which expenditures exceed income
encouraged federal reserve to keep interest rates high and asked congress to pass a massive tax cut
bill gates
the guy who created microsoft, designed PC software
let computer users post and recieve information and communicate with each other
proposition 13
a referendum on the state ballot that greatly reduced property taxes
oliver north
This marine officer became a celebrity as a result of his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair
ross perot
blunt, forthright Texas billionaire who became an independent candidate by tapping popular resentment of the federal bureaucracy and by promising tough, uncompromising leadership to deal with the fiscal crisis and other problems of government. At some times he led both Bush and Clinton in public opinion polls; won 19 percent of the popular vote in the election.
A set of electronic instructions that tell the computer what to do
first video aracade game released in 1972
grassroots movement
a political movement beginning with the people-i.e. ideas of an issue that the people came up with, put perot on the ballot in all 50 states
sally ride
first american woman in space
have a fundamental ditrust of the power of governement, particularly the federal government
iran-contra scandal
officials secretly sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the realease of American hostages being held in the middle east
jerry yang
cofunder of Yahoo along with David Filo
Sandra Day O Conner
first woman on the supreme court
childrens health insurance program
plan to provide health insurance for children whose parents who could not afford it
USS Cole
a United States destroyer
william rehnquist
Nominated by Reagan in an attempt to push the Supreme Court in a more conservative direction

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