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Politics 5


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Who was Admiral Mike Boorda?
Chief of Naval Operations, the highest ranking man in the Navy
What was the problem with Admiral Boorda's ribbons?
He may have been wearing an award for valor that he did not earn, although the Navy policy is not clear.
What happened when Boorda was told that an article was being written about him?
He shot himself, again showing the power of the media.
The average adult or child watches how much TV a day?
three hours
What is the most important media for politics?
TV is the most important
How do newspapers compete with TV for retaining readers?
By providing more thorough and thoughtful coverage
What is threatening the hold of TV over the provision of news to people?
The Internet, which can respond even more quickly than TV to events
What was the largest media merger in history?
AOL and Time-Warner
What is the threat to democracy from the concentration of the media in a few companies?
Loss of diversity and the ability of one company, or a few, to influence the whole country
Why was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 not reported extensively in the media?
It gave them billions of dollars worth of free access to frequencies for free, a fact they didn't want discussed in public, so most didn't report it
What factor often impedes TV stations from doing indepth stories as newspapers usually do?
The news department in a TV station is expected to make a profit like other shows, and can't spend a lot of money on investigation (there are some obvious exceptions, this applies to general news shows)
What is Atomization of the Media?
Despite the media mergers, many media outlets such as local cable companies are catering to small groups, and will encourage diversity
What are the two major trends in the media?
concentration through mergers opposed by atomization, giant companies vs small, local stations
What is a major problem with Internet news?
Any idiot can post anything he wants on the Internet. Note the case where Pierre Salinger reported that a TWA flight that had crashed was shot down by a Navy missile, a story made up by a pilot on the Internet
What are two aspects of the relationship between the media and politics?
Symbiotic, they need each other, but also adversarial, they fight all the time
What are tactics used by politicians in the symbiotic relation with the media?
Interviews, "Leaks", Press conferences, and "Media events"
What are Media Events?
Staged spectacles for TV that combine photo opportunities with a policy statement, usually set up to show support for the policy being discussed
What is the average "sound bite" of a political speech?
Under 10 seconds
What may happen when a politican praises a reporter for a story?
Others will see the reporter as being "taken in" by the politician
How did George W Bush change the relationship with the media?
He pulled back from the heavy involvement of Reagan and Clinton, although he has been more visible since 9/11
How is media coverage of the Supreme Court different than its coverage of the President and Congress?
They usually focus on laws or decisions, not on the judges themselves
What is a major sign of media bias?
They report much more negative news about politicians than positive news
What is "Commercial Bias" in the media?
They often deliberately print or broadcast what advertisers want
Why do TV stations often play down stories about blacks or minorities?
Commercial bias. Most middle-class whites don't want to see shows about lower classes or minorities, so the advertisers won't reach as many people
Why did the media play up the anthrax scare?
To make the audience fear, so they would watch more to find out what they needed to do, which made the advertisers happy. Another case of commercial bias
What is "Game Organization" in the media?
The idea that politicians, especially, are in it to win for their side. It lets the stations portray clear sides, even when there aren't any. This argues against showing compromise
What is media malaise?
Feeling by the public of cynicism and distrust against the media
What is the Arab version of CNN?
Al-Jazeera, a network based in Qatar that reports from the Arab viewpoint. It has a major influence in the middle east, and may or may not be biased, or just reporting public (Arab) opinion.

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