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Ch. 11 Olfaction


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must dissolve in mucus if they are to bind to specific chemoreceptors and be smelled.
olfactory epithelium
supporting cells
basal cells
olfactory receptor cells
olfactory receptor cells
the neurons that respond to olfactory stimuli, are replaced continuously throughout life by development of the basal cells.
supporting cells
provide structural support to the epithelium and secrete mucus
olfactory bulb.
Axons of olfactory receptor cells enter the CNS through holes in the __________ plate of the skull and terminate in the _________ _____.
olfactory receptor cells
The ___________ __________ _____ have cilia that project down into the mucus lining the nasal cavity. The _____ contain receptors that bind w/ specific odorant molecules.
olfactory binding proteins
which carry an odorant molecule to the receptor on the cilia, similar to the way that carrier proteins in the blood transport steroid hormones. Initaites signal transduction
Axons of the receptor cells, which together consititute the olfactory nerve, form synapses w/ mitral cells in _________ of the olfactory bulb.
mitral cells
______ ____ transmit info along two pathways, one terminating in the olfactory cortex and the other in the limbic system.

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