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2nd bio exam


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sex differences between mammalian phalluses
dimorphic differences
sex differences between testes and ovaries
dichotomous differences
where many components of the human male reproductive system are derived from
Wolffian Ducts
where many components of human femal reproductive system are derived from
Mullerian Ducts
XXY chromosomal abnormality
Klinefelter's syndrome
Protandry and protogyny are classified as
sequential hermaphroditism
In wolf spiders the female is attracted to the hair on the males legs, this is an example of
sign stimuli
suicidal mating behavior is found in RED BACK SPIDER is a way to prolong its
sperm transfer
Sexual imprinting is demonstrated by the courtship of
attributing human motivation, intention, and values to other biological organisms and inanimate objects
sexual dimorphism of the horns of male ibexes is an example of
sexual selection
ruby throated humming birds fight off any intruders that invade their...
females choose a good looking partner with...
healthy mates and good genes
greater speared bats use this
female defense polygyny
the sea louse uses this kind of polygyny strategy
resource defense
these birds build elaborate displays to attract females
bower birds
giant clams are known to be hermaphrodites, the release
sperm and eggs
amphibian that lays eggs on land
South American rain frog
example of monotreme
kangaroos belong to this group
marsupial mammals
Antartic emperor penguins provide _______ for their young
Paternal and Maternal
Cooperative breeding is found in...
Florida scrub Jay
European Common Cuckoos practice
brood parasitism
they lay eggs directly into living organisms to provide nutritional resources for the young
cabbage white caterpillar wasp
Flatworms use a rudimentary nervous system in order for them to hunt...
Simple nerve network in used to coordinate movements of the...
moon jellies
For vampire bats to survive they must practice...
reciprocal altruism
ability to guide by the sun in foraging is found in...
honey bees
habitat change and human hunting in 19th century resulted in the extinction of...
Passenger Pigeons
Sailors over the centuries were instrumental in extinction of...
Dodo, Mauritius Island Bird
XO, Infertile, Ovarian dysgenesis, Underdeveloped secondary sex characteristics
Turner's Syndrome
XXY, Infertile, no spermatogenesis, long limbed physique, late puberty, underdeveloped sex characteristics
Klinefelter's syndrome
Fertile, Tall Male
XYY Trisomy (Super Male)
Fertile TAll Female
XXX Trisomy
XY Female, mutation in testosterone receptors
Complete Androgen Intensitive Syndrome
Intersexes at birth, mutation in an adrenal enzyme-overproduction of testosterone by adrenal gland, XX Male
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Dominant is female then if that female dies then male of breeding pair will change into dominant female
young begin as small females to breed with super male, after several season they become immature male that compete to become super male when it dies
cues when presented to an animal trigger its FAP responses.
EX: Physical features/Gestures/Chemical Signals
Sign stimuli
Inner behavior mechanism that quides tha animal to perform their FAP responses
Cycle of the Seasons
Length of the day
Fluctuation of temperature
ratio of sexually receptive males to receptive females
operational sex ratio
mating with many different partners
one male and many females
one female with many males
one male takes charge of a group of females and forms a harem
female defense polygyny
males defend valuable territories and resources the females need for nutrition
resource defense polgyny
males defend a small territory that they use as a stage for performing rituals to attract females
Lek polygyny
males don't defend a territory but try to detect receptive females as soon as possible
scramble competition polygyny

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