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Military requirements for PO2&3


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Damage control is the responsibility of which personnel?
All Hands
What minimum amount of water does your body need per day?
2 quarts
You are performing scheduled maintenance on a force draft air blower. Which of the following PMS documents contains a listing of the parts, tools, and materials you will need to accomplish the task?
Maintenance Requirement Card
The general authority of a petty officer is set forth in which of the following documents?
US Navy Regulations
Conviction on a charge of sexual harrasment could result in the end of your naval career. T or F
Information reported through the MDS is used to accomplish which of the following ends?
Improved equipment design and improved logistics support
information on special qualifications such as aircrew, coxwain, and special warfare can be found in which reference?
When using Navy standard damage control symbology, a triangle over the letter C indicates which of the following situations?
Chemical decontamination underway
If you discover a leaking solvent container while inspecting your storage areas, what actions should you take?
Check for the type of sovent by reading the container label and immediately inform you supervisor of your discovery
With regard to sexual harrassment what statement holds true?
each member is responsible for his or her behavior
A total of how may injections of atropine may be injected into an individual without medical supervision?
Which award was authorized by General George Washington and was also the first decoration?
The Purple Heart
Refrigerated spaces aboard ship should only be entered for a few minutes at a time for what reason?
High levels of carbon dioxide are frequently found in any refrigerated space
What is the primary goal of Total Quality Leadership(TQL)?
increased productivity
What repair locker item contains come-alongs and chain falls?
lifting gear
Which shipboard surface should not be painted?
sliding feet of boilers, watertight door knife edges, electrical outlets and terminals
If you see another ship polluting, what action should you take?
notify the officer of the deck
Which OPNAV instruction contains detailed information on the Military Cash Awards Program?
Your responsibilities as a petty officer extend over what time period?
24 hours a day, every day
What article of the UCMJ authorized commanding officers to direct nonjudicial punishment?
What instruction gives detailed, step by step directions to evaluation writing?
Who establishes general rates, general ratings and emergency ratings?
Secretary of the Navy
Who in a repair party is thoroughly trained in shoring, welding, and pipe patching?
emergency hull repairman
When equipment deficiencies or casualties are discovered, what actions should maintenance workers immediately take?
Notify their supervisor
When you make a wrong decision, what action should you take?
accept responsibility and avoid making the same mistake again
A guide to preparing, maintaining, and submitting the ship's deck log may be found in which publicatition?
Identification data for supply items includes what reference information?
part number, superseded stock number, nomenclature designation
A complete list of all parts required to operate and maintain the equipment installed at all ship/shore activities is contained in which document?
What does the Code of Conduct direct you to do as soon as you are captured?
begin planning your escape
In a sound-powered telephone circuit with the designation X22JS1, what does the letter X indicate?
circuit is the auxillary sound-powered telephone system
What individual is responsible for rescuing personnel from damage aircraft?
crash and salvage crewman
What geneeral small arms safety precautions are applicable to all firearms?
never mix firearms with drugs and alcohol, always unload a weapon before transporting it, never point a weapon at something you do not intend to shoot
The US imports approximately what percentage of the manganese needed to make steel?
85 percent
If the barometer falls .04 inch or more in one hour, the POOW should notify who?
Category A PMS FBRs are used for what reason?
to request replacement MRCs and MIP, to report discrepancies in semiannual force revisions
Exactly how many minutes before colors is the PREPARATIVE pennant flown?
5 minutes
The term "supply control" refers to
the storage and accounting of equipment
What program was establishe to help eliminate the flow of illegal drugs and other contraband into the US?
The Military Customs Inspection Program
The shore patrol serves what function?
maintains order among military personnel on liberty, assists military personnel, apprehends deserters
Weekly updating of the Quartlerly PMS schedule is usuall the responsibility of which person?
Division Officer
Before starting any job that involves working with solvents, what precautions should be taken?
have the area checked by a gas free engineer, obtain the ventilation plan for the space
Who is the enlisted person's representative to the command for matters concerning rules, regulation, and policies?
Command Master Chief
Because of the volume of water needed to put out a large fire at sea, the fire party team must take corrective action to prevent what occurence?
excess water affectin the stability of the ship, causing it to list
What Navy program is designed to provide cradle-to-grave leadership training?
What materials can be used effectively to decontaminate water?
high-test hypochlorite
Protective masks provide protection from what environment?
known biological agents
Of all the noneffective days experience by the Navy annually, what total percentage is attributed to back injury?
What units are excepted from ships 3-M Systems reporting?
fleet ballistic missile weapons systems, Civilian maintained service craft
The US Coast Guard was first established as the United States Revenue Marine in what year?
Prior to WWII the Navy had approximately how many ratings?

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