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the Gobi Desert
Which landform separates China from its neighbors to the north?
the Exodus
Which event do Jews remember when celebrating Passover?
From an early age, Spartan boys were trained to be ...
some Greeks gave aid to other Greeks who rebelled against Persia
What caused Darius to first become angry with the Greeks?
the pharaoh who was both ruler and god
Who would people of Egypt blame if crops did not grow or if disease struck?
their rule over both Upper and Lower Egypt
The first Pharaoh and rulers after him wore a double crown to symbolize ...
The most sacred text in Judaism is the ...
??? taught that people shoudl live lives of moderation.
people who receive messages from God
The Bible traces the Hebrews back to a man named ???.
A group of zealots locked themselves in a mountain fortress called ???.
They were strong and healthy.
Spartan women also received physical training. Like the men, they learned how to run, jump, wrestle, and throw javelins. What conclusion can you draw about Spartan women?
The Hebrews' religion was called ...
strong and well organized
Which of the following best decribes the Persian army? (weak and ineffective, powerful but cowardly, brave but disloyal, strong and well organized
??? between regions increased during Shi Huangdi's rule. (trade/war)
was traded for other kinds of goods.
Some surplus food ...
??? was not a religious philosophy.
A series of plagues struck Egypt
Whihc of the following prompted the pharaoh to free the Hebrews? (The Hebrews received the Ten Commandments from God./The Hebrew population grew rapidly in Egypt./Moses demanded freedom for the Hebrews./A series of plagues struck Egypt.)
moderate and reasonable
Which of teh following best summarizes Liu Bang's approach to ruling China?(weak and ineffective/harsh and overly strict/moderate and reasonable/undisciplined and unfair)
To escape slavery, Moses led the Hebrews out of ...
a surplus of 200 bushels
You are a farmer in ancient Mesopotamia and you grow 500 bushels a year. Your family uses 300 bushels a year. What do you hvae?
What job employed the most people in Egypt?
"rule of the people"
What does democaracy mean?
a volcanic eruption ruined their cities
led to the end of the Minoan civilization
cedar wood
the resource for which Phoenicia was well known was ...
Greek painters created detailed scenes in red and black on ???.
He created a strong government with strict laws.
Which of teh following shows that Shi Huangdi was a follower of Legalism? (He provided landowners with more land for farming./He encouraged people to always act decently./He insisted that teh Chinese people respect nature./He created a strong government with strict laws.)
he got sick in Babylon
Alexander died at the age of 33 after ...
Despite the growth of cities, Mesopotamian society was still based on ???.
Which of the following was not part of Alexander's empire? (Egypt, Syria, Macedonia, Rome)
the Jews there took their own lives
How did the event at Masada end?
he wanted the city to reflect the glory of the empire
Whay did Darius fill Persia's capital city with gold, silver, and beautiful artwork?
The city-state of ??? rose to power after the death of Sargon I.
All people should live in harmony with nature.
Which of teh following statements best summarizes the philosophy of Daoism? (All people should be allowed to own property./All people should follow the rules of society./All people shoudl live in an ethical manner./All people should live in harmony with nature.)
Which Greek hero has been the subject of dozens of films?
be worshipped and pleased
One characteristic that Sumerians believed their gods possessed was a need to...
The first Persian invasion of Greece failed when the Greeks won the Battle of ???.
The ??? tells the story of teh last years of the Trojan War.
Many of the geometry rules from the writings of ??? are still used today.
Sargon I
The army of ??? defeated all the city-states of Sumer and conquered northern Mesopotamia.
At what age were Spartan men done serving in the army?
it was divided into three kingdoms
What happened to Alexander's empire after he died?
the Assyrians conquered the Jews
Which event took place before the Babylonian Captivity?
the Greeks did not unite to fight Philip
What allowed Philip of Macedonia to easily conquer the Greeks?
Wives should obey their husbands.
Which of the following guidelines of Confucius might be objected to today? (Fathers shoudl display high moral values./Wives shoudl obey their husbands./Children should respect their parents./Family members shoudl be loyal to each other.)
the Hebrews' departure from Egypt
Which of these best summarizes the Exodus? (the scattering of Jews outside of Canaan/the conflict between the Hebrews and Romans/the journey Abraham took to Mesopotamia/the Hebrews' departure from Egypt)
farmland was fertile and water was nearby
Crops grew well in Mesopotamia because...
purchase people's loyalty and support
The Zhou leaders granted land in return for loyalty, military support, and other services. This system was essentially a way to ...
Alexander's empire will grow even larger
Which of the following predictions would most likely be true if Alexander had not died at a young age? (Alexander will give back all of his conquered lands, the Persians will find a way to defeat Alexander, Alexander's empire will grow even larger, the Greeks will anoint Alexander to be their king)
the Hittites
The first group to rule after Hammurabi was ...
Egyptians believed the dead enjoyed such materials in the afterlife.
Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry, and other treasures?
The decline of the Han government ??? the spread of Buddhism. (helped/slowed)
Yom Kippur
according to the Jews it is the most holy day of the year
Shi Huangdi, Liu Bang, Wudi
What is the correct order of emperors in China?
According to the Zhou kings, what gave them the power to lead?
After he died, Alexander was buried in ???.
Who became king of the Israelites after David?
Sargon I
He was among the first leaders to have a permanent army. This text refers to...
The Assyrian capital was named
the Minoans
built an advanced society on the island of Crete
In 480 BC, ??? tried to conquer Greece again.
Sumerians believed that the ??? could bring a good harvest or a terrible flood.
The Parthenon is a famous Greek ...
Branches of the Nile fanned out to form a ???, a triangle-shaped area of soil deposited by a river.
Huang He
The ??? is sometimes called "China's sorrow."
In Mesopotamia, people called the ??? developed the world's first civilization.
The cataracts helped keep the Kush safe from Egypt
Why might a Kushite king be grateful for teh cataracts located on the Nile?
the Tigris River and the Euphrates River
Which two land features gave Mesopotamia its name?
Democracy in Greece started in the city of ???.
A king known as ??? became a legendary figure in Sumerian literature.
Sumerian city centers were dominated by ???.
a small city-state
Which of the following best defines a polis? (a marketplace where goods were traded, a high holl on which a fortress was often built, a period of great achievements, a small city-state
Rosetta Stone
The ??? helped historians understand hieroglyphics.
Egyptians believed that a person's ??? left the body and became a spirit after death.
people who could read and write were important.
Scribes had power in Sumerian society. What can you conclude from this?
Canals are made by people. Rivers are natural.
What is the difference between canals and rivers?
After the son of cyrus the Great died, ??? seized power.
Mosaic laws guide Jews' daily lives
How are Mosaic laws different from the Ten Commandments?
a government in which only a few people have power is called ...
One improvement that Darius made to the Persian Empire was the creation of ???.
The Minoans and the ??? helped shape later Greek cultures.
The spread of ??? culture brought Greek customs to new parts of the world.
Which holiday celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple?
to protect inhabitants of the city-state from attack
What purpose did the wall around a city serve?
Under David, Israel's new capital became ...
believing in only one god
What does monotheism mean?
??? would be considered more honorable in the Han period (selling lamps/farming).
??? wrote and copied religious and literary texts.
King Tutankhamen
Whose tomb, discovered in 1922, taught us much about Egyptian burial practices and beliefs?
using the human mind to think and understand
Greek philosophers believed that one thing was more important than anything else if life. What was it?
became farmers and grew food for the wealthy
In Athens, most of the boys from poor families...
Accoding to the Zhou, ??? gave power to the leader.
develop a writing system
The Shang were the first people in China to ...
Yu the Great
Which leader founded the Xia Dynasty? (Chou Li, Xia Shang, Huang-He, Yu the Great)
series of rulers from the same family
Which of the following best defines dynasty? (a collection of queens/a collection of kingdoms/eries of rulers from different families/series of rulers from the same family
Sparta became the most powerful city-state in Greece
What was the result of the Peloponnesian War?
The ??? captured Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon's temple in 586 BC.
to protect the nation
Why did Shi Huangdi have the Great Wall of China built?
royal tombs with four triangle-shaped sides that meet in a point on top
Pyramids are
They benefited from the trade networks.
A trade network is a system of people in different lands who trade goods back and forth. What conclusion can you draw about the people who participated in trade networks?
The Phoenicians
Which people grew more powerful due to trade rather than from winning battles?
Philip was Alexander's father
What was the relationship between Philip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great?
many English words and expressions come from Greek mythology
Which of the following shows that Greeks strongly influences our language? (English words are spelled using the Greek rules of spelling, the English language is based on teh letters of the Greek alphabet, the English language was first spoken in ancient Greece, many English words and expressions come from Greek mythology
The ancient Greeks believed that their ??? caused events like thunder and earthquakes.
The lords' loyalty to the Zhou king lessened.
Whihc of the following took place first (The era called the Warring States period began,/The lords' loyalty to the Zhou king lessened./The lords began to ignore the commands of the king./The Zhou lost a battle against foreign invaders.)
The Shang period influenced ??? in China today.
Before becoming king, David lived in the ???, gathering support.
iron weapons and chariots
What technology did the Hittites and Assyrians use in battle?
China became unified under Qin rule.
WHich of teh following best explains how Qin rule affected China? (China had more problems under QIn rule./China became unified under Qin rule./China had more poverty under Qin rule./China became divided under Qin rule.)
A Jewish house of worship
in geographical terms, the land of Greece is a large ...
mosaic laws
The ??? govern how Jewish people pray and celebrate holidays.
built up Babylon
Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar both
The form of government in which all citizens can participate directly in the government is called ??? democracy.
Cyrus the Great is considered the founder of the ??? Empire.
making Persia's empire strong
Make an inference:As ruler of Persia, what do you think Darius was most interested in doing? (developing a powerful army, defeating the Greeks in battle, building many roads in Persia, making Persia's empire strong
Which of the following groups did not control the Israelites? (Romans/Canaanites/Chaldeans/Persians)
people began to grow crops in the rich soil.
Flooded rivers in China left silt deposits. What happened as a result of this?
She was the first woman to rule Kush.
What was significant about Queen Shanakhdakheto?
the most famous Daoist teacher
Wha was Laozi?
the arts
Athenians believed that studying ??? made people better citizens.

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