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Unification of Spain
Who:Isabella and Ferdinand What:Isabella and Ferdinand married When:1469 Where:Spain Why:Wedding united Spain and their children's weddings helped strengthen Spain against France
Who:followers of Petrach What:studied Latin text on Rhetoric, poetry, ethics, history, grammar When:1300-1375 Where:Italy
Linear Perspective
Who:Lorenzo Ghiberti What:use of geometrical principlesto depict a 3D space on a flat 2D surface When:1425 Where:Italy Why:new style broke away from gothic style
Andreas Vesalius
What:Wrote "On The Fabric of the Human Body" When:1514-1564 Where:Italy Why:encouraged dissection and medical examination of the human body
Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca)
Who:Francesco Petrarca What:wrote letters to Cicero and other important ancients When:1300-1400 Where:Italy Why:letters transformed ancients from godlike historical figures by revealing human qualities and faults of each "the critical perspective"
Leonardo da Vinci
What:painted figures that appeared to interact with one another When:1450-1520 Where:Italy Why:painted Last Supper and the Mona Lisa
Rule of Cosimo de' Medici
Who: Italians what: controlled the Florentine republic during the Medicean Age When:1389-1464 Where: Florence Why:he was the greatest patron during the early renaissance
Michelangelo's David
Who:Michelangelo What:sculpture of King David When:1500 Where:Italy Why:sculpted the ideal human body, not just image of nature but improving it
Isabella d'Este
What:the ideal princess known during her time as "the first lady of the world" Marchioness of Mantua When:1474-1539 Where:Italy Why:She ruled mantua by herself and had an exeptional education, influence, and reputation for her time
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (aka Charles I of Spain)
Who:grandson of Isabella and Ferdinand What:Holy Roman emperor king of castil and aragon and emperor of the Indies When: 1500 Where:Spain Why:ruler with the greatest accumulation of territories since Charlemagne
JohannGutenburg begins printing books
Wo:Johann Gutenburg What:invented the movable metal type When:1398-1468 Where:Germany and Italy Why:caused Italy to become publishing center of Europe
Louis XI of France
Who:"Spider king" What:wanted to consolidate his power over the great nobles When:1460-1480 Where:France Why:One of the most successful kings of France in uniting the country
Who:Italians What:Private justice, revenge carried out by male relatives When: 1300-1500 Where:Italy Why:spread violence, disorder, strong family feuds
Lorenze Valla
What:follower of Petrarch When:1400 Where:Italy Why: Proved that the Donation of Constantine was a forgery
The Prince
Who:Machiaville What:Political treatise told how to be a powerful prince When:1500 Where:Italy Why:Said a prince could be cruel if it was in the best interest for the kingdom
Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges
Who:King Charles VII What:Document requiring a rengeral church council and elections instead of appointments When:1438 Where:France Why:gave council authority superior to pope decreasing the power of papacy
Frederico II da Montefeltro
What:favored prince of Italy and mercenary Duke of Urbino When:1422-1482 Where:Italy Why:he built a palace which is the best example of Renaissance architecture; gave Urbino cultural importance
Marsilus of Padua
Who: Italians What: wrote The Defender of the Peace When: 1270-1342 Where: Italy Why: introduced the theory of republicanism
Four Books on the Family
Who:Battista Alberti What:wrote the Four Books on the Family When:1430 Where:Italy Why:gave the theory that husbands ruled giving social order even though reality often opposed this theory
Leonardo Bruni
What:Chancellor of Florence When:1370-1440 Where:Italy Why:called for active service to your city over monastic seclusion
Who:the Camerata What:cont. music to accompany a full drama When:1550-1700 Where:Italy Why:First complete multi=media art form. Became popular entertainment
Who:Mosaccio What:wroked in fresco and invented a painting technique called Chiaroscuro "light and shade" When:1401 Where:Italy Why:placed both ideal and natural aspects in his work
Baldesar Castiglione
What:wrote the Book of the Courtier When-1480-1530 Where:Italy Why:the book gave guidelines on how courtiers should behave. In many languages so anyone could speak like an aristocrat
Who:Venetians What:nobility who was elected to a political job for life When:1300-1800 Where:Venice Why:the position helped keep political power for those already in power
Expulsion of Jews from Spain
Who:Isabella and Ferdinand What:required Jews to leave or convert w/in 6 months When:1492 Where: Spain Why:Cause Spanish Inquisition to prove sincerity of conversions and caused Chris Columbus to find the Americas expanding the lands of Spain
Pope Alexander VI
What:tried to regain control of the Papal State WHen:1500 Where:Italy Why:hurt the reputation of the papacy

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