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describe epicureanism
founded by epicurus- enjoy life to the fullest
what were the muses?
daughters of zeus, inspiration, museum named after them
what is an oligarchy?
ruled by a small group of wealthy, able citizens
what is an epic?
a long, narrative poem
what were classical greek contributions?
architecture, sculpture, painting, drama, medicine, sports, history, philosophy
what does oddyssey mean?
long journey that never ends
what did thucydides do?
he had the first unbiased history (pelopponesian war)
who was the parthenon built and named for?
what is an archipelago?
a chain of islands
what is the name for one who doesn't participate in government?
In athens, who were people who couldn't vote?
(noncitizens) women, children, slaves, foreigners, and citizens without voting rights
what is greek tragedy and comedy?
tragedy- sad, serious story about a tragic hero whose tragic flaw causes his downfall comedy- slapstick situations, sometimes makes fun of important people
what is neoclassical?
a greco-roman blend
what is an acropolis?
a fortified hill where people meet
what does parthenos mean?
what does polis mean?
what were the chorus?
sang or chanted comments to action
who was oedipus and what is the oedipus complex?
oedipus was the guy who accidentaly killed his father and married his mother, gouged his eyes out- the oedipus complex is the idea that all kids subconciously want their parent of the opposite sex and want to kill the parent of the same sex
what does orchestra mean?
what were the main focuses in athens and sparta?
athens- body and mind is important encouraged involvement in interest sparta- preparation for war
what is a trireme?
very fast, mauverable, and expensive ships designed to ram other ships and sink them
what was formed at the end of the persian wars? what ended up happening as a result?
the delian league- alliance against persia, athenian pericles- treasurer ended up using the $ for athens, caused peloponnesian war
who was thespis?
earliest recorded playwright
what was the 3rd step in athenian democracy? (include ruler)
Cleisthenes organized citizens into ten groups based on where they lived, allowed all citizens to submit laws, created the Council of 500 which proposed laws and counseled the assembly (members were chosen at random)
explain the first battle of the persian war
battle of marathon- athenian victory- gave athens a lot of confidence- used hoplites and phalanx
what does arete mean?
virtue, excellence
what kind of government did sparta have?
totalitarian oligarchy
what is satire? what governments can it be used in?
irony, humor, makes fun of important people- only in democracy
who was aristotle's teacher?
what was aristotle's method called?
what were the greek people other than traders?
artists, architects, herders
what was different about the city states?(language, sports, government or religion)
what were pericles' 3 goals for athens?
democracy, empire, glory for athens
what was the second step of athenian democracy (include ruler)?
Solon said that no citizen should own another citizen and outlawed debt slavery, organized athenians into 4 classes based on wealth- only top 3 classes could hold office but all ca participate in assembly, any citizen can bring charges against wrongdoers
who was sappho?
a female poet
who was Heroditus and what was he called?
he was the first to collect research (persian war) he was called the father of history
what is a hoplite?
a soldier with heavy armor that only the rich could afford
what was the most plain type of column? the most decorative?
plain- doric decorative- corinthian
describe stoicism
founded by zeno- calmly accept what life brings
who was philip II?
alexanders father, took over greece after pelopponesian war
what was classical greek sculpture like?
symmetrical, idealistic, perfect, well toned and balanced, in motion, serene expression
what was the sequel to the iliad?
the oddyssey
what is hubris?
excessive pride
describe cynicism
founded by diogenes of sinope- return to nature, indifference to power, wealth, and government
what did aristotle do in science?
classified animals, scientific method
what was catharsis?
release of emotional tension of audience
what is philosophy?
friend of wisdom
explain the 2nd battle of the persian wars
thermopalye- sparta guarded mountain pass, fought even though they were very outnumbered, all died but bought athens time to plan
what is koine?
the hellenistic language
what did socrates do?
he told people to question themselves and others
explain the 3rd battle of the persian wars
sacrificed athens to be burned, battle in the water btwn athens and the island of salamis
what is an agora?
the public square or market where men meet to discuss
who was the modern medical ethical oath named for?
what did the persian wars lead to?
athenian golden age
what is phalanx?
a stlye of arm to arm fighting, like a wall of soldiers
who was plato's teacher?
what seas surround greece?
ionian, aegean, and mediteranean
what is the godess of victory?
what was the first step of athenian democracy? (include ruler)
Draco said that all athenians (rich & poor) were = under the law, harsh punishments, almost all punishments- death
what was the type of column on the parthenon?
what did aristotle do?
he came up with a way of arguing using logic
who was pericles?
the guy who led athens, stole $ from delian league, hubris
what was the protagonist? antagonist?
p= good guy a=bad guy
the effect of the land, sea and climate on greek developement
THE LAND- not much farming, trade, seperate loyalty to seperate city-states THE SEA- water trade THE CLIMATE- outdoor greek life
who was alexander the great's teacher?
whose face was the face that launched a thousand ships? what story is this from? what was the story about?
Helen, iliad, how Helen ran off with the prince of troy causing the trojan war
what were the 3 types of columns?
doric, ionic, and corinthian
what is an aristocracy?
ruled by nobility, rule is hereditary (royal blood)
what did plato do?
he wrote the republic- his view of an ideal society, one without democracy, three classes, and a philosopher king
what was hellenism?
a blend of greek, egyptian, indian, and persian cultures
who was themistocles?
leader of athens during persian wars, thought that triremes would win the war, it worked

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