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Music Basic Guide p.33-37

The Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Periods


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The middle movement was usually ______
Located in the throat, at the top of the respiratory system
Music Scholars
Generally view the baroque era as beginning with the works of Claudio Monteverdi
Ludwig van Beethoven
His death ended the Classical Period
One of the most notable features of baroque era music
A genre in which a story was told in a dramatic way through vocal and instrumental music
Developed from the late Baroque orchestra
A popular technique in the church
Pieces with contrasting textures
The Enlightenment
Supported the virtues of the common person
Franz Liszt
A Hungarian composer who wrote many nationalistic pieces during the Romantic era
Tells a story vocally with an orchestra, the story is told in a Biblical nature
Exotic sounds
Some composers incorporated______ _________ they had heard while visiting faraway places, like Africa or the Orient
Operas of Classical Age
Featured plots centered on the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome
Witnessed a rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization during the Romantic era
The Classical Period
This period lasted from 1750-1827 CE
Program Music
Music that describes a nonmusical subject, like a story, object, or scene, through the use of musical effects
Haydn, Mozart, and Mannheim
Experimented with a fourth movement to the symphony during the mid and late eighteenth century
The Romantic Period
This period lasted from 1820-1910 CE
Peter Illich Tchaikovsky
Russian composer who wrote ballet scores, including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker
Music of the Romantic era
Came to reflect social and political themes
Refers to ancient Greek and Roman cultures
Large Churches
Hired composers to write music for their services and other church events
Wrote his only opera that had a plot that involved the freeing of a man ho was wrongfully oppressed
Johann Bach
Wrote choral and keyboard music, including over 600 pieces of organ
Term used in reference to art and architecture, and was used in a negative sense to describe art
Evolved around the string family
Operas of Romantic Era
Had plots based on medievil history or legends
Classical Music
Referres specifically to the music of composers working from 1750-1827
Word Painting
Model for the melody that expresses the text musically
The Baroque Period
This period lasted from 1600-1750 CE
An important characteristic of much of the Romantic era music
Musical stories with dancers
The first and third movements were usually _______
Romantic Composers
Focused on fantasy, imagination, and emotion
Franz Joseph Hadyn
Wrote more than one hundred symphonies and is often called "father of the symphony"
During the Romantic era, the Catholic Church witnessed a______
Nationalistic Composers
The focus of composers from Russia, Europe, and America
Aristrocatic Families
Often hired a court composer to write music for their social events
Renaissance Composers
Composers that favored music that embodied the principles of clarity, proportion, and unity

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