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Georg Haendel (George Handel)
-places in life
-how young
-wrote what type of music
-famous pieces
-how much music
-how cataloged
-born in DL
-child prodigy at 7 on organ
-went to hamburg
-italy at 20 yrs old
-met queen on England
-Rinaldo=1st opera
-Italian operas until banned by Vatican
-oratorios so couldn't be banned
-40 operas
Classical Period
for whom?
new style?
new instruments?
What types of music popular?
-"back to nature"
-music for ordinary people
-homophonic music
-clarinet and piano
-symphony,concerto, chamber music
Bach's 3 sons:
-nickname of one?
Carl Philipp Emanuael: piano
Wilhelm Friedeman: composer
Johann Christian:"london bach" most famous/popular of 3
Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck
-famous what?
Baroque/classical transition
opera composer
london and paris
orfeo ed euridice:opera
Three Giants?
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
Josef Haydn
-where born?
-what period
-did when young
-worked for later
Hungarian/Austrian border
Father of Symphony
classical period
Boys choir in Vienna
Esterhazy family
josef Haydn #2
-how many what?
-religious or not?
-after family work made what?
-created special piece for country
-2 well known pieces...
-taught who?
-104 symphonies
-very religious-->masses too
-london symphonies
-Austrian Nat'l Anthem->became german
-Creation and Seasons Oratorio
Josef Haydn #3
-disbanded orchestra...did what?
-how catalouged
-died where?
-farewell symphony after Prince had to disband orchestra
-HOB verzeichnis : Hoboken
-died in Vienna
-born where?
-when? period?
-1st opera when?
-religous or not?
-fav instruments?
-member of what group?
-good what? bad what? (related)
-how died
-famous pieces, what kind?
-Salzburg Austria
-1756-1791 classical
-12 years old
-not religious
-clarinet, french horn
-freemasons in vienna
-bad librettos, good operas
-died poor
-KV (Koeochel Verzeichnis)
-Don Giovanni, Figaros Wedding, Magic Flute-->operas
Romantic Period
-new type of music
-popular instrument
-new songs
-changed from classical
-program music
-folksong, artsong, song cycle
-only meaning in songs changes
1.program music
3.artsong-->german and french
1.writing music for a story, combining music with poetry
2.songs of the people passed through generations
3.poem into music. German=Lied
song cycle
gorup of art songs w/ same/shared story line
Franz Schubert
-what period?
-characteristics of life?
-how many of what?
-afternoons of he and friend playing his music?
-poorest of all composers
-never famous during life
-600 art songs, 9 symphonies
-By Deutsch--> D.612
Robert Schumann
-from where?
-what period?
-studied what, where, w/ who?
-stopped playing why?
-famous song cycle
-how many of what?
-married who?
-piano in Leipzig w/ Wieck
-broke fingers w/ stretcher
-4 symphonies,1 piano concerto,
-clara wieck
Johannes Brahms
-what period
-knew who
-spent life with who?
-how much of what?
-Hamburg Germany
-met Schumanns
-stayed with clara until she died
-4 symphonies, 2 piano concertos for clara
Brahms #2
-famous piece
-didn't do what?
-how catagorized?
-Funeral Requiem-->Brahms Deutsches Requiem
-no opera
-no catagory
Felix Mendelssohn

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