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A Beka English 10-2


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What is a tragedy?
It is a type of drama that generally deals with the serious, the sad, and the catastrophic aspects of life and usually ends unhappily; tragic events have great significance; tragic characters are usually important figures such as kings or rulers in their most exalted moments; tragic themes deal with the universal questions of life, such as the nature of justice or the destiny of man.
What is the falling action in a play?
It is all the events from the turning point on.
What are the two types of drama?
They are tragedy and comedy?
What is an exodos?
It is a final piece that the chorus recites as they leave the theater, after the last episode(a scene separated by choral odes).
What is a prologue?
It introduces the play; it gives the introductory background or exposition.
What is a soliloquy?
It is a speeck by one character alone.
What is a tragic hero?
It is an exceptional character, though not perfect, who undergoes a morally significant struggle which ends disastrously.
What is an auditorium?
One of the three main parts of the Greek theater, where the audience sat.
What sequence does the dramatic structure of a
five-act play generally have?
exposition(or introduction), rising action, turning point(or crisis), falling action, and catastrophe(or denouement[da' noo-maw']).
What is the rising action in a play?
It consists of all the events that advance and complicate the action until it mounts up to the turning point.
What are the three parts odes are made up of?
They are the strophe, antistrophe, and the epode.
What does the expositon do in a play?
It introduces the characters and conflict and provides the necessary background.
What is a parados?
or choral entry ode; It is the song delivered as the chorus enters the orchestra.
What is a comedy?
A play that ends happily, unlike a tragedy; comic events are the trivial and everyday details of life; comic characters are not exalted but are people of lesser importance than their tragic counterparts; comic themes deal with man's imperfections, vices, and weaknesses.
What is Drama?
It is a form of literature written in prose or poetry or a combination of the two which relies on action to portray life or character; It tells a story by actions and dialogue.
What is a plot?
It is the arrangement of events.
What are episodes?
They are scenes separated by choral odes.
What is the turning point or crisis in a play?
It is where the action changes it course.
What is a skene?
One of the three main parts of the Greek theater, which was for changing costumes and housing the scenery.
What is an antagonist?
an opponent; he is in conflict with the protagonist or hero.
What is an antistrophe?
It is the second part of the odes, which is recited as the chorus turns and moves in the opposite direction.
What is an epode?
It is the third and final part of the odes which is delivered when the chorus is stationary.
What are characters?
They are the persons who perform the action.
What is dialogue?
It refers to the speeches between two or more characters, or all the speeches of the play taken collectively.
What is an orchestra?
One of the three main parts of the Greek theater, which acted as the stage; (in center of which was an altar to Dionysus [the Greek god of wine and fertility]).
What is a tragic flaw?
It is a weakness or defect which along with fate helps to bring about his (the hero's) downfall.
What is a chorus?
It is a group of dancers and singers that was used to comment upon the action of the play.
What is a strophe?
The first part of the odes, which is recited as the chorus moves in one direction across the stage.
What is the Sphinx?
It is a half-lion, half-woman monster who plagued the city of Thebes; It is a monster in the play, Oedipus the King, which was written by Sophocles, the Greek dramatist.
What is the catastrophe(in tragedy) or denouement(in comedy) in a play?
It is the final outcome or resolution where all the loose ends are tied up, which is led up to by the falling action.
What is an aside?
It is a convention(big meeting, mainly political) in which a character either directly addresses the audience or another character to comment on the action.
What is action?
It refers to the actual movements and speech of characters performing or "acting out" situations on the stage; it involves the whole pattern of events telling the story.
What are the three main parts of the Greek theater?
They are the auditorium, orchestra, and the skene.
What is a protagonist?
a hero.
What are stage diractions?
They aid in producing the play and help the reader visualize the setting of scenes by giving details of time, place, and the entrances and exits of characters and other pointers.

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