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Musical Instruments


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A musician's lips vibrate when playing instruments from this family.
Brass family.
Name a percussion instrument.
drums, cymbals
These instruments produce sound from the vibration of air in a tube or pipe.
wind instruments
Name an instrument in the reed family.
clarinet, oboe, saxophone
Which bars on a xylophone make the higher sounds when struck?
the shorter ones
The violin, viola and guitar are some of the members of what musical family?
string family
Name an instrument from the brass family.
french horn, trumpet, trombone
What are some musical sounds in nature?
leaves rustle, thunder booms, waterfalls roar, dogs bark
What is a scale?
A scale is a group of notes that go up or down in pitch.
How are sounds made?
Sounds are made by rapid movements called VIBRATIONS
These instruments provide rhythm and beat by striking or shaking.
Percussion instruments
Who leads the orchestra?
Name two parts of your body that are musical instruments?
Hands, voice
The stick a conductor uses to lead the orchestra is called what?
a baton
Name a wind instrument.
flute, recorder, pan pipes

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