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American Musical Heritage


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Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key
What was unique about Amy Marcy Cheny Beach?
She was the first woman to write a mass and symphony. She was an accomplished pianist by 18 but did not publicly compose until after her husband died
What was nicknamed the "king of instruments?"
The organ
How did Stephen Foster die?
An unknown pauper
Definition of a glee
A secular, humorous song in strophic form
Why did Romantasism come naturally?
Because people were already adventurous and independent
What are three characteristics of Romantasism?
1)The unknown
3)Love of nature
What is the date of the Romantic period?
What were some differences between the Classic and Romantic period?
Classis was an age of reason, predictability, balance, and formula. Romantic was more adventurous, treated rhythm more freely, repeated lyricals etc.
When was America fairly isolated from Europe and why?
1830's because steamships were the only way to travel and they were not that safe.
What was Andrew Jacksons opinion on art?
Art for arts sake, nationalism
Who believed all children in school should have music included in their education?
Lowell Mason
Definition of minstrel show
An entertainment, popular in the 19th century, in which white men performed music and comedy in imitation of stereotypical African Americans.
Definition of fret
A strip of material attached to the fingerboard of a string instrument, allowing players to stop the strings at specific pitches
Definition of break
A dramatic, unstable, stronly rhythmic section as in a march
Who was the father of minstrlsy?
Thomas Dartmouth
Where was Stephen Foster born and what type of music did he compose?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He wrote songs like "Open thy Lattic Love" and depicted woman as ideal, silent, poised, genteel etc.
Who was the first singing family?
What was Americans first indigenious instrument and who made it?
The banjo with an added string. Joel Walker
Who are the two men associated with concert bands?
1)Patrick S. Gilmore
2)John Philip Sousa
What is a virtuosos?
A person who displays dazzling display of technique
Who was the Sweden Nightengale and what voice did she have?
Jenny Lind, soprano
Norwegian violinist and composer
Ole Bull
German, Jewish, French, and Creole pianist and composer
Louie Mareau Gottschalk
In the Romantic period what instrument was becoming dominant and over what?
The piano (pianoforte) was overtaking the harpsicord
What was the center of the music world?
Who was one of the first opera writers?
William Fry
What is a chamber orchestra or a chamber choir?
A smaller version, often only one of each voice or instrument
What to types of music is the piano?
String and percussion
Who was the founder of the Second New England School?
John Knowles Paine
What is a fugue?
A polyphonic composition in which imitative entrances of two or more voices alternate between tonic and dominant. (Originally composed for keyboard instruments, fugues now are written for other instruments and for voices as well.
What is the definition of transcription?
Taking a piece of music written for a venue, and redoing it for different venue.
What was the Wa-won press?
A press making indian music.
What is a suite
Several independent pieces grouped into unit

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