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C16: People & Empires in Americas (500-1500)


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A ceremonial feast used to display rank and prosperity in some Northwest Coast tribes of Native Americans
What is a Potlatch? p.441
An early Native American people who live in the Amerivan Southwest. They lived as cliff dwellers inhabiting mesas or shallow coves in sheer walls of canyons.
Who were the Anasazi? p. 443
Anasazi (AD 900s) lived in these villages of large, apartment-style compounds made of stone & adobes/sun-baked clay.
What is a Pueblo? p. 443.
The last Mound-Builder culture from AD 800 until arrival of Europeans; the Adena built the huge earthen mounds in Eastern Great Lakes Region as burial sites for their dead containing copper and stone artifacts
What is the Mississippian Culture? p. 443-4
A group[ of tribes who formed a political alliance to ensure protection of their tribal leaders spoke related languagess.
Who were the Iroquois? p.444
A natural object used by an individual, clan, or group to identify itself. Helped define certain behaviors
sacred relationships among groups symbolic of family.
What is a Totem? p. 445
The Maya built this cit in N. Guatemala betw. bew. AD 250 & 950. Other important sites were Copan, Palengue, Uxmal and Chichen Itza
Where is Tikal? p. 446.
A symbolic picture used as part of a writing system; carving messages in stone.
What are Glyphs? p. 448.
A book with pages that can be turned as in a modern day book; Maya used bark & paper books to record historical events.
What is a Codex? p. 448
A green/black volcanic glass found in the Valley of Mexico and used to make razor sharp weapons.
What is Obsidian? p. 453.
Means "Feathered Serpent" A God of the Toltecs and other MesoAmerican peoples.
Who was Quetzalcoatl? P.453.
An association of city-states of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan which led to the formation of the Aztec Empire.
What was the Triple Alliance?
p. 454.
In 1502, an Aztec ruler crowned Emperor who weakened the empire under his leadership due to opposition to increased tribute & sacrifices.
Who was Montezuma II?
p. 456
In AD1438, the 1st Incan Kingdom rulerwho conquered all of Peru and neighboring lands. By AD1500 included 2500 miles along west coast of S.A. called their empire "Land of the Quarters"
Who was Pachacuti?
p. 459.
An extended family group which undertook tasks too big for a single family. Ex. were bldg. irrigation canals, cutting agriculure terraces in mtns., et. al
What was the Ayllu?
p. 460.
Labor tribute the Inca demanded of their subjects.
All able-bodied citizens worked for the state a certain number of days per year. (i.e., public works projects, state farmlands or crafts work production)
What is Mita? p. 461.
A set of knotted strings used to record data; an Incan accounting device for recording numerical information.
What is Quipu?
p. 461.

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