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Native Americans


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What were some things that the Native Americans traded with the Europeans?
The Native Americans traded furs to the Europeans for cloth, guns, sugar, coffee, and iron pots and knives.
How did horses change life for the Indians?
Riding horses made it easier for Indians to hunt. It made it easier for Indians to fight their enemies. Horses allowed Indians to travel further much more quickly.
What are some animals that Europeans brought to the New World?
The Europeans brought horses, cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep.
The Plains Indians depended on what animal for food, clothing, homes, and blankets?
The buffalo was used for food, clothing, homes, tools, blankets, and many other things.
What are some of the plants that the Europeans learned about from the Indians?
The Indians introduced potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peanuts, tobacco, and chocolate made from cocoa beans to the Europeans.
Did all Indians live in teepees?
No, different tribes lived in different types of houses, depending on the natural resources found in their area. (Teepees, wigwams, chickees, longhouses, pueblos etc.)
What Indian Nation was the first to have a written language?
The Cherokee Indians.
Did all Indians live just alike?
No, the different tribes had different types of houses, clothes, languages, food, customs, and religions.
Who introduced horses to the Native Americans?
The Spanish brought horses to the New World.
What does "barter" mean?
The word "barter" means to trade.

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