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history chap6


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the system a wealthy and the smalll to a farmer in
Civil rights act
ctizenship of african Ame
15th Amendent
right to vote for all male
African american
the act of formal withdrawal form the union
gospel tradition
a unique music that combines african styles with protestant hympns
extreme allegiance to local interests
radical republicans
didns't want to forgive the confederacy
congress voted to ____- johnson
underground railroad
network for abolitionists helping AAs escape slavery by conducting them from safe house to safe house until free territory
preserve the union
all that Lincoln wanted
why did the union draft .....
unfair -pay a certain amount - dont have to be in the army
wat is the scorched earth policy
a nation burn down everyting of the enemy, behind them
black codes - how did they affect, and what are they
laws that severy restricted the rights of the newly freed AAs - excluded blacks from voting, jim crow law- literary tests, sharecropping, gerrymandering
north and south strength and weakenesses
north - had the biggest recou, factories, and technology, south - military experiencea dn skill
carpet bagger, adn were they called that
northerners who came down to the north during the reconstruction to take advantage of teh situation, very little stuff with them - carpetbaggers
dred sctodt, and why was it significant
slave as property

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