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SCMS Technology Terms


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Input device
any machine that puts information into a computer, for example, a keyboard
This stands for Central Processing Unit, the 'brains' of the computer
a network of computers belonging to a single organization.School districts and companies often have them.
A small picture that represents an object or program. Your desktop has many on it.
Compact disk - Read Only Memory.Music CDs are usually this
Uniform Resource Locator.Basically it is an address system that is used to find and track information on the Internet.
Search engine
a web-based program that allows a computer user to search for and find information on the Internet. Google is very popular, but there are many others.
File management
keeping your files in some sort of order with a good labeling system so that you can access the information effectively-an important skill for computer users
This is an old term that means to prepare a storage medium to receive data. In the "olden days," we had to format disks. It also refers to how a computer user prepares the layout of what is seen on a screen
Output device
anything that allows a user to get information out of a computer. Printers, speakers and monitors are examples

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