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CCDS Middle 8th Math Properties


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Multiplicative Identity
a x1=a, any number times one is itself, 3x1=3
Reflexive property
c=c any number equals itself 5=5
Associative property of addition
a+(b+c)=(a+b)+c the way that you group three or more numbers when adding does not change their sum 2+(3+4)=(2+3)+4
Commutative property of multiplication
a x b= b x a the order that you multiply numbers does not change the product5 x 6=6 x 5
Symmetric property
a=b, b=a if one number is equal to a second number, then the second number is equal to the first number 9=6+3, then 6+3=9
Distributive property
a(b+c)=ab+ac A property of real numbers that states that the product of the sum or difference of two numbers is the same as the sum or difference of their products. 6x(2+3)=(6x2)+(6x3)
Associative property of multiplication
a x(b x c)=(a x b)x c the way that you group three or more numbers when multiplying does not change their product4x(5x6)=(4x5)x6
Multiplicative inverse
1/a x a=1 any number times the reciprocal of itself is one 1/2x2=1`
Commutative property of addition
a+b=b+a the order that you add numbers does not change their sum 2+3=3+2
Additive inverse
a+-a=0 any number plus the opposite of itself is 0 2+-2=0

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