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Math Vocablary for Final


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perfect square
a number whose square root is an interger
surface area
the sum of the areas of all the faces of a solid figure
the measurement of the distance around a figure
a parallelogram with all sides congruent and opposite angles congruent
the average of a set of numbers
a flat surface that extends indefinitely in all directions
rational number
a number that can be written in fractional form a/b where a and b are intergers and b does not equal 0.
obtuse angle
an angle measuring greater than 90º but less than 180º
inverse relationships
opposire operations: addition and subtraction are invers relationships; multiplication and division are inverse relationships
pythagorean theorem
idea that states the sum of the squares of teh legs of a right triangle equals the sqaure of the hypotenuse
inverse property
the sum of a number anits opposite is zero. the product of a number and its recirocal is one
a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides
a solid figure having one cirvular base and a curved surface
a set of points in oder extending idefinitely in opposite directions
two rays with a common endpoint, called the vertex
irrational number
a number that cannot be expressed as a rational number in the form a/b, where b doesnt equal 0. as a decimal it is a nonrepeating, nontermination decimal
the distance around, or the perimeter of, a circle
the line segment formed by the intersection of two faces of a polyhedron
a number that tells how many times the base is to be used as a factor
the number od cubic units of space a figure contains
identity element of addition
zero is the identity element in addition because adding zero to a number does not change its value
line of symnetry
a line that divides a figure into two conguent parts
parallel lines
lines in a plane that never intersect
isosceles triangle
a triangle having two opposite sides and two opposite angles congruent
the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle
the number of square units a region contains
the answer that results from the division of the dividend by the divisor
a soild figure having two parrallel, congrunt, circular bases and a cuved surface
vertical angles
opposite angles formed by two intersecting lines
scalene triangle
a triangle with no congruent sides
a letter of the alphabet that stands for a number value in a mathematical expression or equation
the greatest factor that is common to two or more numbers
a simple closed figure with sides that are lone segments
a unit of length in the metric system that is equal to 10 meters
a comparison of two numbers by division
a prefix meanig thousand
a quadrilateral with all angles congruent and two pairs of congruent sides
composite number
a whole number greater than 1 hat has more thantwo factors
conguent figures
figues having the same size and shape
the sides make up a solid figure
to divide a segment or an angle into two congruent parts
a segment from the center of a circle to a point onthe circle
perpendicular lines
lines in a plane that intersect to form right angles
the point (0,0) in the coordinate plane where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect
identity element of multiplication
one is the identity element in multiplication because multiplying a number by 1 does not change its value
the product of a given number and any whole number
alternate interior angles
opposite angels that are inside of parallel lines
order of operations
the order in which mathematical operations must be done when more than one operation is involved
the middle number is a set os numers arraged in order. If there is an even number of entries, the edin is the average of teh two numbers in the middle
the number to be divided
a closed plae figure all of whose points are equidistant from a point within called the center
square root
a number which when multiplied by itself give the orginal number
the number that appears most frequently in a set of numbers
one of four sctions into which the coordinate plane is divided
part of a line with one endpoint
alternate exterior angles
opposite angles that are outside of parallel lines
mixed number
a number having a whole number part and a fractoin part
supplementary angle
two angles the sum of whose measures is 180
one of the two or more numbers taht are miltiplied to orm a ptoduct
the number by which the dividend is divided
the least number other than 0 that is a common multiple of two or more numbers
equilateral triangle
a triangle with three congruent sides
a numeral taht includes a decimal point, which separates the ones place from the tenths place
distributive property of multiplication over addition
the poduct of a factor times a sum can be written as teh sum of the two products
the ratio or comparison of a number to one hundred
a segment passing through the center os a circle with both endpoints on the circle
a rectangular prism with six congruent faces
prime number
a whole number greater than 1 that has only two factors
replace the variable with a nmber, then simplify
the sde opposite the right angle in a right triangle
regular polygon
a polygon having all sides and angles congruent
the given measure plus or minus the greatest possible error
names the total number of cgruent or equal parts
complementary angles
two angles the sum of whose measure is 90º

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