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Our math words

These are Math words we have learned throughout the year.


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the answer to a multiplication problem
a mathematical phrase that uses numbers and operation signs, but not equal signs
the answer to an additon problem
make a ten strategy
changing the number to a multiple of ten and adjusting the other number
Commutative Property of multiplication
the order of the factors is changed, but the product remains the same
Associative Property of multiplication
the grouping of the factors is changed, but the product remains the same
communtative property of addition
when adding, changing the order of the addends does not change the sum
a place to the left of the hundred thousands place
decimal point
a symbol used to separate dollar amounts and cents in money amounts and to separate the ones and the tenths place in a decimal
a letter or symbol that can stand for any unknown number
fact family
a set of related multiplication and division equations using the same numbers
a group of three numbers Ex. ones, thousands, and millions
associative property of addition
when adding, changin how the addends are groups does not change the sum
a known number of things that help you understand the size or amount of a different number
the answer to a division problem
a number with one or more digits to the right of the decimal point
a number
break apart strategy
break numbers apart, add ones and ten separately
front-end estimation
using only the front digits to estimate
a number sentence with an equation sign
the product of a given number and another whole number
to replace a number with another number
inverse operations
opposite operations that undo each other
Zero property of multiplication
the product of 0 and any number is 0
identity property of multiplication
the product of 1 and any number is that number
the answer to a subtraction problem
identity property of addtion
when you add zero to a number, the sum is that number

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