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Math Review Package 1


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add his and his brother's stamps
joe and his brother collect stamps. how could joe figure out how many stamps they have in total
subtract 49 from 100 and it will give him the total value, 51 tickets
chris is selling tickets. he had 100 tickets he sold 49 tickets. how can he find out how many tickets he has left
taty has $68 to spend, she bought a hat for $32 but it has 15%. how much does she have left to spent on her mom
less than 2 greater than 1
which of the following best describes the value of 3.5 x 0.5
2.5 x 3.24=
divide the 6 by the total amount of m&m
lisa has a bag of m&m she wants to share it equally between her and her friends. what can she do to make sure everyone gets the same amount
adding a family room to a house cost $125 per square ft. if u add a 120 square ft room how much would it cost
231.22 - 101.359=
3.6 inches
steve's inseam is 38.4 inches but the pant's inseam is 42 inches how many inches too long are steve's pants
what is the opposite of subtraction
what is the opposite of addition
taty deposited $630.00 in a savings account. the bnk paid her 2% interest. how much interest was taty paid
what is the opposite of division
in taty's town the sales tax is 8%. taty buys a cd player for 65.00. how much does she pay in sales tax
linda is having a garage sale. the ad in the newspaper cost 55.00. she also buys 3 signs at 6.00 each. how much does linda spend.
round to the nearest tenth 216.12 divided by 22=
50 million people visit NY but the prices for tickets have increased. so the number of people expected to visit has decreased 15%. how many people will visit
what is the opposite of multiplication
0.438 + 21=
adult tickets cost 5 dollars and 2 dollars for the children at spagetti night. the dance team sells 85 adult tickets and 51 children tickets. how much money did they raise in all.
5 x 11
each stake has 11 plates and there are 5 stacks. which expression shows the total number of plates
20 miles per gallon
mike drives 284 on a tank of gas if it takes 14.2 gallons to refuel his car how many miles did mike average on his last tank of gas
181 miles
nick is driving 412 miles from orlando to miami. he is stopping in palm beach and ft.lauderdale. palm beach is 190 miles from orlando and ft.lauderdale is 41 miles from miami. how far apart are palm beach and ft.lauderdale.

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