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Math A Flashcards


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What is a PRODUCT?
The result of numbers multiplied together.
What is the term for each number multipled together to form a PRODUCT?
What is a PRIME number?
An integer greater than 1 that is divisible only by itself and 1. e.g., 3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23...
What is the sign of the PRODUCT of a positive number multiplied by a negative number?
The sign of the PRODUCT is negative.
What is the sign of the PRODUCT of a negative number multiplied by a positive number?
The sign of the PRODUCT is positive.
What is the order of OPERATIONS of equations?
1. Operationg inside the PARENTHESES.
3. MULTIPLY or DIVIDE Left to Right.
4. ADD or SUBTRACT Left to Right.
What is the DISTRIBUTIVE property?
The DISTRIBUTIVE property links the operations of multiplication and addition so that an expression like 3(2+4) can be evaluated as follows: 3(2+4) = (3x2)+(3x4)=6+12=18
What is the ASSOCIATIVE property?
When three real numbers are added or multiplied together, it does not matter how the numbers are grouped, or associated, when performing the operation. Thus: (2+3)+4=2+(3+4)=9 and (2x3)4=2(3x4)=24
What is the CLOSURE property?
A set of numbers is closed for an arithmetic operation if the answer is always a number that belongs to the same set. e.g., adding, subtracting, or multiplying two integers always results in another integer. Dividing two integers, however, does not necessarily result in another integer, as in 3 / 4.
What is the COMMUTATIVE property?
The order in which two real numbers are added or multiplied does not matter. e.g., 2+3=3+2=5 and 2x3=3x2=6. The set of real number is not commutative for division or subtraction. e.g., 3/4 is not the same as 4/3 and 4-3 is not the same as 3-4

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