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social studies-the roaring 20's

if there is a * next to something, it means mr. maroney said 'you need to know this' during class.


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economic slump
the secret destruction of property or work interference
an activity or fashion that is taken up with great passion for a short amount of time
four million americans owed their jobs to the auto, be it directly or indirectly. suburbs were also formed as a result.
people who are against organized government
montpeliar, vermont (slides)
calvin coolidge was sworn in by his father, a native of vermont
scopes trial
trail against a school teacher in TN for teaching the theory of evolution, which was illigal and also condemned by many churches. john scopes was arrested and fined. was called the monkey trial, was the new ideas Vs. old ideas.
ford museum (slides)
model t car had a crank and people's arms got broken
kellogg-briand pact
a treaty that outlawed war
warren g. harding
the president after wilson who had the slogan of 'back to normalcy'. he made many of his friends from ohio cabinet members. they became known as the ohio gang. they saw the positions of power ways to make themselves rich, and many scandal ensued. harding died of a heart attack and left coolidge with the presidency.
calvin coolidge
was sworn in by his father in vermont.he was not talkative, and was pro-business. he forced all of the corrupt cabinet members to resign.
orange, new jersey (slides)
thomas edison made the first sound studio called a black mariah*
movie theaters were the first place to have
air conditioners
maui, hawaii (slides)
charles lindburg's grave
harding administration
had many scandals
company unions
labor organizations that were controlled by management
expelled from the country
sinclair lewis
born in sauk center and wrote mainstreet which was about small town life and how narrow-minded and dull small town people were. he also wrote babbit-which was a word for a smug businessman who wasn't interested in the arts.
call letters
to west of mississippi-k, east of missippi-start with w
zora neale hurston
writer- 'their eyes were watching god' about an african american woman's life told through flashback
perils of prosperity
production going down and people in debt, unions suffered from strikes, government quit backing unions, police went on strike in boston, businesses and corporations started forming unions
ernest hemingway
was born in chicago and was part of the lost generation. he was an expatriate and moved to paris. he wrote 'a farewell to arms' about an ambulence driver who becomes disgusted with war.wrote 'the sun also rises' about expatriate americans in europe.
red scare
foreigners tried to sabotage america, american people thought that the strikes were a revolution for communism, anarchists planned the assasinations of major american leaders
indianapolis, indiana (slides)
track called brickyard-indy 500
henry ford
brought the automobile to the u.s. he made the model t, which only came in black. he lost many customers when general motors came out with a car that came in a variety of colors and forced ford to become more flexable.
carrie nation
head of women's christian temperance union
f. scott fitzgerald
born in st.paul and wrote 'the great gatsby' which was about rich young party goers who can't find happiness.
bull market
period of increased stock trading and the rising of stock prices
womne who rebelled against traditional ways of thinking and acting
sacco & vanzetti
were charged with murder and robbery, they were found guilty by the prejudiced courts. trial showed that americans feared immigrants
people who smugged alcohol into the u.s. they were so named because they sometimes hid the alcohol in their boots.
election of 1928
herbert hoover won
also called the 'noble experiment', prohibition was the ban of making, transporting and selling of alcohol, but not drinking it.
started the movie industry
thomas edison
an african american-invented music that was born in new orleans
langston huges
an african american poet who wrote during the harlem renaissance who encouraged other blacks to be proud of their heritage and protested violence and racism.
prohibition lasted
from 1920 to 1933 *
a community located outside the city
anti-foreign feeling
marcus garvey
the 'black moses' he believed that blacks couldn't rely on white people to ensure the betterment of their lives. he started the universal negro improvement association. he also started the back to africa movement. garvey tried to make african americans proud of their roots.
scott joplin
ragtime music-movie the sting *
people who leave their country to live in a foreign land
an economic system in which all weath and property are owned by the community as a whole
fairbanks, alaska (slides)
the railroad car that warren g. harding died in
shares of ownership
jones act
granted pureto ricans american citizenship, many were poor so they moved to america
heroes of the 20's
jack dempsey (boxer), bill tilden (tennis), helen wills (tennis), bobby jones (golf), harold red grange (the galloping ghost, football). gertrude ederle- first woman to swim the english channel at age 19, babe ruth (baseball), charles lindburg (flying)
new klan
against anyone who wasn't WASP - white, anglo, saxon, protestant. supported immigration cuts, had large membership due to fear of foreigners and thus had lots of political power. membership dropped after it was found out that some of the higher-ups had been stealing money from members.
jane addams
head of women's international league for peace, she called for disarmament in the u.s and europe
installment buying
buying on credit
the charleston
a dance that was a fad in the 20's
louis armstrong
given credit for helping create jazz
alice paul
a leading sufferagette who pointed out that though women could vote, they did not have right that were equal to men's. she proposed and fought for the equal rights amendment, that stated 'equality of right under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of sex.'
eugene o'neil
playwright was known for his pessimism and tradgedy. won a nobel prize for literature in 1936.
reduction of arms and weapons of war
mempis, tennasee (slides)
house of blues-b.b. king, w.c. handy-elvis presley=sun studio-roy orbison
quota system
allowed only a certain number of people from each country to enter the united states. it favored immigrants from northern europe, particularly britain.
teapot dome scandal
a scandal that included cabinet members from the harding administration who were bribed by oil exacutives and the cabinet member albert fall leased them the land in wyoming
edna st.vincent millay
poet who's verses reflected the state of mind in the 1920's
camton, ohio (slides)
football hall of fame- duluth eskimos
harlem renaissance
a rebirth of african american culture mainly in new york,
women got the right to vote by this amandment and year
19th amendment, 1920
thomas edison
invented stock tickers
first talkie
the jazz singer-1927

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