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What were the first media's to think about globalization?
radio and Movie
email is an upgraded version of what?
the telegram
this was the first transborder media network..?
how many years did it take for sputnick to turn into HBO?
a videotape is a pre-cursor to what?
by 1990, most households had what?
digital TV
what are the two types of pple that you need when it comes to technology?
1.needed vision pple(steve jobs)

2.pple to do the work/ get it done (paul allen & bill gates)
M. McLuhan writes book about global village and medium is message, in what year..?
who had the idea of creating a "global consciousness"? this idea was like who's theory?
-steve job
-was like McCluhans theory of global village
what is said to be the famous meeting in history and why?
meeting between IBM and Microsoft b/c of the license agreement.

(they sold the software. licensed it to them and others. They wanted a commission every time an IBM computer was sold)
in what year did microsoft start to take off?
bill gates was the youngest billionaire in what year?
what were the 3 other company's that had a shot of being the leading company, instead of microsoft?
xerox, Hu Packer, ITS
1st year explorer was introduced, it had what percent of "intrests/purchasers"?
who was the person of the year in 1982? 1999?
-computer (machine of the year)

-founder of Amazon
in the video, "start up. com", what famous pple did they meet?
president clinton
who is Jeff Bezos?
he was an entrpreneur who founded

-was "Times" person of the year in 1999
what was Jeff Bezos belief behind his creation?
believed it would revolutionize book selling specifically and the world of retail more generally
in 1982, what was Times explanation to choosing the "person of the year" that they did?
it took a poll that cited nearly 80% of americans expected that home computers would be a common place as TV and dishwashers
in 1982, according to the poll, what percent of pple felt that computers would raise production & living standards? felt that it would improve quality of their childrens education?
what major event took place in 2000?
-magazine's parent company (the media conglomerate)"Time Warner" was being bought out by AOL (the largest &well-known online company)
what was said to be the first, but according to the book, is actually the second big digital media news of the year of 2000?
aol and time warner merger
according to the book, what is actually the first big digital media news of the year 2000?
the reporting of a non-event: "Armagedon" (transistion of 1999-2000...Y2K disaster)
the term Y2K is now synonymous with what, instead of what?
-the year, instead of the disaster pple pretend they never believed in
what was the significance of the Time Warner buyout?
-would create the largest conglomerate in the world

-represented a convergence between a newcomer in communications (AOL)and a a media powerhouse who was well established in traditional forms of media such as mags., books, etc...(time warner)
who is steve case?
founded AOL in 1985
-bought largest media conglomerate in the world for 165 billion dollars
what is considered the complex global network?
-first string of DNA for internet was the telegraph
*evolution of internet

-telegragh-telephones-cable TV (global)
between the years of 1950-1975, how did info. use to travel?
linear- traveled one way (one point to many points)..ex)advertisments
What is Echelon and Carnivore?
modern day surveillance technologies that allow law enforcement agencies to intercept and examine messages sent over communication networks
what is steganography?
the practice of hiding messages that only the intended reciever knows how to decode (from the web)
what technologies were put into action the day of 9/11 and what were their 3 purposes?
-cell phones, internet, TV
1.collect and disseminate what was happening in enviroment reduce fear and uncertainty

3.communicate w/ pple on a personal level as well as one to many level
digital media and communications require the presence of what 2 components?
hardware and software
what is hardware and software?
-the main part of the computer itself, the case in which the hard drive, mother board, and CPU chip are contained(tangible)

-computer data or instructions that are stored electronically and developed by software engineers who write the instructions in a way the computer can understand

what is a peripheral and what are the two types?
-equipment that is atteched to that main part, such as printers, speakers,etc (hardware)

1.Input devices- used to "put" info. into computer (keyboard, mouse, etc)

2.Output devices- computer "puts out" info. to end- user (monitor &speaker)
What is a CPU?
central processing unit (microprocessor)
-where most of the "thinking" or calculations take place and determines how "powerful" a computer is
what was the first company to introduce the first commercial microprocessor and what year?
Intel (november 1971)
what are the 2 types of software?
1.Operating system software- the most important type of computer software and instructs computer how to do basic tasks(how to input data, display info, etc)i.e. DOS(disk operating system), OS2, Windows

2. End-user applications- most common would be word processing software
what is harddrive and RAM?
-harddrive: where computer stores info.

-RAM: temporary storage space and determines how many software applications can run at the same time

*they both allow u to run the lastest software applications
what is the basic lingo of personal computers?
hardware, software, peripheral
what was the effect of Moore's law on CPUs?
Computer processing power doubles roughly every 18 months and the cost of processing power has decreased.

*idea that more can be done w/ computers for less money as time goes on
how are computers networking technologies?
networking permits computers to communicate w/other computers, people w/ computers, & vice versa(exchange news, info., etc)
what is analog communications?
refers to the way that a communication signal is transmitted
what is packet switching?
-term used when a message is sent over email b/c it is broken up into digital "packets" that get sent thru a variety of conduits, etc. when the reciever gets the email, it looks like a whole message b/c it has been restored
what is protocol and GUI?
-idea of getting all computers to either talk the same language or translate each others language..set rules

-graphical user interface is where graphics appear on a computer monitor to help computer user operate the system & program software
WHo created the WWW and what is important thing came out of it?
Tim Berners- Lee created this hyper text browser/ editor ...

-hyper text mark- up language (HTML) allows u to search for, find, download and use documents on the coded in this using web browsers such as netscape & internet explorer
what is a cookie?
one of the most common monitoring devices

-exists for monitoring what people do online, for cataloging personal data, and for measuring workplace productivity (saves in memory of users browser)
how is the concept of Big Brother implemented when it comes to computers?
-personal info. collected online could be misused- deliberatly or by accident, by businesses, gov't, etc.
what did Bill Gates say about the Digital economy?
-it is an unstoppable thing. the home, skool, and work will be different
how does the digital economy(internet) "level the playing feilds"? give an example
allows smaller firms to compete w/ larger ones w/o having to invest large amounts of money into capital such as retail space, furnishings, etc.

i.e. this is what allowed to enter a well established market and successfully compete w/ traditional book stores, pharmaceutical..etc
what is the digital economy and how is it impacting our media and economy?
-involves a complex web of business, trade, and technological relationships

-economic expansion occured and labor production was high, rapid adoption of internet technologies , dramatic cost reductions
how was the digital economy related to the trends w/ Nasdaq and Wall Street?
-they are risky and volatile

technology companies saw their stock prices plummet before their eyes in a matter of days and sometimes hours
what sector of media entertainment has actually been profitable?
-online pornography
what is the importace of networks?
-the larger the web of network connectivity , the greater value each individual consumer connection holds b/c of of access to massive variteies of content, services, &other pple
how does the IT sector differ from most other industries?
the fact that its value and robustness increases as the number of pple who adopt IT technologies and systems increase
how did Gutenburg's printing press undermine power of the catholic church?
undermined the church's narrow monopoly on knowledge and social power (they controlled what got into ur much u were to know)
what was the importance of John Milton's essay "Aeropagitica"?
it was a persuasive argument to parliament against requiring English printers to apply for printing licenses from gov't.

*violates free speech "let truth and falsehood grapple in a feild of free expression.
what are the 5 rights protected in the first amendment? and which 2 are we constantly trying to protect?
speech, religion, vote, peacefully assemble, and petition

-speech and free press
what was the communication decency act(CDA)?
it was meant to censor not only obscene, but also indecent content. (obscene content not protected by 1st ammendment, but indecent content is)
what were the 2 groups that fought against the CDA and what was the outcome?
-American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)& American Library Association (ALA)

-ct decision was a victory for free speech advocates as well as Internet comps, libararies, online publ,etc)
what is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act?
it would discourage the illicit copying and distribution of intellectual property on the web.
what are the pros and cons of the DMCA?
pros- was good for software makers and record company's who's digital products are easy to copy & distribute

cons-impedes on academics, librarians, etc, right to copy and distribute material under certain conditons
what were 2 high- profile cases in 2000 which involved high allegations of copyright?
napster and
this allocates the publics resource and created the rules and regulations pertaining to the electronic broadcast media....?
FCC (federal communications commission)
in wake of 9/11, how did security v. freedom and privacy v. surveillance change?
debates in this area have been muted. this attack has shifted the balance between privacy v. security (everyone agreed)
what were surveillance trends before and after 9/11?
before- cameras in local stores, in the atms, etc.

after- phone tapped, ability to monitor email and web browsers
how might computer and camera based surveillance merge?
-for tracking cars.."on star" can track any of its cars

-if a car is abandoned, "airIQ" can locate it, if it's stolen, the company can disable its monitor
who were the first two pple to concieve of an information network? when?
~Vannevar Bush: outlined the web's core idea- hyperlinked pages in 1945

~Ted Nelson: was the first to build out concept of hyperlinked pages (hypertext)..1965
what is hypertext and who was the first to build out this concept?
-a means in which every document in the world should be a footnote to some other document...ted nelson
how has the internet changed from 1995 to 2005?
before netscape browser illuminated the web, the web was thought of to be used either by corporate email or nerds....boring
how has netscape made the internet accessible to the average person?
-created a new kind of participation based on sharing.
how many web pages were online in 2005? how many would that be per person?
over 600 billion...100 pages per person
what might the internet be like in 2015?
-will have a robust immune system, weeding spam, eliminating viruses.

-anticipation machine, alway's on...will be like AI(global machine)
what 3 broad industries are converging to create the internet and digital economy?
-content provider: movie and book company

-telecommunications: AT&T and Verizon

-Hardware/ Software: Microsoft, Apple
who was the first to create computer virus...designed code to computers that were idle?
xerox park lab
in what year was the first virus sent to computers? how?
1982...sent from apple to apple thru floppies
in what year was the first PC attacked by a virus?
in what year and by whom was the "Computers security Act of 1987" signed? what year and by whom was there an authorized study?
-1987...reagan signs
what is a computer virus?
a code written that replicates then mutates
what companies have proven to be profitable and why?
mags, newspapers,tv,yahoo,google, etc....moving into giant network
what is the traditional linear system of industrial distribution?
Manufacturer, warehouse/ wholesale, retail, consumer
How has the internet changed the traditional model/ linear system?
-knocked out the wholesale/ warehouse and retail.

*products go directly from manufacturer to consumer (napster knocked out whole process)
people organize society and expect what from gov't?
-security against enemies
what are the 2 types of security that pple look for? who were out enemies in 1946-1990 (cold war)? 2000-now?
-internal (police) and external(military)

-communism (soviet)
-war on terrorism
this created many struggles and concept of first ammendment rights?
printing press by johann gutenburg 1455
who was the first to realize that society w/ no privacy means no freedom?
george orwell
who is george orwell?
wrote book called 1948 andlater had movie, 1984 about surveillance
by what year were tv's everywhere?
what is "double think"?
idea of putting two opposite concepts together to make sense...."by maintaining war creates peace"

"if ur not for us, then ur against us"
what important concept is not mentioned in the constitution? what ammendment covers it?
privacy, but 4th ammendment that search and seizures w/o warrents are illgal pertain to privacy.
as technological power has expanded, so has what?
gov't power
what is panopticon? who created this concept?
ability to see all around in one vision

-prison controlling thoughts

what are the 2 views of surveillance?
1. security
2. protect freedom rights
what was the evolution of media technology and economy, from 1844 to 2006?
1930-tv networks
1957-1975 -HBO,cable tv, vhs/dvd,PC (apple)
1980- Internet
1990- netscape,yahoo,amazon
what was the first film to show a PC in the house?
war games, which used phone lines to hack into computers
what is encryption?
making something secure

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